Billy the Kid Proposal for Research

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Billy the Kid

Proposal for Research

The star of this multi genre project is the outlaw, Billy the Kid. I am interested in this topic because he is a famous outlaw from New Mexico and no other historical figure stirred up as much controversy as Billy the Kid alias William H. Bonney. Billy the Kid was the youngest and most famous example of a gun-fighter from the American West. His legend survived and grew long after his death.

His life can be broken into two parts: Early life and outlaw. I think the best way to house the documents that will make up this multi genre project is in an e-Book. I will create the e-book as though it was created by Billy the Kid himself. By doing that, I can type things in ways that I believe Billy would say them, in order to display his character. Using an e-Book I can give a brief biography of Billy the Kid’s life through his own words. This will also add an element that tells his prosecutors a little of the truth about him. There are several genres that would be great for displaying Billy the Kid’s life and personality. The one I want to use are:

  • Handwritten Journal Entries: I will write brief journals entries portraying what Billy the Kid is thinking and feeling while in a life of crime.

  • A eulogy: I would write the eulogy in a way about Billy the Kid delivered by his outlaw friend, Jesse Evans.

  • Birth Certificate: Billy the Kid’s birthday is speculated by a lot of people so, I want to write a Birth Certificate from Billy the Kid so people will get it right for once.

  • A letter to the editor: I want to do this letter in such a way that Billy the Kid is correcting the myths and vital statements made about him.

  • Wanted Poster: I want to do this wanted poster as something Billy might have picked up on one of his rampages of thievery and killing. And he decided to keep as a souvenir.

The five questions that will guide my research are:

  1. What was childhood like for Billy the Kid?

  2. Where was he born, raised, what was his economic status at birth?

  3. What was the reasoning for becoming an outlaw?

  4. How did William H. Bonney get the name of Billy the Kid?

  5. Was Billy the Kid ever married? Did he have any children?

Repented is a picture of Billy the Kid on the bottom corners of the ebook.


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