Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Barbaric Tactic or Quick Way to End the War?

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Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Barbaric Tactic or Quick Way to End the War?

We are discussing the end of WW II and the United States’ use of the Atomic Bomb. For Thursday, research and analyze its use (the reasons pro and con) and what options were available. The questions at the end are due printed for class on Wednesday.
Do we drop the BOMB? Are there alternatives?
To do this, you must gain knowledge.
First, use our school databases…You can also use other sites.
Remember, if accessing from out of school, you will need to log in to the school site and then click on Library/Media Center to get the links to the databases and passwords.
Issues and Controversies in American History (user name: pascack password: facts).
Try this also:
In the search area, type in “Hiroshima” and click “Go.”
The first choices that should come up are:

  1. Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki August 06, 1945

  2. Atomic Bombing of Japan

Click on that.

Read the article and make sure you read the primary source documents on the left side (hint Truman’s diary!!). There are some other helpful links there, too. I might check out the “Minutes of the Second Meeting…”

Also-check out:

Atomic Bomb-The Decision
You may want to check out:

The Scientific Panel Report

Target Committee Meeting Minutes on Best Use of the Bomb (gadget).

The Bard Memorandum

Szilard’s Petition (find the final one). Who was Szilard?
Britannica Online (username: pascackvalleyhs pw: Ktwelve)
Search “dropping of A-bomb on Hiroshima”

You might find some interesting articles there. One may be called the end of the Japanese war. There is a subarticle called Hiroshima and Nagasaki..hey in there is an article The Decision to use the Bomb.). I might click on that.

SIRS Researcher (user name NJ0252H pw 07642)

When you are logged in, click on SIRS Knowledge…then search Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Or try SIRS DECADES (user name NJ0252 pw 07642)

Click on the 1940’s

On the left, you may want to click on “Manhattan Project.”

Read the overview and then check out in the Primary Sources below the interview:

1-Truman’s diary

2-Samuel Calvert’s Telegram to Truman & Truman’s response to Samuel Calvert

Who was Calvert?

3-Press Conference of Secretary of War Patterson

4-Leaflets the US dropped on Japan

Answer these questions.

Name__________________________________ Pd._____________________

  1. Which consideration do you think should have been more important to President Harry Truman in deciding how to end the war against Japan: the loss of U.S. troops had the war continued, or the harm to Japanese civilians in using the atomic bomb?

  1. Do you think Japan would have soon surrendered if the U.S. had not used the atomic bomb? Why or why not? What did you read that led you to that position?

  1. After reading both the minutes of the second Target Committee meeting and Truman's July 25 diary entry, how do you think the selection of targets meshes with Truman's diary entry?

  1. Read survivors' accounts of the Hiroshima bombings: Do those accounts make any difference in whether you oppose or support the use of the bomb? Explain.

  1. What were the other options that Truman had? Where did you find these?

  1. Did the scientists offer other alternatives? What were they? Where did you find them>

HINT-Make sure you can identify where you found your information; you may need it later. Example: as noted in the scientists’ letter to President Truman, or as Truman wrote in his diary on…”

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