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With ecology there is the diversity issue again. Ecology and 'evolution' are a clever way to maximize diversity and minimize divine interference, both prerequisites for our BPW. History, as we know it, is a spin-off of the evolutionary appearing phenomenology. It comes almost gratis. If the Millennium were just floating in a vacuum, reality would be greatly lacking in depth. I doubt that we are presently in a position to truly appreciate the quality of the depth that our reality has inherited. It is still mostly buried in our psyches. Much of the meaning of the Millennium will hinge upon the, almost literal, unearthing of the omnipresent relational totality of our theocentric cosmos. This is the completion of history. Nothing is wasted. Can you believe that? You won't have to believe when you see.
We have grown so accustomed to our heavily filtered memories, that the prospect of removing the filters may seem daunting if not downright terrifying. We have grown comfortable in our tiny egocentric cocoons. Like the prisoners on Bastille day, we turn away from the greater light. That terror is the one remaining shadow before our dawn. We can only face that light together, and we surely will. It is our only destiny.
So much for history.

I still struggle with the issue of free will, and no small issue it is. I doubt that it can be fully resolved short of the Omega, but struggle we must.

In the best of worlds there is an optimal balance of freedom and security. But in the best world can we still be free to mess things up? There must be limitations on our freedom. How severe must these be? Is the best world predetermined, even on the personal level? Sure we can make mistakes, but we can only make the best possible mistakes. This is beginning to sound paradoxical. Can we avoid paradox?
The quality of the BPW depends on the capabilities of its creator and creatures. Can there be any logical limits on God's creative capability? There cannot be an absolute distinction between creator and creatures. If God is perfect, the creatures must be perfectible, at least in total. There are layers of mind each with its own version of will. We are by no means presently aware of all these levels.
The egocentric version of will in ordinary consciousness is likely to be largely a social construct or a figure of speech. But this is a far cry from the prospect of our being mere automatons. We struggle, usually, to do the right thing. This struggle is real. We try hard to do our best. That is who we are. We are not self-made creatures, however. Our lives are shared with many. We cannot avoid being judgmental or finding fault. Life is surely a learning process.
Creation goes around and comes around but once. This is no carousel. Conceivably Creation could have been less than it is, but it could not have been anything more. It is infinite in its qualities. There are levels of historical consciousness that we cannot plumb with our present egos. That is where most of the action is. The infinite, all consuming present and presence still lies in our relative future. That is a given. That point of completion is unavoidable. All our freedom is relative to that singular determination. Our freedom is consumed thereby. All reasonable possibilities are realized therein. That is its fullness. No stone is left unturned. Freedom is a spectrum of possibility, imagined or otherwise. That spectrum is our final rainbow. No experience is wasted or untasted. No soul is untried. We are all that. It is you and me, and in the end it is us, it is God.
Should we just lean back and enjoy the show? Yes, we can and will do that when appropriate. We will know when. We are not foolish. Much of our present anxiety and alienation is rather superficial. No need to belittle our present distress, but we will see the omnipresent light and come to a full understanding, ASAP. We will not then disown our present limitations. We will appreciate and appropriate them as never before. Do not be in a hurry at this juncture. As we learn to savor every aspect of our lives, we gain our gnosis.

It is quite likely that historical determinism leaves ample room for individual free will. The caveat would be that individuals in some types of historically sensitive roles would be less able to exercise free will than would most others. The trajectory of a life may be pieced together from different sets of experiences. The same experience might be lived from various perspectives. Memories would be interchangeable to a degree. The fate of each experiencer would be determined after the fact. Life episodes may be multiply experienced from many seemingly unrelated perspectives and trajectories. The sense of it all is worked out in due course. Everything evens out in the end, from the perspective of the omni-presence.

This is far from a final rationalization of free-will and historical determinism. There are undoubtedly many ways to skin this particular cat. Its ramifications and relations to other phenomena are widespread. A seeming overdetermination of almost every aspect of our world and existence is to be expected. No one said that the BPW would not be convoluted. It goes with this cosmic territory. Let us simply try to maintain a maximal metaphysical flexibility.
Atoms fit into this seemingly overdetermined scheme only in a greatly abstracted fashion. We have atoms without the accidents. Cyclical phenomena, and that includes almost every phenomenon, greatly reduce our our dependence on the particularity of atoms. Atomicity provides the rationale that logically links the innumerable variations on the cyclical themata. Averages over ensembles of atoms are what is needed in most cases. These averages can be worked out in a relational manner without resorting to ontological atomism. The intelligence resides in the cyclical networks and not in the putative individual atoms. This is the BPW version of panpsychism.
Can the logical consistency of all phenomena and experiences be maintained at an intermediate, panpsychic level without overburdening either God or atoms? This is an area of metaphysics that still requires much effort. Creatures must play a significant role in this regard. Our collective conscious and unconscious is the primary domain of the necessary panpsychism. There must be both centripetal and centrifugal forces at work in the cosmic consciousness. Their balance demands explanation. It demands intelligence.
The identity of indiscernibles in the experiential domain may be the primary centripetal factor. This should operate in an automatic fashion, and ought play a significant role in our Omega episode. Coherence becomes its own self-gravitating force. Decoherence may require more intelligence. Virtual accidents could be exploited, but there would have to be considerable oversight.
There are a limited number of universal cycles which are individuated ad infinitum by the interactions of the creatures. The reproductive/metabolic scheme provides quantitative and aesthetic limits on the general proliferation. Individuation comes about as the individuating creatures press upon the envelope of Creation. Fertility is a prime force in this regard. So are imagination and creativity.

I have been taking a defensive posture vis a vis the information explosion. This is inconsistent with my upbeat account of communication technology. This is flirting with incoherence. The alternative is something more radical in the way of coherence than what I have entertained to date.

I have given lip service to the notion of an eschatological resurrection or recreation of the past, although I don't presently recall where. This is certainly the implication of an ultimate, all inclusive presence. Perhaps I may have to venture further down that path to avoid the casting of aspersions on the family photo album.
I need to dig up some previous references: Gospel of the Real,.... Whoa! Stop right there! Resurrection of the dead?? Isn't this a bit much? Young Earth is pushing the envelope of credulity, but now the 'night of the living dead.' Golly! Well, logic and coherence are stern taskmasters. Mine is to reason why and then do and die. I can't turn back now.
Here's another reference: Millennium & Eschaton. One of my favorite postcards depicts the mayhem of this judgment day. Let us calmly recapitulate the path that led us to this seemingly comic book ending.
It has everything to do with relationalism. We're talking ancestor worship and Mormon genealogy. Yes, relationalism begins at home.

There is, of course, the question of heaven and survival. There is also the question of memory. If memory is not stored in our individual atoms, then it is out there in the universal, etheric or akashic record. There is thus no particular reason to expunge individual, eidetic memory upon death.

The overriding issue is presence. In a relational scheme, relations are not accidental or ephemeral. Relations are essential and eternal. They are internal. There is a cosmic gnosis or omniscience or ultimate Presence that we realize as the all inclusive Omega. This is the universal resurrection or hierogamos. Everything that lives, lives there in that eternal presence. All historical trajectories converge therein. It is the white hole of consciousness: the one source of spiritual light.
Photographs are one manifestation of the akashic record. The Internet, besides its real-time instant messaging type of connections, is also functioning to make present all records in a more or less coherent fashion. This, like the telephone, will gradually transform into a 'wireless' or telepathic form. We are becoming more wired to our past. At some point those wires will give way to clairvoyance or to a universal eidetic memory. Photographs and telephones are the material tokens of an eternal Presence. They do not compete with that Presence. They are its portents.
The past, then, is just a shadow or projection of the eternal Presence. This is what I mean by saying that Creation is a final causation. It is teleological, primarily. Our real past lies in our future. The Alpha is subsumed by the Omega. This hierogamos is our resurrection and rapture. It is the end of agnosis.
Gnosis is awesome and awe-full. Some will cling tightly to their egocentric agnosis. They will need a full Millennium to prepare for gnosis. The rest of us will move on through.
The past is a trawling net whereby we troll for souls. Every last one is caught up in its seine. History has a very fine mesh. If you think you can slip the traces of a cosmic, Mormon-style genealogy, well think again. The accounting may be greatly facilitated by the reckoning of some 10^10 souls. This being the anthropic, BPW ratio.
All this simply to provide an immaterialist rationalization of the family photo albums! These are not, then, the epiphenomenal detritus of a materialism run amok. They are the self-gravitating, self-cohering subversion of all atomistic schemes. Mater is transformed, thereby, into an in-form-ation which is self-consuming in an eschatological 'potlatch' of the gnostic kind. Some may think of it as the nasty kind, but they do know better.

I was hoping I would not have to learn how to take teleo-Photos, but there may not be a free choice. If coherence becomes self-gravitating, then the Omega will be a black hole of coherence. Gee, maybe I should be more worried about the eschaton. There will be no 'hair', as the cosmologists are won't to say. The Alpha would be the corresponding white hole, perhaps. Maybe that's why we should worry more about globalization in its possibly eschatological context.

It remains difficult to perceive the family photo album as finally caused, with or without Mormonics. That is why we will need the Alpha-Omega suspension stretch if we wish to go the teleological route. We will hope to get a before and after the fact version of a dream-like free will. I hope this is not getting too convoluted, but the BPW is very likely to be overdetermined, and then some, so we may as well get used to it.
There would have to be a plethora of symmetry breaking, coming back from the Omega. I'm not real sure how that would be managed. It probably reflects the symmetry breaking going forward from the Alpha. Getting the first and final causes to properly interface in the middle is going to be a trick. That may have something to do with JC1 and the symbolism of the cross.
I have virtually no idea of how this is supposed to work. Some prophet am I! In constructing suspension bridges, we do one strand at a time, and perhaps the JC1 event was the crux of the first strand. That would have been a stretch, cross or no cross. That event would be a natural focus for a great deal of final causation.
We may well ask ourselves what sort of free will might possibly be involved in such a crucial event. Overdetermination does not an automaton make. It increases the stress of the moment. The many modalities of reenactment feed into the force field of the event. There are elements of Being John Malkovich involved in the production. And, thankfully, this was before CNN, although they probably would have missed it anyway.
Any given event may be experienced from many perspectives, and many are. Every experience of an event may contribute to its overall meaning, but the specifics of that experiential process are beyond our present understanding. There is no logical reason why each 'vicarious' experiencer could not contribute to the the willed component of the event. Nor is it clear that each experience of the same event need have a diminished input into the outcome of that event. If there is a sum rule relevant to free will, it is surely not linear.
A principal point is that free will need not be only applicable to instances of forward or effective causation. It could operate under various non-materialist causal regimes, and especially in teleological contexts. The whole point of will power is to effect the final outcome. Just because a final outcome is known, does not mean that it was not caused by an act of will.

It may not always be clear that omniscience and determinism are quite distinct issues. The knowability of my future actions does not remove from me any performance or moral burden. Indeed the knowledge of a favorable outcome ought to improve our morale and abet our performance. It is only the detailed knowledge of one's own future that would cause consternation.

Now back to those pesky photos once more. For now I put phones and photos in the same bin as being necessary for priming the telepathic and eidetic pumps respectively, in an eschatological context. Does this make sense? I'm not sure, but it's the best I can do for now. If I am negligent in the photo album department will my family miss out on the Rapture? This could be unfortunate! No, the beauty of teleology and the BPW is that all of these interface (interfaith?!) problems work out in the end. Keep the faith, baby, and keep the kodachrome handy, just in case. It's all in the One mind.
Technology cannot be gratuitous. Information and communications seem to cause a problem for immaterialism unless they can be internalized to the larger scheme, as in internally related to it. The global mind will need priming via the global brain. That is the big transition problem. Technology is integral to that process. There is a push and pull aspect to technology. It pulls us into the uttermost aegis of materialism, and then spits us out on the other side. It is the active, self-subverting aspect of materialism. Without it, materialism would be but a pale shadow of the almost vital force by which we are presently enthralled. Being enraptured by technology is a prerequisite for the Rapture. Imagine when we are first able to see through the veil of technology. My understanding of this business is mainly theoretical. It is not fully internalized. It won't be until it is socialized.
Any more questions on this subject?
This started out as creation vs. evolution. How did we get hung up on the photo album? Perhaps I need a recap. I seem to have set a new record for parchment usage on this page. My apologies.
After looking at Creation is some detail, I settled upon the Big Six. These were the logical anchors for our BPW. If these could be implemented then we were well on our way to the BPW. In retrospect it is Atomics that carries most of the burden for the materialist appearance of our immaterial world. Much of the atomics can be subsumed under various types of natural cycles, cycles that could be evolved and habituated in reasonable fashion. It is the technological side of atomics that seems to break the natural cycles. But by the same token, nature must be 'broken' if we are to implement the cosmic cycle. Now I'm in hot water with the ecologists! There has to be a tension between God and Nature. We can be theocentric or naturo-centric, but not both. These centrisms point respectively to immaterialism and materialism. Pantheism is not a coherent alternative. The information and communication explosion are how we bend the Atom of nature to its own subversion in a (quasi) cosmic 'quantum measurement' process. The eschaton is our 'delayed choice.' The Alpha is subsumed by the Omega. Being 'wired' is an integral part of the suspension bridge that closes the ouroboric circuit.
This is by no means intended as a final explanation, but if it allows us to move along, it will be justified.

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I recognize that I have been a bit neglectful of this topic, a topic which should be of utmost importance in this immaterial, teleological cosmology. I am looking back at my pervious attempts on this topic. One can readily determine that my neglect of this topic has been thoroughgoing. I have alluded to the eschaton in almost every context, but I have been very short on specifics. Evidently I have been following the advice of Wittgenstein: about that which we are ignorant, it is best to remain silent. Now I attempt to break that silence. Caveat emptor.
It would be quite natural to suppose that the best ending would be no ending at all. I don't quite agree. I do struggle to make the Eschaton warm and fuzzy, but still it is The End. If this medicine is too strong, you are welcome to seek solace in the philosophies of eternal return. Incoherence may seem a small price to pay for foregoing the Eschaton, but I disagree. I am long on coherence.
Here is what I can offer by way of warm and fuzzy. The eschaton concerns history. History is primarily the sojourn of our egos. The Eschaton concerns the end of Ego, and what remains? The eternal self is what remains. But if you and I were to run into the Eternal Self on the sidewalk, we can be sure that we would not recognize Her. This is what is most frightening about the Eschaton. It is far from being transparent to our ordinary ego consciousness. As far as our egos are concerned it might as well be a brick wall. Well, the Millennium is our ego cushion.
It is at this point that the Eschaton is inevitably politicized. Let's face it, there may be more than a bit of communalism in the eternal self. The idea of Communion is hardly extraneous here. Neither is the Hierogamos, or hieros gamos (2100 hits). I notice six previous 'hierogamos' references in these pages, and also in this post of an exchange with Sarfatti. In its most abstract form the hierogamos can be represented by the seal of Solomon, and here perhaps even as the Big Six.
The millenarian communalism of the early Christian communities was something of a prenup, and was later politicized by Marx in his Manifesto. The comic style Rapture scenarios of conservative evangelicals and Hal Lindsey are another take on the hieros gamos, and they are correspondingly more preservative of our precious egos.
Is there anything that an immaterial BPW can bring to the wedding feast? I'll stick by the Big Six as an important ingredient. The Solar & Atomic elements thereof recall the primal mythos of the hieros gamos of Sky & Earth, Geb evidently has his own prostrate version of Atlas. The latter event gives rise to a Chicken Little (etc.) scenario of a falling of the sky, poor Geb.
To my way thinking, the falling of the sky might best be taken as representing an information 'implosion.' The present explosion of information will either create an information overload, or it will be countered by a self-gravitating coherence. If there is a cosmic coherence, then, in the almost foreseeable future, a website, not totally unlike this one, will trigger an implosion into the coherence of an immaterial BPW. Thus do we begin our Millennial awakening to our Eternal Self. It was We who placed the stars in our holographic sky. This is the idealist inversion of our Copernican/Darwinian cosmology.
At this point I can only encourage the skeptics to remain skeptical as to who authored the constellations. Clearly if our eternal self had wanted to win over the skeptics at an early stage, the constellations could have been arranged in a more orderly fashion. Or she could have arranged for a more gifted raconteur on the net. One would hardly advance toward the eternal self by not being true to one's skeptical self, if that is one's natural inclination. Everything in its own time and place.

A major weakness in the materialist facade is time. On second thought I would posit three major weaknesses: space, time and mathematics, and that is not counting its biggest problem: the mind. Space, time and math collectively constitute the decidedly immaterial foundation of scientific materialism. Each is an intangible relational system. Each can only be indirectly measured and perceived. The alleged objective or mind independent existence of each of these entities remains controversial. Modern physics has further eroded the substance and foundational nature of space and time, but even the classical view was fraught with paradox. I have alluded to these problems on numerous occasions here, and I should devote a full essay to the topic, but for the purpose of eschatology, time is of paramount importance.

I wish to argue that the objectivity of a linear time frame is logically insupportable. What is not controversial is that time and space as we can either know or imagine them had a beginning. Until quite recently the scientific consensus expected there to also be an end to space and time. The fact that there might not be such an end is now the primary mystery or paradox confronting conventional cosmology. In any case, the notion of an absolute space and time became outmoded almost a century ago. Space and time are constructed internally to conform to whatever is the cosmological model in question. An idealist metaphysics must also give an account of space and time.
It is not surprising that modern idealists do not choose to confront science directly concerning cosmic issues. Thus do phenomenologists, existentialists and postmodernists focus their attention on the microcosm of egocentric perceptions. To do otherwise would be to incur the opprobrium of the intellectual establishment. What may make these pages unique in this regard is that I have nothing to lose except my coherence. Juxtaposing a mental microcosm with a material cosmos cannot result in anything other than the view of life as an absurdity in a meaningless universe. Every religious tradition has its proprietary answers to the challenge of absurdity. I also eschew the religious establishments. I simply follow the dictates of reason all the way to the end of the BPW. It is often supposed that the distinguishing feature of we humans is our occasional rationality. That these few pages are apparently unique in their thoroughgoing exploitation of our rationality is the only aspect of this website that ought to boggle the mind.
If space and time are not primordial aspects of reality, what is their source? I have recently been focusing on the cycle as the logical source of space and time and everything therein. I posit a primordial ouroboric cycle as the source of all phenomena, call it Alpha. The specific character of this 'original' cycle is probably well beyond our present ability to imagine. Its own existence attests to a process of symmetry breaking of a dialectical and synthetic nature which progressed from the ancient mythos to the modern scientific logos or cosmos. The final synthesis of this dialectical process is just the anticipated Telos or Omega. This would be the end of space and time as we historically have come to conceive of them. Thus would end our linear history.
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