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World War One Value 0.5

This is the underlying unit to The Great War 1.0



Specific Unit Goals

This unit should enable students to:

A Course

T Course

  • demonstrate investigation and interpretation skills necessary to analyse historical information and achieve independence in researching

  • demonstrate investigation and interpretation skills necessary to solve problems of evidence and achieve independence in researching

  • communicate a logically developed, articulate and focussed argument to convey historical positions or ideas

  • critically analyse significant individuals, social groups, places, events, movements and technologies related to World War I

  • demonstrate knowledge, awareness and understanding of events of the World War I

  • evaluate factors that led to the outbreak and resolution of World War I

  • analyse and critically examine significant historical factors and events that contributed to outcome of World War I

  • identify the impact and results of World War I

  • evaluate the impact and results of World War I


A study of this unit should include a selection of the following topics. There is scope for some areas to be treated in more depth than others. Topics for study will be guided by teacher expertise and student interest.

Causes and Background to World War I


Franco-Prussian War

Rising tensions between European powers

Emergence of the Alliance System

Arms Race and military preparation (Schlieffen, Plan 17 etc.)

Balkan Wars

Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

July Crisis

War on the Western Front

Battle of the Marne and the emergence of the Stalemate

Trench Warfare and Technology

Attempts to break the Stalemate

Major Offensives (Somme, Verdun, Third Ypres etc.)

Ludendorff Offensive and the Hundred Days

War on the Eastern Front

Battle of Tannenberg

Conditions and difficulties

Impact on Russia

Brest-Litovsk Treaty

Other Fronts



Middle East


War on the Home Front

Domestic impact on a selection of belligerent nations (Britain, Australia, Germany, France, America etc.)

Use of propaganda

Conscription and domestic policies


Impact of American involvement


Teaching and Learning Strategies

Refer to page 30.

Assessment Task Types

Refer to page 32.

Student Capabilities

Evidence could be in:

Student Capabilities



Teaching and Learning


creative and critical thinkers

enterprising problem-solvers

skilled and empathetic communicators

informed and ethical decision-makers

environmentally and culturally aware citizens

confident and capable users of technologies

independent and self-managing learners

collaborative team members


Refer to pages 41-79 for resource.

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