Blue Ridge discovers a poet through Black History Month program

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Blue Ridge discovers a poet through Black History Month program

Through February, students at Blue Ridge Middle school have had the opportunity to take part in various curricular activities commemorating Black History Month. On February 29th, the entire school took part in a culminating, capstone event, kicked off by Blue Ridge’s own poet, Jasmine Williams.

Inspired by Blue Ridge’s Black History Month events, courageous and determined African-American leaders, and her own experiences as a young African-American female, Jasmine crafted her poem “Dreams Become Reality One by One.” Jasmine wrote this poem of her own accord as an outlet for her frustration when people judge her or her family purely because of their color. Her poem paints a powerful and optimistic outlook in the struggle against racism and discrimination. Jasmine’s vision is of a world where she is free to express her thoughts and ideas without fear of being judged; where all people look past color.

Jasmine shared her poem, insight, and high expectations with the entire school as the opening to the final Black History Month activity. Her words, passion, and emotion brought tears to many at BRMS.

To celebrate her achievement, Jasmine’s family was on hand to take part in this momentous event. Her poem and illustration will be on display at Purcellville’s Town Hall. It is Jasmine’s aspiration to become a professional poet and/or psychiatrist. After reading “Dreams Become Reality One by One” it is evident she is off to a terrific start.c:\users\mbj217\downloads\dsc_0117 (2).jpg

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