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Memo for a talk to be given by H.:
It has been my privilege to witness first hand the triumph of the human spirit over many very significant challenges and adversities. I see many more challenges ahead and yet I have every reason to maintain my faith in human nature and our continued ability to prevail.
My own participation in the events of history is nearing its conclusion, and so I come before you today in what may be a last role on that stage. Admittedly, this is something of a departure from what you may have come to expect from me, but I do ask you to bear with me nonetheless.
Over many years, I have observed with interest two dimensions of our humanity. When freed from our most immediate needs, again and again through history we turn our attention on the one hand to our objective understanding of the world, and, on the other hand, to our more subjective understanding of our relation to this world. These pursuits are among our highest callings and both have directed our historical progress.
The challenges of poverty and limited resources will continue to mount in the foreseeable future. All of us here have an abiding concern with these challenges. These are our immediate needs. Without wishing to distract you from that urgent task, I urge you not to neglect our responsibility to remain faithful to the higher pursuits I mentioned earlier.
I have noticed a significant dwindling in our expectations concerning fundamental developments in our understanding of ourselves and the world. Could we really be facing diminishing returns in these pursuits? Do I have any reason to counsel you otherwise?
Over the years I have had opportunities to delve into this question.

Memo (2nd draft of the above):

It is not infrequent that people in positions like those I have held are privy to information that we are expected to take to the grave with us. I did not, until very recently, expect to be personally and partially exempted. It is then with some trepidation that I come before you today, near the end of my sojourn here, to impart just a few words to you.
I was made aware some decades ago that there were solid reasons to believe that my adopted country would have a special role to play on the world stage. This was something beyond the very high expectations that so many oppressed peoples have held for my country, from its inception, as a guiding light to freedom.
There are two parts to the freedom equation: freedom from and freedom for. The first part of that equation has always been manifest to those seeking shelter on those shores from tyranny abroad. And so, we have been blessed by an unprecedented spectrum of talent that has found a safe harbor in my country, over the centuries. Yet, it is all too seldom that we have a real opportunity to reflect upon why we may have been called together in this unique fashion.
As all of you know so well, we face unprecedented challenges regarding the environment and our wisest use of every resource. We can expect very significant developments on this score, but there is more.
We know that the very foundation of freedom is the freedom to communicate. It cannot be an accident then that the same country that has served as the primary source of freedom, should also be at the focus of a global communications revolution that continues to expand apace.
If we were then to permit ourselves to speculate, we should wonder that, if there were some higher purpose in play within history, there might not be a significant piece of information to be imparted to the world from those shores.
Or, so I have heard, and so I have come to believe.
Furthermore, along with the freedom to communicate there is a responsibility to use our minds to their best advantage in order to use our freedom most wisely. Certainly we have been the guiding force behind the scientific revolution that continues to shake the world. Perhaps less appreciated in these circles, is the evangelical zeal that has also been empowered in no small part by this new-found freedom and technology. And where does that leave us? What more is there to communicate?
It is with that question that I must leave you today. Be assured, however, that this gathering and this seemingly foreshortened message will not go unnoticed or be forgotten. The members of this forum have some very special responsibilities with regard to all of the above and to that which is here foreshadowed.
God be with you.

Now that things have settled down again, permit me to try to recap some recent events, here for the 'public' record. This might help to explain something about the above memo for H. [a]

On my side, there were two precipitating factors: the Mandelbrot, and the usual 'spring is in the air' bit. One more thing was that Sam decided to attempt once again to launch a small, open ended discussion group. First we met with Gus R. to discuss the reopening of his Kennedy/Oswald investigation with the help a German documentary group. Significant new leads had been uncovered into the Cuban intel links between Lee-Harvey and Bobby. There was one high-level agent in particular who had contemporaneous contacts with both up until Dallas. This ought to be sensational, but there has been a lot of water under that bridge.
The three of us met with Dennis R. who recapped for us his investigations into the claims of various polar explorers, and of Ptolemy, and how these efforts put him at odds with significant portions of the academic community. The following week Sam included a producer from WYPR-FM. It was then that I invited myself into a discussion with Dennis concerning the merits of his evident atheism, and the discussion was 'frank'. The subject of the Mb came up, and I did not hide my surprise that mathematician Dennis had not heard of that object. By this time I was already launched into the previous page. This incident helped me to conclude that the Mb might, indeed, help to put this BPW pedagogical project over the top. It is a strong visual aid that is conveniently located at the crux of many of the archetypes. The use to which I could put it would be novel. At our next meeting I tried it out and met with some success. This then got me thinking about using it as part of a power point presentation as noted above. Sensing something of a pedagogical breakthrough, I decided to get back to CF, with whom I had barely spoken since last summer, and he readily agreed to a meeting. In the meantime I was getting a positive response from Jack S. and some of his group, which was unusual.
Then came the meeting with C just this last Sunday. After a quick review of the presentation we talked shop. It seemed that there might be an opportunity to get a message through to H, who could then convey it to a significant group of folks in a few weeks. I was to do this in collaboration with Jack and Gordon, the latter of who was owed a favor by Adnan K, a friend of H. I was not to mention the particulars to Jack. Jack did not seem to get the point, and so I concocted the above memos, that later of which was sent to C, J, G, S & A. It took Jack awhile to sus out the particulars. It turned out that C and G were not on the same wavelength. G thought he was simply requesting a meeting with H. When I went back to C with this confusion, he supported G's version. That left my participation up in the air.
The next topic with C was his changing job status. His career is now at a point where there is very little that can be discussed about it. Needless to say, one might think that, especially now, he would have better things to do than stir up the muck in these waters. I would like to conclude that it was for some higher purpose. Last year at about this time, C & I were getting together again for the first time since just before and after 9/11. Eventually, after a couple of months it became very important for Gordon and me to meet. It turned out that neither of us had the faintest idea of why we were meeting, and it was a real blowout. This agenda-free meeting scenario is not uncommon with C, but that and one other miss-cue, was the end of our communication.
This time around, at least G and I were meeting in the same ballpark, but I was in right field and he was in left. And mercifully, it only took us a couple of days to reach an impasse, rather than a couple of months. Last year there was never even a specific target. This year the target as described to me was emphatic, and definitely over the top, relative to jumpstarting the BPW/EFG business, sufficient to convince me that my work was virtually over. So here we are back at square three. It could be that a plan proceeds, with me now spared the details.
That other miscue might be revealing. It involved finding a job for a mutual acquaintance, B. On Sunday I was given the definite impression that B has had a job all along, and they were having a bit of fun at my expense. End of story? Not when you are dealing with C. The pretense(?) of joblessness had been so elaborate and unremitting, and seemingly almost entirely for my benefit, that I am still left wondering, which is apparently where I am supposed to be. [4/15 - B takes strong exception to C's information concerning a job.]
At this point, I am wondering about a possible encore. This is the first time in our thirteen years that C has taken our little story over the top. Where can the story go next? Are we then to assume that this is the logical end of the story time? Your guess is as good as mine.
And there you have it.
Oh, one last loose string. I am informed by an independent(?) source that Adnan has a personal interest in the paranormal, and has, like Bigelow, been into the funding of it. G has only ever displayed a mercenary interest in the mechanical side of it, even more so than Hal and Jack. Another point is that Jack does seem to be displacing Hal on the political side. Does this mean that Hal is being moved up or out? As to the first point, several parts of the H & G story do not make sense. Assuming that it was not out of whole cloth, I proceeded in the memo on the only version of it that might make sense. (BTW, C's reaction: 'I don't know what this is but it certainly is well done!' Now I ask you, is this our tax dollars at work?! C had better bone up on his signatures intelligence.) But when you compare the stories of G & B, are we not left wondering whether many of these same players are quite aware of the charade of the mechanics, etc., even including Gordon. If so, my hat goes off to them. It would be way beyond my ability. It is on my high school record that I failed at playing a dead person in Our Town. Was that part of my bone fides?!
So where were we? Something about 'The Way Forward?'

Here we go again!

Memo for a meeting (of ???) to address the future of energy:
There are dire projections concerning our energy future. Demand continues to grow, supplies continue to dwindle, prices continue to rise as a result. There is a growing body of opinion suggesting that within the next very few years, certainly less than ten, the global production of carbon based fuels will reach its peak, and then decline thereafter.
There are alternatives to carbon. These range from wind power to fusion power. We must push ahead with these, much more seriously than we have in the past.
Even under the most optimistic scenarios, however, there will be drastic dislocations to the global economy, starting any day now, as a critical mass of people wake up to our very uncertain energy future.
What we wish to bring to your attention are two related perspectives on this imminent crisis, which, while treated separately in the past, we feel can be combined into an effective strategy for the future.
We are not saying that this scenario is ready for public consumption, but we are suggesting that it now deserves more serious attention from policy level people than it has received so far.
The first part of this bi-perspective is fairly straight forward. It includes the field of free or zero-point energy. It is likely that this source of energy is already being observed in the so-called 'cold-fusion' experiments, which are being aggressively pursued by an international network of professional scientists. Other more radical approaches are being investigated theoretically and experimentally on an ongoing basis, and that includes scientists in our own smaller network.
Those of us on these further shores of the energy crisis, as we push on the envelope of physics, find that we can hardly ignore the cosmological ramifications of our equations.
An obvious consequence of nearly any form of breakthrough physics is that it will make possible radical changes in the modes of space-based transport and communication. At present, our perceptions of interstellar communication are based entirely on conventional physics. When it comes to SETI investigations, we may be looking for signs of cosmic life in all the wrong places. Very likely, we are much less lost in space than the conventional wisdom would have us believe. The handling of the energy crisis, ought to provide ample motivation for us to put more of our intellect into rethinking our place in the cosmos.
Since the inception of science, scientists and theologians have been searching for a common ground. We have early indications that out of the energy emergency, there will emerge a much broader field of thought that will afford science and religion much more room to realign themselves in common cause. Will this positively impact the global sectarian strife? It is hard to believe that could be poised here on this watershed of history if it were not part of a cosmic plan.

There have been some further twists and turns in this latest political initiative. It all tends to confirm my long held suspicion that ufology is being used by cosmic and central intelligence as a cover for eschatology. The need for such a cover in the early political phase ought to be abundantly clear. I'm waiting to see if Jack agrees with this assessment

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End Game?

(For background information look here, etc.)

This page is going to be a departure from the past, at least in terms of its title. This is to signal what appears to be a new departure on the political front. There was certainly an intimation of this new departure at the end of the previous blog page. This page appears to be a reversion back to the more politically explicit style of the original 'Aquarium' website which has just been reposted online here.
The only previous time that politics became a focus on this website was last spring and summer: starting on 5/1/04, picking up again on 5/23, 7/11, and finally fizzling out on 11/6. That was a longer run than I had remembered.
Was that a fire drill? In retrospect, yes. There has been significant water under the bridge since that short time ago.
In order to explain the present situation, and how it may be different, I will have to be more explicit about the names. I have already forgotten some of the pseudonyms that I used last year. This raises some protocol issues. I am deciding to revert back to the more explicit stance of the original website.
The information now is more sensitive. In the run-up last year, I believe it was, Ron instructed me to maintain established protocols at all costs, and I agree. Certainly he is!
Let's cut to the chase. Ron has informed me that he is 'in charge of' MASINT. Technically that would put him at the level of Deputy Secretary of the DNI. The other three sections are HUMINT, SIGINT and IMINT. That would put him at the level of a Presidential appointee. I would be skeptical about that. If I were he, as a career officer, I would want to stay below the level of political appointee. That would be for an outsider, like when my Dad took a leave from the HBS in 1952 to become eventually the Deputy to the Secretary of the Treasury in charge of tax policy, under Eisenhower. Keep in mind that in the intel business, inside knowledge is everything.
Already I might be causing a problem for Ron with his putative political boss, but, hey, I'm just following protocol. I don't think Ron would have told me that, if it were not quite deliberate. Ron is not given to casual bragging. That is not in his job description. His wife once told me that Ron had, perhaps in a fit of pique, told her that his job was more important than the President's. Recall in this context that W's aunt is a long-time friend of my older sister. If you have been attentive to my own ramblings, you will know that I can easily endorse that view of reality. Nay, I have to endorse it. Recall also that it was he who informed of my own place in the present scheme.
Here is a technical note. Recall the incident with Google and MSN. I complained to Ron about it. About a week later there was a partial, and only a partial, restoration of service. In the last few days the principals in the present initiative were experiencing significant disruptions of our email service. Very early on, I informed Ron that if I ever discovered that my communications were not being monitored, I would hold him in dereliction of duty. The point is that I am relying significantly on people who are better informed on such matters to monitor the traffic here to make sure that I am not speaking out of turn. Only if and when push came to shove would I be likely to be more proactive about protocols. The question before us is whether we have already come to that.
Another instigating factor here is an email purportedly from Ron that was forwarded to me yesterday:
Knights at large,
Normally I would not comment on an early draft so as not to dissuade others from offering independent contributions, but I think Jim caputures the issues so well that additional contributions would be of little value. I think we all share Jim's view that Gordon is the only legitimate leader of the RAM. He served his time, independently derived the circuit, and developed a plan to build a technology, industry, and new world order. But Dr. K. will want to know why he has been singled out for the briefing, what evidence the Knights will provide, and what they will expect in return. These are issues that I think should be discussed only within the inner circle. Therefore I suggest the dialog terminate within this outer circle by 16:00 EST Saturday. Please forward any additional comments or suggestions to Jim and John.before the deadline. Not discussed yet is how and where to bring this to fruition. I included on distribution those few individuals that I think have the intellectual and technical capacity to apply the circuit to make dumpsters fly. As the good Dr. Green pointed out, the demo may be key to acceptance by those outside the outer circle.
Lord of Oversight and Stewardship

I just about had Gordon convinced that this must be bogus, when Ron popped up on his other line to confirm his authorship! Well, knock me down and call me stupid! It's obviously high-time to look at the other side of this coin, before there commences the citizens' inquiry into the management of the DNI. Have I been provoked, or what?

The public principles this time around appear to be Gordon Novel, Jack Sarfatti and myself. Jack and I go back to around '97. His particulars are easily available on the web (9,000 hits). I (190,000 hits!) introduced Jack to Ron (only 232 hits!), early on. I also introduced Gordon Novel to Ron soon thereafter. But I had been hearing about Gordon from Ron, for several years before that.
Gordon Novel (1,680 hits): what more can we say? Gordon says that Jim Marrs is presently working on his biography. I hear that he grew up (presently 67 years) on the wrong side of the tracks in New Orleans, and fell in with an 'aryan' bunch. He is sometimes rumored to have been the 'umbrella man'. He says he heard about, but did not meet Fred Lee Crisman in N.O. He admits to having helped break up the Garrison investigation while under the purview of the White House. He was arrested by the FBI, not long thereafter, while installing an off-the-books electronic security system at the White House. His mentor for many years has been Ramsey Clark, for whom he was the principal investigator, particularly at Waco. Note that Ramsey is presently defending Saddam, another FOR. Speaking of which, Ron transferred to MASINT because he could find no WMD in Iraq up to thirty days before the invasion, according to his (unpublished?) NIE.
Anyway, Gordon has always been a speed freak, and that was how he fell in with DeLorean in Bonneville when Gordon was all of 15 and John 27. They pushed the speed mark above 400 by using nitro, early on. It was about 1989 that Gordon started investigating UFOs, another of his boyhood passions. Knowing Gordon, and knowing about the rest of the ufologists, it is no surprise that he left them all in his dust, literally.
That brings us right back to the above email.
Gordon says, and I think rightly so, that if the results of his investigations do not represent reality, then he has been the victim of the greatest hoax of all-time. According to one recent estimate, the UFO budget over the years approaches 100 billion: 10 for the 'research' and 90 for the cover & security.
For all his street smarts, doesn't Gordon see that the above email is way over the top? But who am I, 'Sonfish'(!), to point fingers?I ask you! We are all subject to the same FOR syndrome.
So here we are, three musketeer FORs: Gordon, Jack and Dan, I'll drink to that. We're all dressed up with no place to go now except possibly to visit Henry Kissinger who is due to make a presentation to a special meeting of the Bilderbergers. On Monday I was on a conference call with Gordon, Robert Shaheen(?), and Leon Lespona(?). Robert, out of the four of us, sounded entirely sane. He was well known to the Agency, and now to Ron. He is also an associate of Adnan Kosiggi and Henry. He is the designated go-between. Ron has met Henry three times, but he did not say how recently.
Whassup?? Well, Henry has long been rumored to be MJ1. According to one story, it was he who turned the MJ national franchise over to the Bilderbergers.
How close does this put us to the point of no return? How do we know this isn't another fire drill? From Ron's perspective, it would have to be rather awkward to have to restart this operation, another year or two down the road. Here we are: new DNI, new MASINT, new four-year term of a tested administration, and, lest we forget, a new Pope. I remain convinced that 9/11 was a definite marker for this time line. Just now, that dust is beginning to settle. Can we afford to take our chances further down the road? None of us are getting younger, certainly not Henry.
If no one else, Ron has invested a lot of effort in this little project. I can surely attest to that. If he were going to blow this off, he certainly should have done it a year ago. You know what they say about carrying a joke too far.
Given that we have finally reached the jump-off point, here is my little prognostication.
But first, let us review the end game. There should be a bunch of internal links here, but I can't think of a good handle. The ufos portend the Millennium. Their appearance was triggered by the advent of nuclear weapons. This forced their hand, and brought on this minimalist abrogation of the Prime Directive. Ok, 'Herod' was the word I was looking for: here, and don't ignore here. I know I have said more than this, but maybe not here.
The ufos came to neutralize the bomb and the modern Herod. They needed a clandestine base on earth to work behind the scenes. The CIA was a likely spot. They would co-opt the agency into being their collaborator. The Millennium plot would be hatched there. Thus could the violation of the PD be minimized and hidden. All of this came at the inception of the new agency, as now comes this new phase with the DNI/MASINT.
The Cold War had to be resolved before the public phase could start in earnest. Note the '89-'91 time frame for Gordon and me. Then the Mideast had to be partially stabilized for this next phase.
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