Beowulf and Superman cc essay

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Beowulf and Superman CC Essay

Noor Isa

Mrs. Timm

English 12A

10 November 2014

Noor Isa

Mrs. Timm

English 12A

10 November 2014


  1. Intro

A. “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to preserve and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles”.

B. Superman

1. Character from “DC Comics”

2. Can fly

C. Beowulf

1. Epic poem

2. Mortal

D. When comparing Beowulf and Superman, many people will see that there are similarities and differences between the heroes that make an interesting contrast.

  1. Beowulf

  1. Setting

  2. Past

  3. No superpowers

  4. Known

  5. Weapons

  6. Followed by an army

  7. Wealth

  1. Superman

  1. Setting

  2. Present

  3. Costume

  4. Superpowers

  5. Secret identity

  6. Fights alone mostly

  1. Similarities

  1. Bravery

  2. Feared

  3. Enemies

  4. Vanity

  5. Strong

  6. Loyal

  1. Conclusion

Noor Isa

Mrs. Timm

English 12A

10 November 2014

Beowulf and Superman CC Essay

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to preserve and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles”. Having two heroes in the past and the present makes a lot of difference. Heroes come in different forms but their purpose remains the same. One can decide which hero they admire or relate to but it is difficult to say there is a perfect hero. Take the example of Beowulf and Superman. Beowulf being the main character in the epic poem is what fulfills the imagination when it comes to being a hero. They are two remarkable heroes that fought for justice for different reasons. Beowulf’s legend was in the past, in the olden ages, while Superman is alive in this time. Heroes face many obstacles, and their determinacy to overcome them builds their character. There are many differences such as having certain qualities to make them differ from one another, like super powers and such. Supernatural powers are a finishing touch as most believe. When comparing Beowulf and Superman, many people will see that there are similarities and differences between heroes that make an interesting contrast.

Beowulf is the title and the main character of the epic poem. Even though Beowulf seems replaced by other powerful heroes during this time, Beowulf is still known and remembered for his heroism. Unlike Superman, Beowulf possessed natural supernatural strength abilities. Beowulf possessed no super natural powers at all. Weapons that he used are swords and daggers to defeat enemies. Unlike Superman, Beowulf was public figure admired by all. Superman does not have pride, the terrific hero was lost not knowing his true origins and people did not know him so having pride was not a choice neither an option for him. Unlike Superman, Beowulf somehow had to thrive on the admiration of his people. Beowulf was followed by an army, there were some losses but at the end of the day there was victory. Rewards were given and many treasures too for Beowulf defeating Grendel. Grendel was a ruthless demon that could not be killed nor defeated only by the hands of Beowulf. These differences do not undermine a hero from another; it only gives them more of a unique characteristic to differentiate between one another.

On the other hand, Superman is entirely different in every aspect when it comes to defining a hero. What makes Superman’s appearance much different from Beowulf is having a unique identity. For example, the costume, the logo and even specific actions that defines him. As most know, heroes are not as known as who they truly are. They have a completely different secret identity. Clark Kent juggled the two identities at any given time. Whenever justice called him, he would put on his costume which transformed him. Superman juggled both identities. His real self was never celebrated but only when he wore the costume and put on his mask. Like most heroes, Superman has his own supernatural powers. The unique powers that are embodied are super strength, super speed, and flying. Superman gives hope of tomorrow to the people. Superman is a part of humanity, not above or below the people. Superman is raised with morals and humble yet assertive. Every hero has a villain. Superman fought for things to be right and firm. Superman had many envious enemies. Although, not once has Superman asked for help from other heroes or people. Superman would fight by himself and take them down.

Both heroes are similar in many ways. One of the most important similarities is bravery. Beowulf and Superman are both strong enough to take down more than one enemy at the same time. They can go on and defend themselves or the people without hesitation. The second similarity is being feared. Beowulf and Superman both have enemies which would like to have these two amazing heroes defeated at any cost. With those powers that they have, it has them feared by villains and by some of their people who look up to them. Unfortunately, every hero is guilty of vanity. Both heroes, Beowulf and Superman, have excessive pride in their own appearance and abilities. They both know what they are capable of. Leading from bravery, they both are very strong. Beowulf defeated enemies by his bare hands while Superman has super natural powers to overcome obstacles. It all comes from within themselves, each hero is loyal to not only his people but to himself too. Beowulf and Superman differ in many aspects when it comes to heroism, but the purpose of protecting the people remains the same. No matter how different they are from each other, whether their place of birth or name, they are still heroes.

In conclusion, many parallels can be drawn between Beowulf and Superman. Both characters have human-like figures but possess superhuman powers. Having some differences between one another does not make one hero better or worse, but more unique. Beowulf and Superman have earned a legendary status which did not come very easily. Overall, they have been, still are, and will be the greatest heroes of our time.

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