Battles of the Western Front

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Battles of the Western Front

Battle of Verdun

  • The battle Started in February 1916

  • Ended in December.

  • " to bleed France white" The battle killed 400,000 men the battle left both nations hurt and weak.

  • Verdun was very important to France since roman times.

  • German troops were going to attack France at a fortress of Verdun. 

  • Germany wanted to kill a lot of French troops 'as much as possible "

Battle of Somme

  • Britain planed a attack on Germany.

  • a British attack at Somme River located in France. German troops still in France.

  • On the first day 60,000 casualties were reported Germany and Britain lost a lot of troops .

Third Battle of Ypres

Gallipoli Campaign

  • a "new power that entered the battle on the eastern front in late 1914.

  • started when the ottoman empire joined the central power.

  • empire was very weak.

  • a reason why the Otto-Mans had control

  • the ottoman had control of water roof.

  • The empire wanted to destroy the shopping suppliesfrom russia that had war weapons.

  • months of fighting and the death toll top about 200,000 the allies gave up. The Gallipoi campaign was no success it was a mjor loss.

.  Back, summarize what you learned about these battles on the Western Front

In this battles they were very bloody they included so many countries or nations which were France, Britain,germany Russia. The most thing that interested me the most was the Gallipoli campaign because most countries wanted the shopping thing of Russia to go away but it was a major loss on both sides. The battles were pretty much the same but different in a way like the battle of Ypres Britain thought it would gain control of I until they came and attacked and they got what they got. Empires tried to help allies backstabbed themselves the western front battles were one in am million.

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