Atnw recommended Resource Books on Handmade Tile (2012)

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ATNW Recommended Resource Books

on Handmade Tile (2012)

Amongst the many wonderful resource books about making, collecting, and identifying artisan handmade tile, here are some titles recommended by members of ATNW.

500 Tiles: An Inspiring Collection of International Work. (2008). NY: Lark

Austwick, J. (1980). The Decorated Tile: An Illustrated History of English Tile-making and Design. London: J. & B. Publishing.

Baird, Daryl E. (2000). The Extruder Book. American Ceramic Society.

Buehl, Olivia Bell and Dennis, Lisl (1996). Tiles: Choosing, Designing, and Living with Ceramic Tile. New York: Clarkson Potter.

Clark, Kenneth (1991). The Potter's Manual. Chartwell.

Constant, Christine & Ogden, Steve (1996). The Potter's Palette: A Practical Guide to Creating Over 700 Illustrated Glaze and Slip Colors. Chilton Book Company.

Dierks, Leslie (1997). Making Mosaics: Designs, Techniques & Projects. NY: A Sterling/Lark Book.

Fanning, Janis & Jones, Mike (2000). Handcrafted Ceramic Tiles. NY: Sterling Publishing Company.

Fowler, Sandie & Harvey, Wendy (2007). Art Nouveau Tiles: c. 1890-1914. PA: Schiffer Publishing.

Frankel, Candie (1995). For Your Home: Designing with Tiles.

NY: Little, Brown and Company

Giorgini, Frank (2001). Handmade Tiles: Designing, Making, Decorating. NC: Lark Books.

Goletz, Deborah ( 2001). Ceramic Art Tile For the Home. PA: Schiffer Publishing.

Herbert, Tony & Huggins, Kathryn (1995). The Decorative Tile in Architecture & Interior. London: Phaidon Press.

Karlson, Norman (1999). American Art Tile 1876-1941. New York: Rizzoli International Publications. Good overview of different  companies.

Karlson, Norman (2005). Four volume  set - The Encyclopedia of American Art Tiles. Co: Schiffer Publishing Co.

Vol. 1: Regions 1&2 Vol. 2: Region 3

Vol. 3 – Regions 4&5         Vol. 4: Region 6


King, Peter (1999). Architectural Ceramics for the Studio Potter. NC: Lark Books.

Lang, Gordon (2004). 1000 Tiles: Ten Centuries of Decorative Ceramics. San Francisco: Chronicle Books.

Lewing, Paul (2007). China Paint and Overglaze. American Ceramic Society.

   Lockett, Terence (1979). Collecting Victorian Tiles, Antique Collectors' Club, Woodbridge, 1979, 219 pp.

Martin, Andrew (2006). The Essential Guide to Mold Making & Slip Casting. NC: Lark Books

Peck, Kristen (2002). The Art of Handmade Tile. NY: Lark Books.

van Lemmen, Hans & Verbrugge, Bart (1999). Art Nouveau Tiles. NY: Rizzoli International Publications


Paton, Becky (2010). Garden Mosaics: 25 Step-by-Step Projects for Your Outdoor Room. NY: Cico Books.

Pozo, Angelica (2008). Making & Installing Handmade Tiles. NC: Lark Books.

Rhodes, Daniel (2000). Clay and Glazes for the Potter (3rd rev. ed.). WI: Krause.  Old but a good reference.

Rindge, Ronald L. & Rindge, R. (1994). Ceramic Art of the Malibu Potteries, 1932-1962. CA: The Malibu Lagoon Museum.

Segurado, Dominique Bivar with Mercedes, Anne (2009). Wall Pieces. London: A & C Black/OH: The American Ceramic Society.

Smithson, Pete (2010). Installing Exhibitions: A Practical Guide. London: A & C Black Publishers.

Tunick, Susan with Mauss, Peter (1997). Terra-Cotta Skyline. NY: Princeton Architectural Press.

Zakin, Richard (2004). Electric Kiln Ceramics: A Guide to Clays and Glazes. WI: Krause Publications.

Zamek, Jeff (2009). The Potter's Studio CLAY and GLAZE Handbook. Quarry Books. Special note: The title of this book is misleading; it's a troubleshooting book describing ware problems and corrections. It's a terrific book that everyone should have.

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