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What I am suggesting is the likelihood that I am, through, Ron, operating as a contingent authority, i.e. we'll give the poor chap some rope and see if he can hang himself. I am just a part of a larger eschaton contingency plan and process.
Is it presumptive to suppose that if either the President or the Pope took serious offense to any of my actions, that the Ron & Dan show could not be very easily recalled and recanted? I think not.
Until such time as some better authority intervenes in this little soap opera, I contend that there is a strongly implied obligation for those already involved in this process to stay this course. Just by being where we are and when we are, we are the designated guinea pigs in this cosmic 'experiment'.
If you choose not to participate, my only recourse is a moral one. If you think I will not exercise that recourse to my utmost ability, and if you think my ability in that regard is lacking, well, shall we give it a try??
Bill and I are having trouble believing that the avians would never have gossiped about who did and did not get a briefing. Ron has had to give his own (skeptical?) briefings. How could he do that in good faith if he had not pressed this question upon his colleagues. How could they suppose he did not have a need to know? Should he not have been the first among them, after Rick to be briefed.
I would be very reluctant to enter into a contract to no longer discuss these matters with most other folks. I would have to be given a very good reason not to do that.
I now recall a point in time that the person in question told me that he had to submit a list of people he would normally talk to (about these matters?), and that he had to cross off many of the names. Ron and I were two of the remaining names, allegedly. But then I heard very little after that. I'm guessing this would have been around 1993. Perhaps Ron and I were not actually on the list. He was quite specific saying that he had not talked to Ron about it for the last 13 years. But would that mean that Ron has still not been briefed? Or, say, not until this past April? Perhaps Ron held out on purpose, as I probably would. Someone would have to brief the unbriefable, like me.
The security ground rules would have to be spelled out before being required to sign anything. That might give away a lot. How many turn it down? Ron would quickly surmise he had been left out. He must have had a back channel source that would pertain to me and the eschaton. He would actually have been in deeper.
This person said that 'we don't say we believe stuff on one level that we would deny on the classified level'. Thus they are not allowed to give out disinformation. It might have been convenient for Ron and the other to have gotten their different briefings at about the same time. But that would not quite square with his Los Alamos comment to me in '91. It might explain why in our final meeting with Chris, that we could only talk about tiger protection. Dick d'Amato would have been briefed relative to D, so why was I supposed to pester him?
Now it seems that Linda Howe may have been Rick's primary outlet for the core story. That would have been a decade before my time. Rick has always claimed that he was authorized to release this info.
But Rick is now claiming that he was not the source for some of what Linda allegedly attributed to him. Are we back to the Doty clones??
Rick has said that Ron was hanging around with a couple of MJ12 types. I doubt that BJ was.

OK, here is a synopsis of the briefing schedule or structure.

Witness briefing -- You are a government employee and an inadvertent witness or perhaps a celebrity, and your talking too much could cause problems. You are told that the situation is being handled, and that if you cause more problems you will have to be given the Bennewitz briefing. You will be told more than you want to know, and your mental stability will be put in jeopardy. 10,000.
AA briefing -- Alien Artifacts/Alien Autopsy. You have a need to know something. This is the lowest level. The emphasis is on physical evidence. You may be shown artifacts and/or films -- such as the Alien Autopsy film, which may have been a staged training film, with some degree of accuracy.
Techie briefing -- You will be told about programs to reverse engineer artifacts. You may be pointed to the work of Hal Puthoff. This briefing may just be an extension of the previous one. In both cases we learn that the aliens are non-cooperative. They are withholding technology until we are prepared for it. 5,000.
Yellow Book briefing -- You are given a synopsis of the history of visitor/human interactions. There is more emphasis on the 'religious' content. You are told that there is a message that we don't want to hear. About one thousand people have reached this level.
PE/Chicken Little briefing -- This is the Presidential Eschaton briefing, only for cabinet/senatorial level and up, but only very few of those, like the DCI and heads of intel committees. Billy Graham often presided. They may be warned about the R & D show, which they could also easily discover on their own. 100 at this level, not counting whomever has transited the portal. This level likely connected with the Red Book. BJ was not told about this book. Some foreign heads of state and DCIs have access. Straub got this just before our meeting.
TX11 briefing -- Too sensitive for the Pres. Ron got this briefing c. 1998 when he told Susan that he knew stuff that the Pres could not hear. TX11 was the 'eschaton code' I fed to Ron c. 1996. Ostensibly it referred to the 1999 eclipse, but in retrospect it also referred to IX11, get it?? This level has to do with specifics of the time-line. 10 at this level, mainly coordinated by the visitors. This may even be above MJ12.
There you have it. This is subject to emendation, of course.
To go beyond the witness briefing you need a religious base or support group, or your own spiritual resources. Otherwise, paranoia is the result.
My guess is that BJ may have, for those 13 years, thought that he was above Ron's level. Only now is he guessing otherwise. From what Bill said at the time, I can now deduce that Hal may have figured out this structure when I met him at the SSE meeting in Charlotte, c. 1993.
Security is maintained by graduated releases, such as with Rick and the AA film, not to mention the R & D show, and the rest of Hollywood. Now the end game comes into play.
The above is a grossly oversimplified schematic. Every level of briefing is tailored to the situation. There may always be gossip and speculation that blurs the levels.
Is the Pres told there is another level? Does the Iraq business fit into this other level? How much input from this level goes into the White House, and in what manner?

In preparation for the first EFG meeting on Wednesday, I posed a counterintelligence problem: consider the possibility that the Aviary might be a pro-active, preemptive move against attempts at the hostile exploitation of phenomenology. It could function as a backfire to contain and control the larger conflagration.

Would this make sense even if there were no phenomena, or no visitors? There are two problems. Such an entity could quickly come to know the truth of the matter: if there were any core to the phenomena or to the exploitation of them. Would it not then be able to stand down? Has it done so?
This leads us to the second problem: my own participation relative to the Aviary. Up until last May, I could have said that 'we' had stood down. Since then there has been an upswing in our activity. Was there simply another outbreak that needed re-containment? With my involvement, is there anticipated another outbreak of eschatological fever? How then would the backfire strategy work? Would it not backfire?
The EFG simply does not fit into this counterintelligence rationale. Is it preemptive messianism? Preempted by whom and for whom? We'll just have to find out. Little doubt remains, however, as to the fact of oversight at the highest levels. For instance, the message that the President was 'furious' had only one intended recipient. Was the Anderson article a spoof? I'd say it was too subtle to be that, yet, too obvious to be other than a signal. The eschaton is not a toy. I cannot imagine who might toy with it. The Ron & Dan show is much too unlikely to be a mere plot. It is more like a surprise that is still unfolding.
Then there is the problem of the wire service. There will have to be an artifact or a signed statement by someone in the chain of command. We could arrange for an editor to have a visitation, and then print a background article that would include hints of eschatology. This sounds about right. It might already be in the works. The editor would talk to GHW and then have an interview with Charlene. Only the background story would be published. There would be a stringer's name who would handle the follow-up questions. This would get the internet heated up. There is not much more that I have a need to know at this point. Is there anything else to happen first? After thirteen years, it wasn't going to take much to get me back up to speed. Who else must be brought up to speed? Who if not a journalist? Possibly someone like Steve Bassett, but he is stuck with the ET scenario. He could not extricate himself from that, politically. Nor is there too much more that Jack could do at this point without sounding flaky, relatively speaking. I could ask to bring a journalist to the next BJ&R meeting. There may just be a built-in hold as in the Shuttle launches. If so, they ought to be able to tell me. The article would allude to phenomenology and the eschaton. That would be sufficient to provide me with leverage on the internet. It would contain some of my phraseology. I would tell folks that it was coming. That would be a big deal. I could do a draft of it here. I'll have to think about that.
The article would have to include an interview with a former government official, possibly Woolsey. There is a serious problem with phenomenology, which could impact our scientific worldview. This would be sufficient for my purposes, especially if I were given advance notice. This would also justify my consultation with philosophers and scientists. That could be done as part of the EFG initiative.
Would or could this article avoid any mention of ufos? It would have to refer to a specific phenomenon. Would the mere granting of the interview be a sufficient news hook?

I don't see how any mention of phenomenology can avoid the topic of ufos. This would apply to any interview of Woolsey on the putative phenomenology problem. Could that be limited to crop circles, for example? What about dredging up remote viewing again, and say the case is not closed? Just consider the Phenomenology Network. Would it have to mention Ron? Could Jim deal with it? All we have to say is that the door cannot be closed on phenomenology. And this would be apropos of what? Some recent example? Perhaps it could be given a postmodern slant.

It looks like the EFG is back on hold until the next meeting, which would not be before the middle of next month. Presumably, with each visible step that I take, other less visible steps are required. I shake the tree, and then others wait to see what falls out. It can get tedious.
In the interim I would like to get back to my perennial problem with atoms. The problem is whether and how to ascribe upward causation to atoms. Phenomenal cycles can carry much or most of the causal burden of atoms, but perhaps not all of it, at least not with the present understanding of such cycles. I'll need to consider special cases individually. One such is to explain the functionality of medicines. To explain penicillin, one would first need to explain bacteria, which in its turn entails the explanation of cells in general. This brings us back to the basic metabolic cycles. If cells did not exist, we would have to invent, which we have.
Given the hydro-cycle, atoms and cells fall into place. One could say the same of germination.. That brings up the issue of evolutionary coherence. This may also be a basic need which brings us back to Jurassic Parc and even Pokatok. This brings us back to Aristotle & Plato. By the way, there is a good article by Max Tegmark on parallel universes that contains a brief but significant discussion of A & P and the nature of reality, toward the end of the essay. The question posed is whether reality is patterned more on words or formulas.
Jurassic Parc could be greatly facilitated by implementing a goodly measure of Lamarckism, but it would be difficult to control or limit. There is also genetic engineering, begging the question of materialism. One would need an exit strategy for any experimental process. How difficult is it too turn teleology on, and then turn it off? Then consider the teleology of medicine, getting back to the original problem.

We have a division of labor between internal and external teleology. To what extent may the Telos avail itself of human cognition, after the fact? This would just leave us with a bootstrap problem to solve, but we already have that with the ouroboros. This would also entail upward causation at the human level. Could that process not be translated to the atomic level? From whence would the atoms derive their substantiality, and would it not require consciousness? This might tell us something about the aviary/MJ12 phenomenon that does seem to be critical in the in the interface between cosmic and terrestrial intelligence and counterintelligence. It could be that mathematics is playing the role of Cs (actually more like instinct) on the atomic level. In that case the Av/MJ might be the MGrp, the fearful symmetry.

What then can be said of medicine? Think of the shaman and his potions, a special dietician, using interspecies communication. Certainly there are formulas. Is the bomb just another potion coming out of the anthropic MG? The physicists were the midwives, using formulas instead of forceps, to bring down the solar bambino, which is also CL and the Islam flag.
If logic did not exist, could we have invented it? Ditto for the electron. It is how the chain of being becomes the ouroboros. That brings us back to pi. A tiger named Pi? In many of these cases there is a potential chain reaction which can be eschatological. We get to pick our potion?
It is not clear how to apply teleology or the observer principle to math. How do we bring Aristotle to bear on this subject? Is not the BPW akin to the fixed Platonic Good? What is the basic difference between instinct and logic? If math didn't exist, either we or the electrons would have invented it. Could there be any virtual sporadic groups, like Regge resonances? The sporadic groups involve finite projective geometries and lattice packings. There is an organic quality of math, for which Plato cannot account. This quality may be perceived only by an organic being. Relationalism abounds.

Today I meet with CF and a sometimes reliable source to see about connecting some aviary dots. What did they know and when did they know it? How many sources? Why do some talk, and some don't? Is anyone in charge? Is Charlie? Or is this a Matrix operation? Just some basic issues. I have to be careful about 9/11 with this chap. Not sure how that might wash. I don't think he sees a plan. He sees us as being subjects of ET. What about the Yellow Book? How does he account for that? He says they are here mainly to create more ETs out of us. That 'hybridization' stuff can fit into an 'evacuation' preparation scenario. Is there any other rationale? Apokatastasis is not big on his list. It's not clear whether GN wants to fight the ETs by stealing their technology, as with Jack.

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More of the Same

My poor neglected diary, but the more things change, the more they stay the same.
The meeting with Gordon N. did not go well, in my estimation. This guy is a great actor or entirely clueless in Las Vegas. This is the Forrest Gump of assassinations and tape erasures. He could stumble into MJ12 and stumble right out again.
I demanded a meeting with CF on Friday. He says I am too impatient with Gordon. Be that as it may. I'm not working for Central Casting.
I did have three questions for CF. With regard to the Woolsey briefing of GHWB, he tells me not to waste my time. The presidents cannot be players. You tell them what you have to tell them, and then hope you don't have to put them down. Democracy and capitalism are not the be all and end all of human existence. Was JFK dumb enough to get himself and his brothers sidelined? Did they mean well, or were they trying to upstage Charlie and Sophia? Headstrong, I think they call it. They never knew what they were going up against until it was too late. Now there are better safeguards in place.
As for BJ's briefing in the desert, it had to do with reverse engineering. There is some truth to that idea, but it ain't about saucers, Hon, it's about Creation, if you get my drift. BJ is still POed at me and still on his code of silence. Each to their own. CF is bringing BJ back to the company in three weeks, but evidently he forgot to tell him, so I had to.
Finally I asked him about the Anderson article. What article, he asks? Well, then, you've answered my question, says I. Long pause...... Oh, that article, says he! Typical.
It does turn out that CF is buddies with Porter. That could be interesting. He may get a Bigelow on his floor, instead of the usual newspapers. He did wonder about Bill doing a write-up on Gordon. Bill has been thinking more about a reprise of the AAE article done with REG, but placing it with Tina Brown in a few months. Do you think that we or she are ready for that? That would really be humping the ol' timeline. I'll have to ask 'Dr. Felini' about that. Hey, that's a good one, Bill!
Dr. F did manage to throw a curve, he always does. This was an old curve, but with new spit. It's about the missing source. Seems like we did really have a 'five martini' source back in the 70s with Grillflame. But it weren't Pat Price, and maybe not even Charlie. Might it have been Sophia/Graff, without the Graff? My response is that the source probably never went away, but just shape-shifted, as usual. Witness TX11.
I'll have to ask him next time about the missing money that Dick D'amato went chasing out in the desert. How much is missing? Is it just billions, or could it be trillions? There aren't that many grains of sand out there. How much would it cost to buy a doormat for the Green door?
What next? Who knows?
There is still the question of how Gordon got hooked up with Hal. This appears to have happened under the aegis of the LA Scientology chapter referenced on the previous page in connection with Parsons. Dr. F. is not innocent of such a connection, either. It is a small world.

It may well be that the timing of the activation of the EFG was partially geared to the election cycle, simply to remove that additional variable. Related to this timing is the change of DCI. That would indicate that the agency would be the focus of governmental shifting, rather than the administration proper.

The Iraq business is just an extension of the cold war: a focusing distraction that also provides some cover, particularly on the intelligence side. This would be adequate justification for a minimal loss of life. The heightened clash of cultures and religions does provide a suitable backdrop for the EFG/Y2C.
There is a second meeting today with BJ. He has been the most vocal opponent of the EFG. I would like to see some movement, but past experience argues against rising expectations. How can he stand up to the JackA91 and John16? Is the handwriting not on the wall? Is it not a fait accompli?
CF has pointed to the missing Source as being of greater intelligence significance than the visitation, per se. Is this simply another pointer to the EFG, and its linkage to 9/11? There were also the exchanges with BobbyK, NancyE and ChrisS that point to the 'take charge' phrase used on CompUServe, and underscored by JackA.
BJ must understand that the sequestration had a sunset provision from the beginning. It makes no sense and could not have worked otherwise. It was an acclimation project from the beginning. The EFG is the logical denouement of that project. It was never just an addendum.
Also there is the likelihood that Osama is at the PE/CL level. Iraq leaves him undercover. He would have a role to play in the EFG. This would also relate to the 9/16 Zoo meeting. Everything happens at the Zoo. Does this mean there might be ~10K folks at this level? Is that a stretch? What can we expect, leading up to the election? Any more 'surprises'?
My next step might be to get cranked into the Arlington Institute. I'll have to ask about that.
OK, so the meeting turned into a phone call. It went perfectly well. He remains open to most ideas, and as long as we can communicate, that is the main thing. Whatever reservations he has, can probably be worked around, and may be useful as points of discussion.
CF had stated that the reverse engineering program is a fiction, useful or official though it may be. I stated that I had never supposed that visitation and engineering had to be connected, but BJ stated that in his briefings they always were connected. If CF had wanted to deny the visitation, which is my thing, he would have done so, but, no, he singled out just the engineering component for his skepticism.
Also BJ had heard about the prospective promotion several months ago from someone he considered nutty. This is in accord with my conclusion that this has been in the works for some time. It is part of the main timeline.
At this point I should switch back to email mode, but don't go away.
Permit me please to burden you with some additional speculation. You are encouraged to play the Devil's advocate here, if that role continues to suit you.
The major item on my plate is the putative promotion. As you know, I have been waiting for the breaking of the 'glass ceiling' vis a vis the EFG. This would be tantamount to that. If CF becomes more visible, then so surely will the eschaton, and I'll wager that is the whole point of it, with all due respect to CF himself.
The fact that you may have heard about this several months ago does tend to confirm this view: that it is part of the main timeline and not just something fortuitous and ad hominem. That would have been about the same time that Ron moved to reactivate the EFG, strong correlation. All this goes back at least to the Anderson 1992 article, and probably much further.
This then raises the main issue between the two of us concerning my proactive stance relative to the alleged eschaton. You are not discounting my eschatological speculations. BTW, what are your independent sources on the eschaton?
My views of it are heterodox in the extreme, by way of anticipating your questions. I see us as the co-creators of this world, and, in fact, our participation in cosmogenesis, reaches a crescendo in the frame of the eschaton. It will be a very deliberate and extended participation on our part, very different from the usual Rapture scenario.
It will largely be orchestrated by us and for us, speaking as a Universalist. The whole visitation process has just been a run-up to this eventuality. The eschaton baton was being passed to us from on-high. The ball is now almost completely in our court.
[For the sake of argument, and to distinguish this from the Rapture, I like the Green Door hypothesis. Charlie and Charlene came here by way of the GD/portal/stargate underground in area 51, say. That is also meant to be our 'evacuation' route. You may take it from here.]
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