Black Elk Speaks research project

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Black Elk Speaks research project

Diverse Voices

Mr. Plinsky
You are to pick one Native American tribe and research it. From your research you will create a book or powerpoint, and a presentation which you will share with the class. In your booklet/powerpoint and presentation, you need to address the following points:
Name of the tribe you are researching?(1 pt.)
What was the tribe’s original location in North America, before the European settlers came? (2 pts)
What is their present day reservation/location? (2pts)
Was this tribe involved in conflicts/battle with the European settlers? Give details of one: who, when, where, why(if available), etc. (3 pts)
What famous members/leaders of past or present are associated with this tribe? (3 pts)
Historically, what was this tribe’s lifestyle? (Did they farm or hunt? What type of dwellings? Clothing? Etc.) (3 pts)
What economic enterprises is the tribe involved in now? (3 pts)
Mythology: Find one of this tribe’s myths. Read it and write/narrate a brief summary in your own words. (3 pts)
Examples of tribal language? (How many people currently speak the language? Samples of text? Vocabulary?) (5 pts)
Personal connection with the tribe? Or tell us the most surprising detail you learned about this tribe. (5 pts)
Book/powerpoint is aesthetically pleasing (5pts)
Presentation to the class is clear, well-explained, and educational. (10 pts)

This booklet will be due when you present to the class. Presentations will be on ______.

This project is worth a total of 45 points.

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