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We could just say that this other universe will be less physical. It will be more susceptible to anomalous and psychic phenomena. The dear departed may already have transited, by other means. Maybe what is next door is an artificial universe. The best that money and unlimited energy can produce.
There is a meeting tomorrow with the secondary interlocutor. There will need to be a discussion of the present state of the aviary. Who can be reactivated and how, and for what purpose? There may also be a discussion of the Illuminati, per his request.

Where I can be helpful to Ron and, hopefully, to others is in my temerity in grappling with the biggest issues. The biggest of all is the God question. I am not aware that this question has ever been addressed in its fullest generality at any time in recorded history. On previous attempts there has always been an array of presuppositions which has sharply limited the scope of the assertions or discussion.

Theology would be the logical venue for entertaining the God question. That profession, however, has come to be polarized into either sectarian or secular denominated institutions. The ball has been dropped. If you asked me to name an author who has come closest to matching the above ideal, I would have to reference Augustine or Aquinas, but only with considerable reservation. Here I attempt to pick up the ball for, perhaps, the very first time.
There is now just one presupposition. God is a semi-rational actor, and we are semi-rational beings, both to the extent that entails an overlap of rationality sufficient for a substantive discussion. Without this assumption, we can go back to staring at the walls of our cave. That is the starting point for these web pages.
Rather early in any such deliberation, one encounters the issue of eschatology. Here has been no exception. This issue, if it cannot be properly set aside, will naturally acquire a high priority. That is where this discussion presently resides.
According to my theological reasoning, the best possible God will be self-limiting in favor of the creatures. This is particularly the case in regard to any eschatological issues. Creation is participatory to the optimal extent, and this includes the Eschaton. What does this imply?
The clear implication is that we creatures should be expecting to step up to the plate in a major way, come eschaton time. How could this be arranged? And what about the timing? We examine the possibilities.
I have not proven that there will be an eschaton. I have not proven there is a God, nor that this is the best possible world. Science, however, has demonstrated that the world is comprehensible, but that same science has no explanation for this paramount fact, and neither does pantheism. Thus does science, very expeditiously, lead us right back to the God question. Given an unnaturally coherent world, it is my reasoned contention that an (unnatural) eschaton is very probably entailed. The timing then becomes the main issue.
The simplest answer is that the Eschaton could come at any time. It is our responsibility to be reasonably prepared for that eventuality. There has never been any discussion outside of strictly sectarian confines on the issue of preparation. What might such preparation reasonably entail? That bring us to the proposed eschaton focus group. That is our logical starting point. The first step is to set an agenda for this group.

The networking with the former avians seems to be moving ahead. There are now three of us in this new initiative. There are three more critical players to get connected with. There is much old business to rehash and attempt to resolve. I will soon be away from the computer on a two week vacation. By the time I return there should be a good indication as to the future of this initiative. If the results are negative with regard to the phenomenological problem, there will still be significant information to be placed in the public domain, as a guide to any future investigation.

If the results are positive, then there would be justification for briefing someone like Jim Woolsey, and others as well, including a legislator or two. And then, of course, there would have to be a journalist or two.
Now there is the matter of counterintelligence. Sophia didn't tell me this was part of my job description. I'm an idealist in every sense of the word. I have no doubt that this is the best possible world, not just for today, not just for tomorrow, but forever. We live here on the margin of forever, but there is nothing marginal about the meaning of every life.
There is talk of Armageddon. There is talk of division and dominion. But whose plan is this? Is this God's plan? We hear a lot about scripture, but who has the script? Certainly I do not. I have just what everyone has, a mustard seed of faith. And I have the sure knowledge that this faith is the cornerstone of our reality.

In other words, there are people who lack faith in God's infinite love. I have been there and lacked that, too. Only by God's grace does the mustard seed flower. And so there are folks who take these matter into their own hands. We all do, from time to time. This is part of our participation in Creation, but it is supposed to be a partnership. Sharing in faith, hope and charity is as far as the partnership is supposed to go. Crusading and jihad have always been viewed as questionable forms of participation, at the best.

The eschaton focus group might serve as a way to smoke out other groups who have more nefarious designs concerning the eschaton. The introduction of Aliens or ultra-terrestrials contributes additional uncertainty to the mix, and might well give pause to some potential bad actors. At the least, we could serve as a stalking horse.
In order to create smoke, one does have to play with fire. If the intent were to use the EFG as a kind of backfire, the plan could backfire. The preventive measure could trigger the disease rather than inoculate against it. This particular EFG initiative might be considered to be the least virulent form of the virus that could be constructed. Better then to do a calibrated release than to wait for some more random event. This is the minimal preemption of the eschatological force.
How might Jack & Co. view this operation? It will help to emphasize the physical aspects of it. Jack already has a physical model for a portal. The recent publicity given to the skepticism regarding the wormhole version of the portal might provide Jack's alternative with some extra visibility. What is less obvious is the political angle. Using Alien technology to put the kybosh on the Mossad's and the neo-cons' NWO would be a starter. The EFG, if properly presented, could become a distraction to the Christian right-wingers, further undermining the neo-con designs. We go back to the idea that the seeds of modern Millennialism might have been planted, in part, by the early Zionists, as a way of diverting attention from our ultra-terrestrial imperative. Our job is to break the chains that bind us to the mundane. Jack & I ought to be able to collaborate on this basis.
The conspiracy theorists see the Global Cabal as collaborating with the bad ET's to keep us chained to the Earth. This is similar to the Gnostic view that the Church was in cahoots with the demiurge, i.e. Satan, to that same end. Their quest was to find the magic formula that would break the bonds of the planetary logoi. Alchemy was just one spin-off of this effort. Their quest was to overcome the symmetry breaking to return to the Monad or Godhead.
The EFG appeals to the Visitors as our potential liberators. Their portal technology is just the ticket we need to ride. The Hieros Gamos need only be a step away.

I need to redirect attention from the sky to the ground. This is more of a hollow earth notion. Physicists will object. If the portals are already in place, it becomes more a matter of politics than physics. As Bill has pointed out, Jack has unfinished business and stuff to prove relative to his colleagues in physics. It will be hard to redirect his territorial instincts.

A counterintelligence angle comes with all those attempting to manipulate the eschaton and any associated messianics. The EFG is an attempt to false flag any such 'competing' groups. I'm not sure how Jack would view his own participation. I would need to work with Hal in the same fashion, but Jack may not allow that. Perhaps I need to go to Hal first, but neither Ron or BJ seem to be amenable. That leaves me with Gordon.
Will Jack buy into the eschaton as a way to evangelize his physics? That is possible. He has come close before. He won't want to miss the action. I need a road trip to Austin & SF. Ron will have to help me with BJ. Maybe Bill can help.
If Ron is doing this stuff, then there must be other intels doing the same, whether or not they subscribe to the premise. It's just another intel watering hole where every agenda gets its thumb in the pie. It's a game that no one can afford to ignore. With Ron, we can help to set a few of the agendas.
Jack and I have to agree how to divide the work and divvy the 'spoils'. If he won't give up anything, I'll be forced to take up with Hal and Gordon. He works the physics while I work the politics and theology. He seems to recognize the franchise I have with Ron, although he is wont to challenge even that. Jack will have to make some choices and commitments.
As for the eschaton itself, J & I can agree that there will be a general desire to leave the earth when it is possible to do so. Then we will get into the problem of our destination, i.e. will the desire be prompted by material or non-material remuneration? Does our destiny lie beyond space & time or not?
JS would agree that our ultimate destiny is at least in a virtual reality, but could that be distinguished from a metaphysical domain? And why not place that domain on the other side of the portal? Would another sojourn in space-time, a repetition of our need to leave here be any positive inducement? Is mere multiplication sufficient inducement? John Leslie would argue against our being at the start of an exponential process.
Jack's scenario just doesn't make sense. If we're not the first ones, then where are we in the process? What is our special story? Have we not been left behind already? But how can I bring these physics types around to the metaphysics? How does their physics fit into the picture? Is Hal part of the problem or part of the solution? I'm going to have to cut them out of the physics herd, but that is the locus of too much of their identity. They have no other means of self-expression. We cannot just ignore the scientific enterprise. It must have a deeper meaning. There are some critical points that remain unconnected.

We may need to work parallel tracks through Jack and Gordon to other members of the aviary. There must be someone besides Ron who suspects an eschatological angle. At least they would suspect a social or religious angle that remains to be covered. It is not all just a conspiracy to keep us away from free energy. It is not just a technical issue. This makes it imperative to get back to Rick.

But how do we work the social side of this issue? If there is no deadline for 'transmigration', how can we expect to expedite it? There is no urgency. It is not clear where BJ fits into this picture. In this case I might just as well join a disclosure initiative. That would be the only positive alternative.
If Jack is given to believe that the EFG is only for counterintel proposes, he will not be able to treat it effectively.

Long time no blog.

We were on vacation, and then were getting our son off to college. Besides that I have been fairly busy in the Sarfatti email group. If anyone perusing these pages wishes to join that discussion, you may contact Jack directly, or just drop me a line.
A continuing issue for the EFG is to obtain the cooperation of the avians. I regret that resistance on that front continues, but I have not given up yet.
Without their cooperation, it will not be easy to maintain an effective eschatological discussion with Jack's folks who are mainly physics types. They have been patient so far. I would generally prefer to operate in dialog mode, and that will be my first priority, probably to the temporary detriment of this site. Jack has archived some of those exchanges in the past. There is a person who does that. I may not get around to doing that here; it can be tedious.

Dear Diary,

Bill says it's OK to blab here, because no one will read this, no one, that is, who would or could do anything public about what is written here.
You may refer back to the 5/1 entry, when the current initiative began. Yesterday there may have been the first break. One of the principals claimed to have received a classified briefing relative to ufos. I know of only one other person who has ever made that claim. This has made a big impression on me. I'm writing here to collect my thoughts. Also doing it here because Jack expresses disinterest, and because Bill advises not to dribble this out in public.
Is this going to be sufficient to set the world on fire? I consulted with Gus Russo, the local author/investigator. He says there would be very little he could do short of getting his own briefing. The person who told me is certainly not willing to go public in the foreseeable future. The next test will be to see what Mr. P. says about this development. He has always maintained a posture of ignorance. This will now be more difficult, which is not to say that he won't keep trying. But will he admit that this is a possibly serious development, requiring follow up.
I was beginning to get tired of once again being caught up in the usual aviary runaround. P had gotten me back on the core story, which is mainly the Doty story which has been recounted on these pages, and in many places on the internet. What I was trying to do was get Rick to recount to me the reason he was given for the withholding of the info. I recall his saying something about potential damage to our cherished beliefs, but after centuries of the scientific deconstruction of our former beliefs, it's hard to imagine what beliefs might still be vulnerable.
For what other reason might the non-hostile visitors and their human interlocutors be holding back on the rest of us. About the only explanation that would make sense to me would be something of an eschatological nature. This was the only angle on the Doty story that was of potentially great interest to me. I got Rick on the line along with two other avians and started asking about this and he kept putting me off. In exasperation I asked him to confirm what he had told me of his story on the phone several years back. Still evasion. Then I started after one of the others, just to confirm the barest outline of the story. He in turn became very evasive, and this evasion began to register as peculiar and unnecessary. So I kept pressing, and that was when the above claim was made, by way of excusing the reticence about information that ostensibly is in the public domain.
Now what? I need to get a feel from P as to whether this claim was intended to be a deliberate part of this new EFG initiative. Or was it a fluke that everyone will now deny?
If we move forward, I will have to begin shifting from dealing with these matters as something hypothetical, into another mindset, another m.o. I'm not quite sure how easy that shift may or may not be. Death is an abstraction up to the point of a terminal diagnosis. It takes on a whole new meaning. That's where I am. It is not just my death that is at issue. Sobering. Perhaps I will not wish to venture further. After all the years of impatience, I now may drag a foot. Or not.
How many folks have reached this juncture, knowing the eschaton was likely in the balance? Who besides P and me? Even all the members of the 'putative' MJ12 might not have had a need to know this. They would know it by now, however. P claims not to have known until after my arrival.

When did P know about the book? My informant would have been briefed in the time frame of the Hennessy/Weaver meeting, i.e. c. 1990. P would have been informed about then. They had both managed to penetrate. This would still have been fresh when I made the scene. It would have given some urgency to the crop circle phenomenon. This would have been when P disbanded the Phenomenology Group.

P's early comment about going to visit the visitors, could have been relatively serious. What about the other avians? What about the Red Book and Dale. That may have been what tipped off P. He learned that Dale had been visited after the Ft. Huachuca incident. But then why would Dale have been loose lipped, if Anthony was an MJ12 member? The gossip would have been contained? Dale and Rick probably would have seen the yellow book at about the same time, by c. 1985. There was an upswing in activity about when Carter was finally briefed c. 1978. There might have been thought of going public then, c. Rick's 1987 TV show. Then again after the wall came down. Then eschatology became a factor, at least by 1991, and that quieted things down for awhile. Has John not been briefed? Yes, but not on the eschaton. Then we waited for the millennium and 9/11?! This does make my 9/11 speculation more likely.
How much have the avians compared notes? Surely Bill and George W have been briefed. About the eschaton? Would they not find it on the internet? Would they not have found out about Ron's special role? Not about 9/11. What about Straub? He must have been briefed also, before we met. He would have sussed the eschaton. The republicans on the ssci would have been briefed possibly because of W. Does this put Iraq in a new light? Would Straub not have been briefed relative to Bill? Maybe only his boss. What about Dick D'Amato? Ron would have been the youngest in the circle. Ron could have briefed the Chinese in the time-frame of the Hughes 'incident'. How do all these folks go on with their lives? They don't need to take it personally. Would Schnable not have suspected this?
If visitors could not have come up with a better excuse for reticence, the eschaton would have come up in the early days. When did it become more than a hypothesis? P was reported to have said he knew stuff that the pres was not allowed to know. This was by '98. Something besides the time-line and 9/11? Not the eschaton, however? Recall that Billy Graham was in this loop, so was Nixon. Surely Billy had a handle on the big e. That could not have been withheld from any President since Ike. There could hardly be a briefing that did not reference the big e, unless there were a major effort to spoof a bad alien presence. But you could not maintain those compartments. Leakage would be major. The bad alien story was mainly for external consumption, for those who knew something but were not briefed.
Still, a president would have to personally request a briefing. Maybe W forgot to ask. What about the VP? What about Gorbachev? Could the yellow book be transported overseas? How would foreign officials have their information validated? They would need a piece of the rock. Former presidents would play a role. Rick plays a crucial role in spoofing the story. How about the Hollywood types?
About now I will be attempting to track down Ron. I may try to meet with Dale, in this area, before going out to see Rick. If Ron is still on the boat, it will be difficult. I'll call BJ, but he does seem a bit on edge.

XXX, et al.,

There is more to be said about our situation:
In almost any persistent pattern of social interaction, there will arise issues of authority. Usually these issues are fairly well defined, and can be easily resolved. If not, then disputes will arise and there will exist various mechanisms that may be employed determine the legal or extra-legal authority.
We are here dealing with a very special problem of authority. Part of it is summed up in the clich├ęd cartoon of the space alien saying, 'Take me to your leader.'
In our case with the visitors, we may presume, that in some appropriate fashion, that request has been granted. If there have occurred any such interactions on US territory, then there would legally have to be some minimum of Presidential oversight. The protocols for those interactions would understandably have, at least, the tacit approval of whomever is the current President.
When someone tells me that they have not been authorized to divulge information related to the visitors, we may both assume that the authorization ultimately rests with the President. It should all be very straightforward.
Where do I fit into this picture? Well, consider the case of Susan Lindauer, as reported in this week's New York Times Magazine. Susan felt that our communications with Iraq had broken down. She took it upon herself to be a back channel of communication between Baghdad and DC. She did this over a period of several years with the partial knowledge of Andy Card at the White House, and also in partial consultation with a former CIA agent.
Sound familiar? Needless to say, Susan has been charged by the FBI with operating as an unregistered foreign agent. She is free on bail, facing a sentence of up to 10 years in jail.
Is there not here an object lesson? Perhaps.
I too feel that there has been a breakdown in communications, cosmic in this case, and I too am taking it upon myself to make amends, apparently in contravention of a duly constituted authority. That is the way that xxx presently views my efforts.
There is a major caveat here: the putative cosmic message may address matters that would generally, and even legally, be viewed as religious in nature. This would be the case if the message were eschatological.
If this caveat actually did apply, the President would be in a legal bind: constitutional separation of church and state. What's a Pres to do? Hand the matter over to the duly constituted religious authority? Unfortunately there is no such thing. I am willing to speculate, however, that, at the very least, Billy Graham and the Pope would have been apprised of, and consulted on this matter. I am aware that John and Victoria have made several trips to the Vatican, for instance. If the visitors had wanted one of these gentlemen to handle this matter, I don't doubt that they could have arranged for a copy of the Yellow Book to be delivered directly to the Vatican. And quite possibly, that has already been arranged.
Am I now not digging myself deeper into the authority hole? Am I not only questioning the implied authority of the President, but now also that of the Pope?
My only direct knowledge concerning authority in this matter stems from my brief encounter with 'Sophia' c. 1977. After that encounter I was left with the distinct impression that I was being invited to operate under the authority of the 'Spirit of Truth', concerning whatever information was going to have to be revealed. BTW, I was not then an eschatologist. In 1991 this was the proposition that I put to Ron. It was several years later that Ron came back to me, in reference to the 'Aquarium', saying that 'everyone knew' that he was Catfish and that I was Sunfish. Do I need to review here the manner in which I have chosen to publicly interpret that remark?
These are the parameters under which I have chosen to operate. My only effective access to any duly constituted authority is Ron. Is this not also the case for each of us? It is only Ron who is clearly lodged in the secular chain of command.
I have argued and presented evidence to the effect that my interactions with Ron and my eschatological/spiritual proclivities have very likely come to the attention of the highest levels of not only our government, but of other governments as well. It may well behoove us to review the evidence and inference.
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