B. A. Tufts University, 1967 (cum laude)

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Lyman L. Johnson

4415 Kindletree Road

Charlotte, North Carolina 28210
Telephone (704) 643-3118 (h)

E-mail ljohnson@uncc.edu

Department of History, University of North Carolina at Charlotte,

Charlotte, North Carolina 28223 (704) 687-4633

B.A. Tufts University, 1967 (cum laude)

M.A. University of Rhode Island, 1968

Ph.D. University of Connecticut, 1974

Dissertation: "The Artisans of Buenos Aires during the Viceroyalty, 1776-1810"

Employment History:
Instructor, UNCC, 1972-74

Assistant Professor, UNCC, 1974-1979

Associate Professor, UNCC, 1979-1987

Professor, UNCC, 1987

Visiting Professor, Instituto Torcuato di Tella, Buenos Aires, 1976

Visiting Professor, University College, Cardiff, Wales, 1979-80

Visiting Professor, graduate courses in colonial Latin American

History, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1983-85

Covington Distinguished Visiting Professor of History,

Davidson College, 1989-90, Spring semester 1991, Spring semester 1992

Publications and Research:
Articles and Essays in Edited Books.
"The Silversmiths of Colonial Buenos Aires: A Case Study in the Failure of

Corporate Social Organizations," Journal of Latin American Studies (Great Britain) 8:2

(November, 1976), 181-213.
"La manumisión de esclavos en Buenos Aires durante el Virreinato," Desarrollo

Económico (Argentina) 63:16 (Octubre-Diciembre, 1976), 333-348.
"La manumisión en Buenos Aires: un análisis ampliado," Desarrollo Económico

68:17 (Enero-Marzo, 1978), 637-646.

"Francisco Baquero, Shoemaker and Organizer," in Gary B. Nash and David G.

Sweet, Survival and Struggle in the Colonial Americas: Life Stories of Women

and Men Who Coped (University of California Press, 1981), 86-101.
"Population and Space in Eighteenth-Century Buenos Aires," in David J. Robinson,

ed., Social Fabric and Spatial Patterns in Colonial Latin America. (Syracuse

University, 1979) with Susan Socolow, 339-368.

This is published in Spanish as:

"Población y espacio en el Buenos Aires colonial," Desarrollo Económico 20:79

(Octubre-Diciembre, 1980), 330-349.

"Manumission in Colonial Buenos Aires, 1776-1810," Hispanic American Historical

Review 59:2 (May, 1979), 258-279.
"Estimaciones de la población de Buenos Aires en 1744, 1778 y 1810," Desarrollo

Económico 73:19 (Abril-Junio, 1979), 105-119.
"The Entrepreneurial Reorganization of an Artisan Trade: The Bakers of Buenos Aires,"

The Americas 37:2 (October, 1980), 139-160.
"The Impact of Racial Discrimination on the Black Artisans of Colonial Buenos Aires,"

Social History 6:3 (October, 1981), 301-316.
"Urbanization in Colonial Latin America," Journal of Urban History, 8:1 (November,

1981), 27-59, with Susan Socolow.

"Recent Contributions to the History of Eighteenth-Century Spanish America," Latin

American Research Review, 17:2 (1982) 222-230.
"Changing Criminal Patterns in Buenos Aires, 1880-1914," Journal of Latin American

Studies 14:2 (November, 1982), 359-379, with Julia K. Blackwelder.
"The Economic Achievement of Migrants and Metropolitan Natives in Nine Peruvian

Cities," SECOLAS Annals, vol. XIV (March 1983), 19-32, with Fernando Bertoli.

"Estadística criminal y acción policial en Buenos Aires, 1887-1914," Desarrollo

Económico 24:93 (Abril-Junio 1984), 109-122, with Julia K. Blackwelder.
"The Racial Limits of Guild Solidarity: An Example from Colonial Buenos Aires,"

Revista de Historia de America: 99 (Enero-Junio, 1985), 7-26.
"The Militarization of a Colonial City: Buenos Aires, 1776-1810," Proceedings of the

Rocky Mountain Council on Latin America Studies, vol. 1 (1984), 26-40.
"Presidential Leadership: McKinley's role in the Spanish/American War,"

Boletín Americanista Spain) No 36 (1987), 55-74.
"Police Response to Crime and Disorder: A Tale of Two Cities," Proceedings of the

Rocky Mountain Council on Latin American Studies, Vol. 1 (1985), 27-39.
"Artisans" in Louisa Schell Hoberman and Susan Migden Socolow, eds.,

Cities and Society in Colonial Latin America (University of New Mexico

Press, 1986), 227-250.

"The Role of Apprenticeship in Colonial Buenos Aires," Revista de Historia de America

(Spain) No. 103 (Enero-Junio, 1987), 7-30.
"Los efectos de los gastos militares en Buenos Aires Colonial," HISLA (Peru), 9 (1er semestre

de 1987), 41-57.

"Crime and the Police in an Era of Transition: Puerto Rico, 1887-1930," Proceedings of

the Rocky Mountain Council on Latin American Studies (1989), 12-20, with

Eliza Kate Johnson.

"Cambio en las pautas de arrestos policiales en tres ciudades Argentinas: Buenos Aires,

Santa Fe y Tucumán, 1900-1930," Desarrollo Económico 29:113 (Abril-Junio, 1989), 87-112.

“The Price History of Buenos Aires During the Viceregal Period," in Lyman L. Johnson and

Enrique Tandeter, eds., Essays on the Price History of Eighteenth-Century Latin America

(University of New Mexico Press, 1990), 137-171.
"Salarios, Precios y Costo de Vida en el Buenos Aires Colonial Tardío," Boletín del Instituto

de Historia Argentina y América "Dr. E. Ravignani," (Argentina) Tercera Serie, No 2

(ler semestre, 1990), 133-157.

"Colonial Latin America" in Paula H. Covington, et al, eds., Latin America and the

Caribbean. A Critical Guide to Research Sources (Greenwood Press, 1992),

321-333, with Susan Socolow.

"Perspectivas encontradas: Romano, Johnson y la hístoria de precios en el Buenos Aires

colonial," Boletín del Instituto de Historia Argentina y America, "Dr. E. Ravignani,"

Tercera Serie, No 6 (2do semester, 1992), 163-173.
"The Military as a Catalyst of Change in Late Colonial Buenos Aires," in Jonathon C. Brown

and Mark D. Szuchman, eds., Revolution and Restoration: The Social Order of Argentina,

1776-1860 (University of Nebraska Press, 1994), 27-53.
“Spanish American Independence and Its Consequences,” in John Charles Chasteen and

Joseph S. Tulchin, eds., Problems in Modern Latin American History, A Reader

(Scholarly Resources Books, 1994), 1-7.
"Race Mixing, Miscegenation and the Invention of New People," in Le Nouveau Monde-

Mondes Nouveaux, Serge Gruzinski and Nathan Wachtel, eds., (Éditions Recherche sur

les Civilisations. Éditions del'École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales:

Paris, 1996), 73-79.

"The Competition of Slave and Labor in Artisanal Production: Buenos Aires, 1770-1815,"

Review International of Social History (Great Britain) 40 (1996), 409-424.
This is also published in Tom Brass and Marcel van der Linden, eds., Free and Unfree

Labour. The Debate Continues (Peter Lang: Bern and Berlin, 1997), 265- 280.
"The Frontier as an Arena of Social and Economic Change," in Donna J. Guy and

Thomas E. Sheridan, eds., Contested Ground: Comparative Frontiers in the Greater

Southwest and the Río de la Plata, (University of Arizona Press, 1998), 167-181.
“Ehre und Männlichkeit im kolonialen Spanisch-Amerika,” Austrian.Journal for Hist.Sciences,

11: 3 (2000), 7-28.

“Colonial Centers, Colonial Peripheries and the Economic Agency of the Spanish State,” in

Negotiated Empires: Centers and Peripheries in the New World, 1500-1820, edited

by Christine Daniels and Michael V. Kennedy with an introduction by Jack P. Greene

and Amy Turner Bushnell (Routledge, 2002), 59-78.
“The Subversive Nature of Private Acts: Juan Barbarín: The 1795 French Conspiracy in Buenos Aires,” edited by in Kenneth Andrien, The Human Condition in Colonial Latin America (Scholarly Resources, 2002), 259-277.

“Cities and Wealth in the South Atlantic: Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro before 1860,” Comparative Studies in Society and History, 48:3 (July 2006), 634-668 (with Zephyr Frank).

  • Recipient of 2007 Southeastern Conference on Latin American Studies Strugis Leavitt Prize for best article.

  • Recipient of 2007 Conference on Latin American History Prize for the best English-language article on Latin American history published in a journal other than the Hispanic American Historical Review.

“’A Lack of Legitimate Obedience and Respect’: Slaves and Their Masters in the Courts of

Late Colonial Buenos Aires,” Hispanic American Historical Review, 87:4 (November 2007),

“The French Conspiracy of 1795: Paranoia and Opportunism on the Eve of Independence in

Buenos Aires” in Richard Bessel, Nicholas Guyatt and Jane Rendall, eds., War, Empire and

Slavery, 1770-1830 (Palgrave Macmillan: Basingstoke, England, 2010), 101-120.

“Colonial Spanish South America” in The Oxford Handbook of Latin American History,

José Moya, ed. (Oxford University Press, 2011) (with Susan M. Socolow), 65-97.

“The Empire’s Long Goodbye: Heroes, Crowds and the First Stage of Independence in Argentina,” History Compass, 10:5 (May, 2012), 386-398.

Ed., The Problem of Order in Changing Societies, (The University of

New Mexico Press, 1990).

Ed., Essays on the Price History of Eighteenth-Century Latin America,

(The University of New Mexico Press, 1990), with Enrique Tandeter.

Published in Spanish as
Economías coloniales, (Fondo de Cultura Económica: Buenos Aires, 1992).

Colonial Latin America, (Oxford University Press: New York, 9th Edition, forthcoming

2015) with Mark Burkholder.

Winner of the Edwin Lieuwen Award, The Rocky Mountain Conference

of Latin American Studies, 1994.


Ed., The Political Economy of Spanish America in the Age of Revolution

1750-1850, (The University of New Mexico Press, 1994), with Kenneth Andrien.

The Earth and Its Peoples, (Houghton Mifflin Company, 6th Edition, 2014), with

Richard Bulliet, Pamela Crosley, Daniel Headrick, Steven Hirsch, and David Northrup.

Ed., The Faces of Honor, (University of New Mexico Press, 1998), with Sonya


Ed., Death, Dismemberment, and Memory: Politics of the Body in Latin America,

(University of New Mexico Press, 2004).

Ed., Aftershock: The politics of Earthquakes in Latin America, (University of New Mexico

Press, 2009), with Jurgen Buchenau.

Workshop of Revolution: Plebeian Buenos Aires, 1776-1810 (Duke University Press, 2011).
Published in Spanish as
Talleres de la Revolución: la Buenos Aires plebeya y el mundo del Atlántico, 1776-1810

(Prometeo, 2014).

Book Reviews:

I review books regularly for the Hispanic American Historical Review,

The Americas, the Latin American Research Review, and the Journal

of Historical Geography.

Selected Papers given at Professional Meetings:

"Changes in Wealth Distribution in Argentina During the Rosas Period," Latin

American Studies Association, 1989.

"The Social Context of Working Class Crime in Colonial Buenos Aires,"

Canadian Historical Association, 1990.

"Urban Labor Market and Demographic Context: Colonial Buenos Aires,"

Conference on the Peopling of the Americas, Veracruz, Mexico, 1992.

"Social Justice and Economic Development on the Cattle Frontier: Texas

and Argentina in the Nineteenth Century," SECOLAS, Antigua, Guatemala, 1992.

"Rosas, the minimalist state, and the process of economic development

in nineteenth-century Argentina," Latin American Studies Association,

Los Angeles, 1992.

"Wealth Distribution in Argentina and the U.S. in 1860," Canadian Historical

Association, Calgary, 1994.
"Masculine Culture and the Issue of Honor in Colonial Spanish America,"

Canadian Historical Association, Montreal, 1995.

"Free and Unfree labor in Colonial Buenos Aires," Conference on Free and

Unfree Labour," Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1995.

"The Changing Nature of Slavery in Late Colonial Buenos Aires,"

Southern Historical Association, New Orleans, 1995.

"Calculating Changes in Wealth Distribution," American Historical

Association, Atlanta, 1996.

“Material Culture and the Trajectory of Wealth and Poverty in Nineteenth-Century Buenos Aires,”Latin American Studies Association, Chicago, 1998.
“The French Conspiracy: Judicial Hysteria in late Colonial Buenos Aires,” presented to Congress of Americanists, Quito, Ecuador, 1998.
“Rich and Poor in Nineteenth-Century Argentina: Calculating Wealth from Probate Records,” Northern Illinois University, Latin American Studies Program, 1999.
“El Complot Colonial,” Instituto Ravignani, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1999.
“Cambios en la economia colonial durante la ultima decada del vireinato,” Universidad Nacional de La Plata, la Plata, Argentina, 1999.

Awards and Fellowships:

Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship, 1971-72

Henry L. and Grace Doherty Fellowship for Advanced Study in Latin

America, 1971-72

American Philosophical Society, 1974

Fulbright-Hayes senior research award, 1976 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

American Philosophical Society, 1978

Fulbright-Hayes Lectureship (Cardiff, Wales), 1980-81

Social Science Research Council, Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1981

Tinker Foundation, Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1981

Tinker Foundation, Postdoctoral Fellowship, renewed 1982

Southern Regional Education Board, Travel Grant, 1982, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999

Albert J. Beveridge Fellowship, American Historical Association, 1986

Academic Specialist Programs, United States Information Agency,

Buenos Aires, 1990.

NEH Fellowship, 1993-94

American Philosophical Society, 1994

UNCC, Summer Research Grant s, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2003, 2008

NEH funded Residential Fellowship John Carter Brown Library, 2007

NEH Fellowship, 2008-09

Nason-Sadler Distinguished Service Award, Rocky Mountain Conference of Latin American

Studies, 2013

Distinguished Service Award, Conference on Latin American History, 2015

Grants to support teaching:
Department of Education, Title VI A, 1998-2000

Department of Education, Title VI A, 2001-2002

Department of Education, Title VI A, 2004-2006
University Awards
Nations Bank Award for Teaching Excellence, 1980

UNCC International Teaching Award, 2004

First Citizens Bank Scholars Medal, 2010
Professional Affiliations:

American Historical Association

Conference on Latin American History

Latin American Studies Association

Society for Latin American Studies (U.K.)

Rocky Mountain Council on Latin American Studies

Southeastern Council on Latin American Studies

Offices held in Professional Organizations:

Executive Secretary, Chile-Río de la Plata Committee

Conference on Latin American History, 1982-83

Chairperson, Chile-Río de la Plata Committee, CLAH, 1983-84

Member Standing Committee on Historical Statistics,

Conference on Latin American History

Member Distinguished Service Award Committee, Conference

on Latin American History

Member Robertson Award Committee, Conference on Latin America History

Chairperson, Colonial Studies Committee, Conference on

Latin American History, 1986-87

Member Scholarly Relations Committee, Conference on Latin

American History, 1990-92

Program Committee, Conference on Latin American History, 1992

Robertson Prize Committee, Conference on Latin American

History, 1992

Executive Committee, Rocky Mountain Conference of Latin

American Studies, 1991-

Scholarly Resource Committee, Latin American Studies

Association, 1992-94

Executive Secretary, Chile-Río de la Plata CLAH, 1991-92

President, Conference on Latin American History, 1997-98

President, Rocky Mountain Conference of Latin American Studies, 2006-07

Service on Editorial Boards:

The Americas, 1992-94

The Americas, Senior Advisory Editor, 2005-09

Latin American Research Review, 1992-94

Hispanic American Historical Review, 1994-2000

Senior Advisory Editor, University of New Mexico Press,

Latin American History and Social Science series, Diálogos
Courses taught:

Colonial Latin America , Modern Latin America

History of Mexico

History of Argentina

Cuba in the Twentieth Century

Slavery and Race Relations in the Colonial Americas

Revolutions in Twentieth-Century Latin America

Social History of Colonial Latin America

Graduate Research Methods (Chapel Hill)

Prose Seminar: Colonial Latin America (Chapel Hill)

The Indians Under Spanish Rule

Economy and Society in Colonial Spanish America

Riots, Rebellions, and Revolutions in Colonial Latin American History


Kenneth Andrien

Clements Department of History

P.O. Box 750176

Southern Methodist University

Dallas, TX 75275


Susan Socolow

Department of History

Emory University

Atlanta, GA 30322

(404) 727-4473


Ann Twinam

Department of History

1 Univ Sta B7000

University of Texas

Austin, TX 78712-0220

(512) 475-7213



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