At Russia during that time period Main ideas of the section

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- At Russia during that time period

- Main ideas of the section

- Not a monologue, but a talk between speakers

- All members involved.

Host: Hello, this is Dean at DHJ Station.

Today, we invited a guest who will tell us about the events that have happened recently. We invited Lenin, the creator of the NEP. Today, he will tell us about every event that happened from 1917, when the Bolshevik Revolution broke out, until now, 1921. Now, let's start the show. Hello, Lenin.

Lenin: Hello Dean.
Host: Nice to meet you. First of all, tell us about the Bolshevik Revolution. How did the revolution start?
Lenin: I suggested the Bolsheviks to start the 2nd revolution against the Provisional Government, and Leon Trotsky drew up plans for the fight. Kerensky couldn’t do anything to stop us because strikes and food shortages brought up anger, and violence in the countryside suggested uproar against him.
Host: Yea. I heard that the Provisional Government was easily beaten.
Lenin: I think our victory was led by our successful plan and well armed forces. First, we took control of all the important places in Petrograd, including the government buildings, six bridges, and railway stations. Then, we attacked their headquarters, the Winter Palace, and they gave up the battle without fighting.
Host: So, that is how you gained the control of the Petrograd and set up a new government, Sovnarkom.
Lenin: Yes.
Host: I don't fully get it, but I get the idea that you are not giving up on your belief. Now we will meet our second guest, Mr. Trotsky. A man who was in charge of the unbelievably strong army. Hello Mr. Trotsky.
Trotsky: Hello!
Host: Thank you for attending this radio show. Mr. Lenin over here told me that you were the one who built up excellent strategies during the Bolshevik Revolution.
Trotsky: Thank you!
Host: However, I have a couple of questions to ask you about the Red Army ,which existed during the Civil War(1918 to 1920)
Trotsky: Bring them on.
Host: First question is, how did you motivate the soldiers to form such a unified army?
Trotsky: I made punishments according to their misbehaviors. Soldier who encourages any other to back away from the war was to be shot. Anyone who committed acts that were against the war was to be SHOT.
Host: Well...did you know that people called your acts as 'The Red Terror"? I mean, don't you think that it was way too harsh for the soldiers?
Trotsky: It was necessary to keep order in the army. I think that it is the main factor that led us to victory.
Host: The civil war was harsh! I mean...No one would be willing to fight in such a bloody war. Therefore, I personally think that the acts of soldiers trying to run away from the army was justi--
(Bang!!!!!: Host dead)
Trotsky: ~
Lenin: Nice job Trotsky.
Trotsky: Thank you sir!
Lenin: Anyways, let me explain about NEP. The NEP or New Economic Policy is the stage for more stabilized communism. Because the economy is not good now, I am taking one step backwards to be able to take two steps forward. The NEP might include some capitalist qualities, but it will not change the Russia’s eternal goal for communism. Karl Marx predicted that the communist country would form from industrialized country. Therefore, my plan is to industrialize Russia, and then seek for the communism. Russian people should get at least familiar with trading, and try to involve in economic processes. After time, Russians would be eager to work, and resolve the previous problems, where they were not eager to work. Idealistic communist country needs some amount of labor, and by the execution of NEP, Russian population will contribute to the well being of the state. That is when I will take steps further for the maintenance of communist ideals. Thank you ladies and gentleman. Enjoy your evening! Bye~

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