Birth of a nation

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DVD instruction

show designated parts of the following chapters
19 Freedman’s Bureau (1:34:35 – 1:35:20)

giving out free stuff to Blacks

Black troops asserting their dominance on the sidewalk rudely
22 Election Day (1:48:00 – 1:49:00)

whites are not allowed to vote by Black troops guarding ballot box

24 Riot in the Master’s Hall (1:53:50 - 1:57:00)

Blacks in the legislature – very crude behavior

issues raised include, at the end, allowing intermarriage of the races
26 Degradation and Ruin (2:00:30 - 2:02:00)

Col. Cameron contemplates the Southern whites’ terrible fate,

then he sees white children scare black children with a sheet,

and the Klan is born

  • stop at the first show of terror

28 The Tryst (ff to 2:09:00 – 2:18:00)

Cameron’s sister goes to the stream by herself,

Gus is following her and pursues her b/c he wants to marry her

She jumps to her death

  • can ff on screen through slowly developing parts

30 An Answer to Blacks/Carpetbaggers (rew to 2:24:30 – 2:26:00)

Gus is caught, put on trial, found guilty and killed by KKK

He then is taken to the steps of the mulatto lieut. gov. house

35 Parade of the Clansmen (3:03:40 - 3:05:00)

KKK in full view protects & offers hope to white society,

guards next election

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