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The first assignment for MJ12 was to help obfuscate the origins of the visitors. An ultraterrestrial/metaphysical phenomena cloaked itself as an extraterrestrial/physical phenomenon. There are two levels to the 90B cover-up. First it is a psycho-social attack on witnesses until they have been marginalized to a fringe group. If you get beyond that level, you come to the physical level. Gordon was the first civilian allowed into that level, and he was fed a lot of info and disinfo. Jack is mainly working on that level, on the theoretical side. However, he also authored Beyond Space and Time, which got me started back in '75. He and I need to get our physical/metaphysical act together, as in a two-part book that is supposed to ready in a few months.
I can see a 2 1/2 stage disclosure. Henry's talk to the Bilderbergers comes in a few weeks. A few weeks after that, rumors get to the news media. Fingers will then point to Gordon as the culprit. He will not be able to produce physical evidence. The initial buzz quiets down, until Jack starts things up again, on a smaller scale, with his showmanship and fancy equations and inside stories. This will go on for awhile longer until Jack starts pointing at me. My 'man bites god' story starts a whole new round of speculation and rumors, leading here, among other places. Then something else, I'm not sure what, will blow the lid off of the bigger story, and the rest will be the end of history.
There you have it, rather highly abbreviated. The next couple of weeks should determine if the Henry initiative is really going forward. I am leaning toward attending the Gaithersburg Expo this weekend where, with a couple of drinks, I would be capable of spilling these guts. Big whoopee! Joe Stefula will be my body-guard. Better watch out! He's an ex Air Force MP. Tomorrow I'll be escorting a visiting cousin whose mother is going to the hospital.
Have I left anything out? And what if this leakage gums up the works? Well, it's all about protocol. And, if this is real, nothing can get in its way now. It's all over, but the shouting.

Well, you'll have to admit, that was quite a mouthful yesterday. Meanwhile, of course, my sources have grown quiet. Can anything happen before the HK initiative is resolved? Jack and I may have to team up on Gordon and Ron. Jack will have to find room for God behind his equations. I may have to lecture him on the Mb. Those two have played their aces. If their plan A does not soon come to fruition, Jack and I need to be ready with a plan B. I will need some more assistance to bring Jack into alignment. Eschatology may be the key issue for Jack.

In the process, J & I need to smoke out G & R if their mission fails or goes quiet. What was Ron's motive? Why was he pushing these buttons? We will mainly go after Gordon. There is Al Kehs 27th annual Spring party on May 7. Ron and I have attended the last five of these. If he does not show up, it will not go over well.
Worst case scenario is that everyone just clams up. That would be difficult for Gordon. He would be our weak link. We might need to get Hal and Kit involved. That would not be easy with Jack in tow. I may need to take this little show on the road. We can press Gordon on whether he has a plan B.
The big issue would be if we can eventually press on Ron. He would have known that plan A was bogus. He must have another plan. Perhaps this faux HK deal was just intended to be his Avian swan song. Bye, bye Birdie! He'll then go hide behind John N. at DNI.
Here's another scenario. Ron has been working on Gordon's case ever since I first knew him in '91. He wanted to crack open that part of MJ12. He has already cracked open everything else. He wanted to go after Gordon's sources. It became a do or die thing. He may also need to smoke out HK. This may all be for internal reasons that the rest of us will never divine. We will not know the results. Ron will then take himself out of circulation, as above.
One problem here. What is to become of phenomenology? Will cracking MJ12 get rid of the phenomenology problem? Will all phenomena suddenly disappear? I would be very surprised. Will MASINT not still be responsible for phenomenology? Let's face it, Ron or his immediate subordinate will still be left with a big bag to hold. Phenomenology, as Ron has astutely recognized, has a very large public venue. It cannot be effectively monitored without maintaining a public presence. It was just the Aviary presence that would have enabled Ron to crack MJ12. Will there never be another MJ12-like entity? Ron is not in a position to dismantle the presence that will have to continue to feed MASINT. Believe it or not, phenomenology is bigger than Ron. In short, a swan song is the least likely bird song we might be hearing.
Heck, even if the phenomena went away, will God go away? Are Ron and MJ12 to render God's last judgment? Don't hold your breaths, all you junior aviators!
If I have learned anything about intel, this HK operation is not a serious inside job. It is pure performance. Ladies and gents, the Show will go on.

This will temporarily serve as a continuation of the discussion on Synthesis of physics and metaphysics from the last slide of Dummies. [a] It is a fact that Ron has been pushing for a joint publication project since last year. Only since Dummies, do I feel ready to move on it.

There is the idea of the BPW as a Self-exciting circuit. Where can this fit into Jack's picture? Into his emergent gravity? How might this relate to the 'emergence' of the Mandelbrot, or to portals? The portals are like the Mb filaments. The vortexes are like the Mb critical points.
[5/2 -- This in now being taken up as the Physics-BPW PDF (0.2a).]
News flash: As of a couple of hours ago I am the proud owner of So there, all you search engines, go stuff that in your algorithm! My cousin, Charles E. Hamilton, is the owner of, my new webmasters, based in Seattle. By sometime tomorrow it should accessible. My original Aquarium site was, owned by Sam's cousin.

I have been at the X-conference for the last couple of days. It was confirmed that Ron is indeed reactivating the remote viewing program, as suggested in Jon Ronson's book. This is no small deal. Ron is widely reviled in the remote viewing community for having helped shut the government's program in the '90's, in which I played a small part. The rationale for this reactivation is stipulated as being related to the problems of loose nukes. If you are like me, you may not be totally reassured by this development.

It has been stipulated that the proper placement of one such item could wreak havoc on our economy, at the least. Every time I hear a distant rumble, this thought comes to mind.
There was an additional item. We are picking up signals out there. That is about all that I was told. So now we have three items, given in the same context: RV, nukes and signal. I asked Dick Farley to help connect these dots. I was unable to disambiguate his rambling response. We ended up discussing the distinctions between Kissinger's and Rice's versions of globalism, and to what degree this this was similar to the socialist/capitalist distinction.
So it goes.
Perhaps I should pass this tidbit along to Jack and Gordon.

Jack, [a]

I certainly applaud your sincere efforts to save the soul of Steve Greer and his minions. However, when I last checked my horoscope, that was supposed to be my job. No?
The two highest priority souls on my list right now are yours and Gordon's. That is the list that was handed to me by Ron two weeks ago. No? We are supposed to be the three (public) horsemen of the eschaton. You have a better understanding of that function right now than does Gordon.
But Gordon does have a problem with you, and that is a significant part of why he is being our reluctant cowboy. In order to patch this up, you need to understand that physics is not in the driver's seat here. That might help Gordon to understand that technology is not in the driver's seat either.
It was Aristotle who put his 'Metaphisis' after his 'Physis'. I go last, I get the last laugh, I'm the fat lady in this little horse opera. Gordon is slated to be the first out of the gate. You go second.
If I am missing any of my cues here, Ron will be sure to correct me in his own sweet time. Agreed?
If this rubber is not meant to be hitting the highway at this time, then, once again, knock me down and call me stupid. Until such time, it is my way and it is the highway.
The message I got yesterday from Joe Stefula, by way of Bill LaParl, was two-fold. MASINT has become so desperate about the loose nukes that we are making a major recall of the best and brightest psychics in the world, and doing so in the public light. Can you imagine what is the tolerance for error in that ball-game? Do you understand the meaning of ZERO?
At the very same time, and for the very first time, Ron is now admitting publicly, right here, that we are attending to uncorrelated signals from 'out there'. Jack, do you understand the meaning of cosmic trigger?
This is what the Eschaton Focus Group is about. Are you with us?


This was sent on Monday, and it did make a few waves in a small pond.
There have been some developments in the last few days coming out of the conferences that Jack and I attended over the weekend.
It now appears that it is Jack, rather than Gordon, who will be the first to meet with H.K., sometime in June.
I gave my little presentation to Michael Heiser at the X-conference. It seemed to fall well within his normal stride. The main issue between Michael and Father Balducci of Vatican/UFO fame, who also spoke at the conference, concerns good vs. bad ETs. This is a hot button, especially among abductees, as you might well imagine. The issue touches upon the nature of the pantheon, or what I would call the Zodiacal realm of the demigods.
Catholic orthodoxy tells us that the chief of the fallen angels was Satan, and that he and his minions all fell to Earth, and somehow, that was closely related to the subsequent fall of Adam and Eve. In fact, was it not Satan who appeared as the Serpent at the tree of knowledge. One point is that you can be bad, but if you don't eat the apple you are not being willfully bad, and so not evil, and so not in need of salvation. All the sinners in the cosmos are right here on Earth. This is the only planet of choice. It is only we humans who stand in need of salvation. I can go along with this, to a considerable extent.
Michael gave a public and private talk about this, but I'm still not sure what his take is.
My take brings us back to the apokatastasis. The fallen angels will be restored, and mainly by the Logos. Both Michael and Father B. get into trouble by falling under the anti-anthropic spell of Copernicus, Galileo and Bruno. Can it be possible there is no sin or satanic influence on Planet X? Exobiology is not a forte of the Vatican. It was only a few years ago that the Pope exonerated Galileo. With the BPW, Galileo is unceremoniously escorted back to the dog-house.
But now there is other pressing business. Madison Avenue meets the via Google adWords. As of Monday, I am now the proud and nearly exclusive owner of eschaton, eschatology, teleology, rationalism, cosmology, immaterialism, idealism, coherence, Leibniz, absolutism, relationalism, and the list is growing as we speak. This could almost be fun! The intellectual establishment is about to experience a rude awakening. No? It may not take too long for some folks in academia to wonder what is going on.
I now need to create a 'landing page' for those out there in Google land who pay attention to the right-hand column. Does academia have too many lefties?
Ok, we seem to have that part in hand. I'm looking forward to getting my first email from a click-through customer. How many weeks will I have to wait? As it is, I am busily clicking away on my own ads just to keep the Google mercenaries happy. There has got to be a better way to save the world! But this is almost as much fun as eight hours on the you know what. We aim to please!
The HK initiative is moving forward cautiously. I understand that a meeting is now set for June 16 in NYC. I do have a suit that I have only worn once. I wonder if I will get to wear it again? Perhaps Henry has already been saved.
What next? The main technical thing is for CHCS to bring up an onsite search function. On Friday there will be a meeting in DC with my webmaster, webartist, webshaman and webpsychologist. Don't you wish you could be there? There is a possible issue here about the word of God. I am no fundamentalist, but I do want to tread carefully in these waters.
Then what?
Maybe I need to do something about the cosmology diagrams on the old aquarium site. I thought I had already linked to them. Here is one link. You will see some diagrams mentioned down towards the bottom of the page. The Mandelbrot is our most recent cosmology diagram. Most convenient! Then there is this, and this.

I'm still struggling with father B. and Michael H. Yes, there are principalities, but Earth is the only planet that we could recognize as such. It would be more accurate to call it the only Principality of Choice. That would put us in Satan's principality, but I am not happy with that. I am reasonably confident that this is Jesus' Principality. We are the only BPW. The BPW necessarily includes free-will, and even free-willfulness! The other principalities are more or less deficient in that regard.

Now we have to deal with Satan. Am I correct in supposing that Satan is more of a Catholic, and perhaps fundamentalist, problem, than he is a protestant problem? I see nothing wrong with wanting to personify the miasma of banality that certainly does pollute the Earth's pneuma-sphere. However, it certainly does run against the grain of our newfound Mandelbrot cosmology. And does it not run smack into the spirit of Christianity? Deontology can seemingly benefit from the Devil, but the theology has always been a non-starter. You have to go back to Zoroaster to find a stark dualism.
Ultimately every creature is an agent of the Creator: humans, ETs and Hitler alike. There must and will be restitution. Jesus ministered to the Damned, and it weren't for nothing. Judgment day has not yet come. Let us not preempt the Creator.
Cousin Charles pointed out to me something interesting about the idea of the Only 'Planet' of Choice. Given the choice, would we choose to go anywhere other than to the BPW? Having made that first choice, would we then want to renounce that freedom to choose? So, BPW = OPC on several levels of meaning. What choice does the Creator have?? In what sense did Jesus choose to be crucified? Are we into S/M here? I doubt that the two perspectives are totally divorced. Felix culpa? We do approach the ultimate mystery of being. Even the very idea of 'best' is nonsensical outside the realm of subjective freedom, as is the idea of 'reason'. Subjectivity is nothing if not free. In its freedom comes its transcendent universality.
We are also struggling with potentiality and actuality. Could there have been no actuality, even no potentiality? Is there any reason to suppose that freedom, subjectivity, potentiality and actuality could ever be disentangled?

I met today with Judi, Eduardo, and Judi's student Thomas who hopefully will be the resident BPW artist. We plan to meet on a weekly basis to bring together the art and the concepts. He has already completed some preliminary sketches, including one sketch that is entitled The Atomic Reincarnation of the Earth. We'll post it here as soon as we can get to the internet.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I have not heard back from Jack about his prospective meeting with HK. Coming up next weekend is a prospective meeting with Ron. I hope to get a better feeling from him as to whether there is a larger plan afoot, and whose plan is it anyway? Am I slated to attend the other meeting, or do I have to make my own path here, like 'gate crashing'?
Charles will be working on the navigation system here when he gets back to Seattle. And so far the Google AdWords campaign has been a dud, but still a useful experiment. I don't mind the free 'impressions', but Google is not happy. I may let it wither away for now. If Jack and HK get together, it would hit the internet rumor mill in a hurry, and I would hope to pick up some of the crumbs off that table. Now I'm attempting to return Gordon's call.
I have talked to Gordon. He will be sending some correspondence. I think Ron is trying to tell the three of us, including Jack, that no one of us has the crown jewels, but that if we can put our resources together, we'll come a lot closer. Why can't he just come out and say it? That allows me to be the mediator, which is significant in itself, and should be symptomatic. It might be tempting for two of us to gang up on the third, but that would not be productive.
So perhaps I should put this idea to J&G. Supposedly, G is under pressure from Kit about not being able to produce anything truly convincing, and so is J, probably. Neither one wants to admit it. Each is hoping that Ron or HK will pull their fat out of the fire. I doubt that will happen. That does not conform to the prime directive. There is a wall between them and us. We do need a ménage a trois.
At first Ron was pushing for this meeting, but now he and Kit seem to be backing off. I have no idea if this was a ploy or if something intervened. Why stir things up in the first place?

I have sent a message to Ron, Jack and Gordon. It is upbeat about moving quickly on the phenomenology front. I propose an early meeting of the four of us.

Here are the preliminary sketches of Thomas J. Codrick. We'll meet again Wednesday.
Well, both of my correspondents are now up in the air about any meetings in NYC. I had to make some phone calls to track this down. The best bet then is to work on a book project with Jack. I might go out there week after next. In the meantime I need to work out where Ron is headed.

With the Henry initiative now in abeyance, the next step is to fall back to the book idea, with my going to SF week after next. I need to get back on that -- maybe work up some slides (see 0.2a &ff) for Jack.

I'm scheduled to visit Jack in SF on 5/25-28. Jack suggests sharing facing pages of a 120 pg book. On 5/22-24 I'll be with the family in Cleveland to see Orioles play and go to the Rock&Roll museum.
Try out this one: The Just So Story of the Universe (0.2b). Will Jack be able to live with this?

[5/5ff] See Comments.

The Omni is on California at Montgomery. It should be convenient.
Should we not be having dinner with your Dad at some point? Where would he like to go?
When Ron did not show up at Al Kehs' picnic, I made a house call. It was Erica's fifteenth birthday. Also Ron had slipped a disk while gardening and was laid up in bed.
He did point out that the Lone Ranger and Tonto never had a showdown.
I had my thinking cap on last night. Here are the gleanings:
It is pretty obvious that somebody was hunting for the Moon Child back there in the '50s. Jack Parsons and L Ron, as the story goes, were more proactive in their 'hunting'. Also, recall that the Dalai Lama was in this mix back about then, and he should be an expert in this regard.
Another point is that the Doty story emphasized three high level visitors. Does that not fit the supposedly apocryphal story of the three kings bearing gifts from afar? Way out, man!
This does steer our little story a bit away from the LR&T theme.
It appears that if you are not particularly anxious to do the passion bit, you are entitled to two stellar roles: Saul & John. Have you had experience playing two parts simultaneously?
Just a thought....
N.B., Ron cannot be blamed for any of this!
No harm in trying, right?
Should this be put into a story, or just played out as a California street drama? Kinda like the OC, but different. Who will get the copyrights and screen credits? What about the 3 Kings trademark? Is that already taken?
How do we soft-pedal the story? This genre has already been played out. The Grail Quests, too. Do it as a straight philosophical piece? That would not be Jack's style. He's the one who insists on jazzing up the story. What other way to go with this?

Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2005 8:02 AM

To: 'Jack Sarfatti'

Subject: KGB virgin takes Jack out behind the woodshed....

Yes, Jack, the 25th, and I'll be departing when my job is finished. And apparently you also missed another message. This little misplacement provides me with yet another opportunity to basically ask you, politely, to pull your head out.
The Lone Ranger idea was just a test, and you fell for it.
With excruciating obviousness, it does not suffice.
There is only one thing that has ever gone on between you and me. It is a reprise of the Passion Play with you playing the role of the Philistine.
I know that you wanted the part of Caesar, but that is not to be. That is Ron's part, you dummy.
More specifically, you have been assigned the role of Saul/Paul.
You have spent the ten years of our acquaintance in avoidance and denial of what really ought to be obvious, certainly by this very late date.
On the other hand, Jack, I have been listening very carefully, biding my time. I have you now right where I want you: out behind the woodshed.
You can go crying to Ron, but it will avail you of naught. Your jig is up. Your ship has come in, and guess what? I'm it.
I know that you wanted a flying saucer, rather like Gordon, but this is going to be Ron's best offer to you, until you learn how to listen properly.
This time I am bringing proof. It is my message in the bottle, straight from God. It is the Mandelbrot set. The building block that the scientists rejected becomes the cornerstone of a whole new world. That is what I will be waking you up with. That is what I will be waking you up to: your whole new world...the one that you rejected as so much pot smoke back in '75. Thank you. You cannot now say that you have not been afforded every opportunity.
I read with some amusement you little correspondence below. Both you and Jake have good advice for the other.
What you evidently fail to grasp, however, is that Jake is deliberately couching a spiritual message to you in scientific jargon. I think it must be deliberate on his part, because it is too good a job to be a mere coincidence. Here, and two weeks from now, I am not using jargon. I am speaking to you directly.
Jake, and I have no idea who he is -- it could as well be Ron, is prophesying to you about our imminent meeting.
Since Santa Fe, the universe has been slapping you around pretty good, just to open up your way too thick, Philistine-like skull.
This is not about the physics, stupid. This is about your rendezvous with God. For your sake, I get to represent God. And, as it appears increasingly evident, I will be doing so for everyone else as well.
Jack, this does put you in the cat-bird seat. It is not exactly the seat you had in mind, but, hey, it is not to be sneezed at, and ultimately it is not in your repertoire to refuse to be lead support in the greatest story ever told. Now is it?
Are you going to go crying to Ron, or are you going to take it like a man? Mano a Mano!
And, yes, I am expecting to have dinner with your Dad.

Sincerely yours,


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