Black and Indian Mission Office

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Black and Indian Mission Office

2021 H Street, NW

Washington, DC 20006-4207

(202) 331-8542
Board of Directors

Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, President

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap

Archbishop William E. Lori

Reverend Wayne C. Paysse, Executive Director

Suggested Pastoral Letter for the Black and Indian Mission Collection 2015


Dear _______________________,
Thank you for your generous support of the Black and Indian Mission Collection. In 2014, over 8.9 million dollars was collected from the faithful across the United States and every penny was given out in diocesan grants plus a little more! Again, thank you.
Pope Francis reminds us that everyone is meant to evangelize. As we embark on another year of evangelization in the Black Catholic, Native American and Alaskan Native communities, everyone is encouraged to make a difference by offering their prayers for the fruitful support of the missions in the United States and to consider expressing concretely their Christian solidarity through sacrificial offerings.
Your support impacts the daily pastoral work of our bishops, consecrated religious women and men, and lay-leadership who labor on Indian reservations, urban centers, Black Catholic and Alaskan Native parishes, mission schools and the many, many diocesan programs and projects that strengthen the work of the Gospel. I ask you to remain faithful to the Black and Indian Mission Collection!
It is only through the constant generosity of everyone that evangelization efforts are multiplied a thousand fold. The gift of hope brings a renewed interest to all the local Churches across the country. Remember, when a child learns how to make the sign of the cross or a catechist shares Bible stories, you are there because of your prayers and support. Bless you!
On ______________, 2015, I ask everyone in the (Archdiocese/Diocese) to make a sacrificial gift to the 2015 National Black and Indian Mission Collection. Be assured of my prayers and gratitude.
Sincerely yours in Christ,

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