Battle of Midway: Student Worksheet

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Battle of Midway: Student Worksheet

You will complete independent research over the Battle of Midway in order to gain a better understanding of how a naval victory on a tiny little Pacific island changed the course of war. You will need to type in the links below and READ the web pages. Answer each question associated with the web links on this page.

Locate Midway on a map to get perspective on its location. You may search the Internet for this.

  1. Prior to Battle of Midway, which navy was superior?

  1. Why did Admiral Yamamoto decide to attack Midway?

  1. Describe Yamamoto’s plan.

  1. What action thwarted Yamamoto’s surprise?

  1. Japan was determined to maintain the offensive after Pearl Harbor. How did Midway and the Aleutian Islands fit into the plans?

  1. What two things went wrong for Japan?

  1. In this web site, look at the photographs of the different ships and planes. Briefly read through the battle accounts to get a quick “feel” for what was happening on this tiny island. This will help you discuss the battle in class. Take notes of your readings.

  1. What did the Japanese depend on for this mission to be successful?

  1. What went wrong?

  1. READ this entire web page. The second half of this page includes comments Winston Churchill made about the Battle of Midway. What were his thoughts about the victory for the United States? Use YOUR own words: summarize, don’t plagiarize.

  1. Churchill also had some thoughts on what might have happened had the Japanese prevailed. READ through these thoughts. Describe what YOU think MIGHT have happened in WWII had the US lost the Battle of Midway. Be prepared to answer this in class and DEFEND your position.

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