Athens vs. Sparta, Pro Sparta Hey all you ladies out there! I know you would much rather have a say in politics, but over in Athens, men all the decisions

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Athens vs. Sparta, Pro Sparta

Hey all you ladies out there! I know you would much rather have a say in politics, but over in Athens, men all the decisions. You were considered “invisible”, but that exactly the opposite of what girls want. Here in Sparta, girls can own LAND! That means we could turn it into a spa or salon. Speaking of a spa, you can also take part in business. We took part in physical fitness training so we could bear strong sons for the military. We were born into equal rights, unlike Athens women, who had to work their way up to equal rights, just like slaves. As you can see, if you were a woman in Greece in ancient times, Sparta is the better choice.

But that’s not the only reason Sparta was a better living environment. We also had outstanding health. We were very strong, physically and mentally, because of a bootcamp for young soldiers. The bootcamp was harsh, but it taught us at a young age to survive on our own, and live in times of hardship. Besides bootcamp, Spartans took part in gymnastics, music and physical training. In Sparta, plague and disease rarely came to us because we were all very healthy, whereas Athens was often sick. Infact, 1/3 of Athens’ population died because of a plague. Including much of Athens’ population, the plague killed their leader, Pericles. Pericles had a very strong impact on Athens, and trade and businesses relied on him for support. After his death, Athens struggled with despair and loss of leadership, making it hectic. Wouldn’t you rather live in a place

where health abounds and we are self-disciplined enough to stay clam and composed in situations.

Since we had such good health, our military was strong. We dominated Athens, and most other polis, at war. This allowed us to conquer lots of land for military camps. The Spartan warriors were brave and stood strong in war, playing a key role in many Persian Wars. A part of Athens’ defeat was because of our strategies. We formed a blockade at the Athenian port for trade. It was one of their only resources for food, causing most of Athens to die of starvation. Those who didn’t were killed and beaten by us Spartans. The Athenians relied mostly on their navy in times of war, which could be a major con if we were fighting on land. In most cases we won wars with only a few Spartans killed. In war, Sparta is the better choice.

In Sparta, your attitude was tough, silent and grim. The city’s needs came before your own, and members of the community were treated as equals. All Spartans were selfless and composed individuals who fought for our city. If anyone got sick, which rarely happened, we would care for them and cure the illness. Athens focuded on thig less important than surviving, like arts and poetry. We were actually not bloodthirsty, we were selfless. Sparta is a safer, better place to live in general, and we are happy to have you. Just remember, you’re fighting for the city, yourself, and freedom. Come enjoy living in Sparta, you’ll love it!

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