Baccalaureate core proposal checklist synthesis category: contemporary global issues

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Syllabus Checklist

  • Course proposal includes a complete syllabus

  • Syllabus includes a statement that the course fulfills the Baccalaureate Core requirement for Contemporary Global Issues.

  • Course clearly states Baccalaureate Core Category Learning Outcomes and lists them distinctly from other course outcomes. If proposing for more than one category, syllabus includes Bacc Core outcomes for all relevant categories.

  • Syllabus includes required texts and materials

  • Syllabus includes grading criteria

  • Syllabus includes course schedule

  • Syllabus includes statement regarding students with disabilities

  • Syllabus includes statement regarding academic or scholarly dishonesty with appropriate URL link

  • Course is at least three credit hours and is a regularly numbered departmental offering (not X99 or blanket numbered)

Criteria and Outcomes Consideration: After reviewing the syllabus and the Baccalaureate Core Question set in the Course Proposal System, please make sure all criteria are met and course includes activities assignments, or measurements aimed at helping students meet learning outcomes. Note problems or questions on the back of this sheet.
Contemporary Global Issues Learning Outcomes

1. Analyze the origins, historical contexts, and implications of contemporary global issues.

2. Explain the complex nature and interdependence of contemporary global issues using a multi-disciplinary approach.
3. Articulate in writing a critical perspective on contemporary global issues using evidence as support.*

Contemporary Global Issues Rationale and Criteria:
Contemporary Global Issues courses shall:

  1. Be upper division and at least 3 credits;

  2. Emphasize elements of critical thinking;

  3. Focus, from a historical perspective, on the origin and nature of critical issues and problems that have global significance;

  4. Emphasize the interdependence of the global community;

  5. Use a multidisciplinary approach and be suitable for students from diverse fields; and

  6. Include written composition.*

*Evidence based writing is an essential component of the Synthesis categories and the exclusively “upper-division” general education academic experience they offer to students.  The Baccalaureate Core Committee and the Writing Advisory Board recommend the following to Schools/Departments/Faculty offering Synthesis courses to help students achieve the writing –related criteria and outcome in Contemporary Global Issues:

  • A course capacity of 70 students. If enrollment is over 70, then break-outs (recitations) or GTAs should be used to ensure that students receive adequate and timely writing feedback.

  • At a minimum, the course should include a single out-of-class written assignment with a minimum of 1250 words plus references that develops and sustains a critical perspective using evidence as support and a multidisciplinary approach. The assignment should include at least 2 outside sources.

Our world has become increasingly interdependent. Social, economic, political, environmental, and other issues and problems originating in one part of the world often have far-reaching ramifications in other parts of the world. These issues and problems not only transcend geographical boundaries but also cross academic disciplines. Therefore, if students are to acquire understanding of and to discover effective responses to such issues and problems, they must acquire both global and multidisciplinary perspectives. (Students are encouraged to complete their baccalaureate core perspective requirements before taking the Contemporary Global Issues course.)


Please indicate below how well you think the course fits with the category Criteria and Rationale and any concerns you may have about the proposer’s responses to the Baccalaureate Core questions, especially those dealing with how students in the course will achieve Category Learning Outcomes. Indicate any clarification you’d like to see in question responses and/or adjustments to the syllabus relative to BCC concerns. Also, please indicate if you think this proposal is exemplary


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