Blanshard P., American Freedom and Catholic Power

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Blanshard P., American Freedom and Catholic Power

Brandt, John L., America or Rome, Christ or the Pope

Brownlee, W. C., The Jesuits (trans.) with An Historical Sketch (1907)

Chick, Jack T., Smokescreens


Chiniquy, Charles, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome

Chiniquy, Charles, The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional

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From the Foundation of the Order To the Present Time (1885)

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Henderson, Jason A. (Major), The Influence of the Catholic Church on the

Eisenhower Administration’s Decision to Directly Intervene in Vietnam

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Hughes, Bill, The Secret Terrorists

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Josephson, Emmanuel The Strange Death of FDR

Josephson, Emmanuel Rockefeller: Public Enemy #1

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Informer, The, The New History of America

Informer, The, The Constitution for the United States: The Myth and The Reality

Informer, The, The New History of America

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Manhattan, Avro, The Vatican's Holocaust

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Manhattan, Avro, The Vatican-Washington-Moscow Alliance


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Manhattan, Avro, Murder in the Vatican

Mauri, Vatican Ratline: The Vatican, The Nazis, and the New World Order

McCarty, Burke, The Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

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Rome, Rockefeller, the U.S. and Standard Oil: The Monarchy of Money @

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