Bonnie and Clyde Sjana Markusic

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Bonnie and Clyde Sjana Markusic


Diane Lafferty

1st block

English One

Ms. Luft
(Clyde enters stage)

  • Clyde - They joke at us and hate us, but they don’t' know the rush.

(Bonnie enters through the back door)

But wait, what's that sound? Put your guns away! Is it Bonnie? I hope it’s her and not the sheriff. If it is her make her beauties shine and stun the hostages so we can escape. She is a virgin but not with men, no, she has never taken another's life. Only fools will spare another when they themselves are in danger. There she is the perfect picture of my love. If only I had told her how much she means to me, because if a law man ever corners me, the undertaker will be the only one to have me. I will take my own life rather than be captured. I hope that does not happen so I may see her again. She speaks but not with lips or tongue, her eyes tell everything. I should answer, but it might break her concentration. She's the best lock pick I know. Her eyes sparkle with waves of tears because of the emotions swirling within her mind. Her smiling face would out shine the sun any day. If her eyes were stars they would be brighter than the sun and would make night, day. Look at the grace as she passes her hand over her eyes. If I could be that hand I would so as to touch that face.

  • Bonnie - (sighs)

  • Clyde - (To himself)

I can hear her speak. Please speak, let me hear your voice again. You look beautiful behind that mask; so mysterious. You shine like the coins we'll soon have. The way your eyes sparkle, could knock over any man with your looks.

  • Bonnie - (Not knowing Clyde can hear her)

Oh Clyde! Why is it you do what all other people hate? Forget the time in jail, we can move on, and make a new life.

  • Clyde - (Says to himself)

Should I say something?

  • Bonnie - (Still not knowing he hears her)

If only we didn't have to run from the law. But, what is the law? Is it something that will stop us, or be another obstacle? Or is it something completely different that we still act the same way. Clyde would mean the same to me no matter what he was.

  • Clyde - I believe what you say. If you want me to change my ways I will.

  • Bonnie - (Not looking up from picking the lock)

Either tell me who you are, or leave me alone.

  • Clyde - If my job happens to be your enemy. I will stop and become a new person.

  • Bonnie - I have heard nothing but orders from you, yet even with that kind of tone, I can tell its you, Clyde Barrow; famous criminal.

  • Clyde - I will change anything you dislike.

  • Bonnie - How did you get in without me seeing you? The bank is guarded; if any of the law men find you here you'll get caught.

  • Clyde - These strong iron bars couldn't keep my love away from you. You don't know what a man would do for you, and these law men won't stop me from getting to you.

  • Bonnie - But if the law men see you, they're sure to kill you

  • Clyde - If you gave me one angry, hurtful look, it would be worse than 20 men with guns. Just one kind look would make me immortal among men.

  • Bonnie - I'd do anything to hide you from them.

  • Clyde - These iron bars will hide me, but if you don't love me, let them find me, and kill me.

  • Bonnie - Who told you I was going to be here?

  • Clyde - William decided on the bank and told me that he asked you here to come. I would do anything and become anyone to be able to get to you.

  • Bonnie - It is a good thing you can't see my face; I am blushing because of all the things you have heard me say tonight. I should save my pride and deny the things I've said, but one question still bothers me. Do you love me? If you do say yes, I'll believe you. Although you could still be lying. People laugh when lovers lie to each other. So if you love me, say so, but if you think my heart will be easy to capture, don't bother and just leave me alone. In truth, I love you too much, so that you may think my behavior is rash. I won't act stupid and play hard to get, like other girls, but you heard me talking about you when I didn't know you were there. So believe me when I say that just because I love you so easily, it doesn't mean it isn't serious.

  • Clyde - Bonnie I'll swear by the moon -

  • Bonnie - Don't swear by the moon! It's always changing!

  • Clyde - But I have to swear by something…

  • Bonnie - Well if you have to promise make it on yourself. It is you I worship like a god, not the moon.

  • Clyde - But -

  • Bonnie - Just don't! Even though you make me happy, it's to soon to exchange promises. It is much like lightning, which is gone before you can even say its name.

  • Clyde - I am still unsatisfied...

  • Bonnie - So what will make you happy?

  • Clyde - Promises of our love…

  • Bonnie - You already heard my pledge, when I thought no one was listening. I wish I could take it back.

  • Clyde - Why?

  • Bonnie - So I could tell you again. My generosity is as big as the sky and my love as vast as the universe.

(The accomplice William calls from the back room)

I hear William calling. Wait
(Bonnie exits)

(Bonnie enters behind teller bars)

  • Bonnie - This is almost over, if you truly love me, and intend to get married, I will send a message with William tomorrow.

  • William - Bonnie!

  • Bonnie - I'm coming, I'm coming!

(To Clyde)

Please just leave! I will send you a message tomorrow.

  • Clyde - I will wait for it.

  • Bonnie - Good-bye

(Bonnie exits)

  • Clyde - Leaving you is so much worse!

(Clyde starts to leave but Bonnie comes to an open window)

  • Bonnie - Wait! I wish I could bring you back to me! I will lose my voice by calling your name…

  • Clyde - The other name is the sweetest sound to lovers’ ears.

  • Bonnie - Clyde!

  • Clyde - What?

  • Bonnie - What time do you want to meet the messenger; William?

  • Clyde - High noon.

  • Bonnie - He won't forget. There is another reason why I called you back, but I forgot…

  • Clyde - Then I will stand here until you remember!

  • Bonnie - I can't think of it with you standing there. I can only think of you.

  • Clyde - I'll keep standing here as many times as you forget and I'll forget everything else.

  • Bonnie - The job is almost done. Yet I don't want to let you out of my sight.

  • Clyde - I don't want to let you out of my sight, either.

  • Bonnie - This parting is bitter-sweet. Bitter because I have to leave you and sweet because I will see you tomorrow.

  • Clyde - I wish I would protect you, so you could get safely home. Good-bye my love, I hope to see you soon.

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