Benjamin franklin school 2011 summer reading program

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June 2011
Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,
Our official summer reading programs are Scholastic Read for the World Record and Ben Franklin’s Summer Reading Champ. Use the enclosed bookmark for your books and as a reminder to log your minutes.
To register for Scholastic Read for the World Record, the site is: Use BENJAMIN FRANKLIN ELEM SCH in EDISON NJ for your school. Parents must give permission. The parent site gives wonderful suggestions and articles about how to help your child read better. Students should log their minutes on the site and write down their minutes on the log sheet. This log sheet will be handed to your new class teacher in September. If you lose your log sheet, write your minutes on a piece of paper. Your cool treat will be given to you in September.
Multiply your reading rewards. Here are some other summer reading programs you may want to join. It is up to you and your parents. The following programs are information only.
TD Bank $10 deposit into existing account or open an account with $10.

Read 10 books this summer.

Go to: Fill in the form.

Take the completed form to your nearest TD bank to get $10 reward.

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program

Read eight books and get a free book from Barnes and Noble. Go to:

for more information.

One World, Many Stories Summer Reading Club at Edison Libraries

Edison Public Libraries summer reading program begins June 6th. Register at one of the libraries. Go to: and see other programs available at the library.

Be sure to set aside time each day for reading. A little reading each day will make a BIG difference once school re-opens in September.

  • Be a reading/writing role model. Let your children see you read and write anywhere—at home, the airport, doctor’s office, at the park, etc.

If they see you reading and writing for enjoyment, they will want to read and write, too.
Great Reading Websites

  • During the summer, look for numbers everywhere and talk about what they mean. Help your children find examples of numbers in or out of the house; on clocks, the calendar, a cereal box, the TV, a postage stamp, the supermarket, the gas station or even inside their own sneakers. Talk together about what these numbers mean.

Great Math Websites

Enjoy the summer reading and see you in September when we announce our reading winners. Remember everyone who participates receives a cool treat.

Mrs. Dowdy

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