Bible dialogue This script needs three voices: a Commentator (C) and two Disciples Disciple 1

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Bible dialogue
This script needs three voices: a Commentator (C) and two Disciples

Disciple 1: The angels said he’d be coming back.

Disciple 2: But it’s so important that he’s gone!

Disciple 1: I rather wish he hadn’t.

Disciple 2: But don’t you see? It confirms everything!

Disciple 1: But while he was here, we could see him … we could see him healing and teaching. It was like having heaven right under our noses

Disciple 2: That was never meant to go on and on. His death and coming back was part of the plan – death, life again, and now heaven. We thought it was all over, but it isn’t… It goes on.

Disciple 1: I suppose he came back here to see us; it was important that we should see him.

Disciple 2: That’s what he must mean by us being witnesses.

Commentator: The disciples were witnesses to the resurrection – they had seen Jesus, spoken with him, touched him. They could speak with authority because they knew from experience. Like them, we can speak of what we know of Jesus.

Disciple 1: It was jolly cold up there.

Disciple 2: Yeah.

Disciple 1: All that cloud – unusual, wasn’t it?

Disciple 2: But I’ve been thinking… Remember Moses following God’s cloud in the desert? And the cloud in the temple when Solomon dedicated it?

Disciple 1:The cloud of God’s presence…

Disciple 2: So Jesus is now in the presence of the Father!

Disciples 1 and 2: ‘I and my Father are one!’

Commentator: Jesus had told them that he would go to be with his Father. Cloud was symbolic of the presence of God. Jesus was exalted by God.

Disciple 1: So that’s the whole story, the epic completed, is it?

Disciple 2: The Jesus we lived with now has his rightful place in heaven.

Disciple 1: And us? How are we going to live without him?

Commentator: Not without him! Jesus promised that if he went he would send the Holy Spirit to be with the disciples. That is why they had to wait in Jerusalem. Following Jesus was never going to be easy; that is why they needed the power of the Spirit. So do we.

Disciple 1: So, we’ve got to wait.


Disciple 2: Hasn’t it been an amazing three years? Remember that first leper and the chap who came through the roof?

Disciple 1: Jesus forgave and healed him; I can still see the look on his face.

Disciple 2: And how he talked! Stories we’ll never forget!

Disciple 1: Like the shepherd and his flock, with the shepherd laying his life down for his sheep.

Disciple 2: So he knew all along that he was going to die. And then… and then… well, if we hadn’t seen him, would we have believed it? We talked to him, touched him, ate meals with him, laughed with him, sang with him, prayed with him.

Disciple 1: But the best thing of all is that he’s coming back!

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