At age 18, I moved to my 1

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“Whoever’s in charge of the kings in this neighborhood, has got it backwards. These kings are not following Kingism.” Then he goes to say “I’m a Latin King, so I know what Kingism is. Latin Kings are supposed to protect the community, not bully it. They’re supposed to protect those who cannot protect themselves, not intimidate them.” I go on to ask him what he means with all this, and he says “These kids don’t like anybody other than themselves.” Since he’s from Humboldt Park, I asked him to make a comparison, and he said Humboldt Park’s “nothing like this.”

Here’s another thing to add on Little Village being so bad: while being attacked by Sniper and his kings, I was a house away from a family sitting on chairs outside. They did nothing. After the beating ended and the group left, and as I lay on the sidewalk, the family still did nothing. They did not call 911 nor go inside. They just stood out sitting on their chairs. That’s what makes this neighborhood so wonderful, nobody calls 911 when they witness a crime of others.

At age 18, I moved to my 1st apartment in West Ridge. At age 19, I moved to Albany Park. At age 20, I moved to Lincoln Square. At age 21, I moved to Avondale. Then I moved to the South side, at age 22, I moved to McKinley Park. At age 23, I moved to Brighton Park. At age 24, I moved to Little Village. And at age 25, I moved to ___.

I couldn’t get any help from 10th district Chicago Police Department or the alderman’s office. I tried to propaganda this, and I couldn’t get anything from Lawndale News or Little Village Chamber of Commerce, nobody wants to propaganda anything against the Latin Kings so I made my own pamphlets. This pamphlet may be biased since I am not Hispanic or Latino. (And you know I can’t possibly be Hispanic/Latino if I’m still single, I am half White and half Chinese.).

On September 18, 2012, the 60 year-old Latin King in our rooming house died. His last words were “I don’t want it anymore” (regarding a Christian cross necklace he wore, after which he asked our landlord to take it off as he lay in his deathbed). He died at the nursing home across from Cook County Court. Before that, I used to visit him several times when he was staying at Mt. Sinai hospital, such as to deliver him his mail. I dedicate this pamphlet to him.
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In May 2013, I got in an argument with the block leader that made me want to move. Last summer I gave him $10 and in the winter $5. On April 21, 2013, I came outside my building 1 day where he called me over and demanded $20 and he said he’ll pay me back. On May 1, shortly after midnight I came out where he wanted $10, but I only had 20’s, so he said he’ll give me back $10 the next day. But that didn’t happen the next time he saw me. On May 9, he was parked in a car on 26th by Albany and saw me outside by the Walgreen’s, and came out for another $20, saying he’ll get me drunk the next night (but I don’t drink). Then on May 13, as I was going home, he wanted money for beer, saying it’s $18 and asked for another $20. I gave him another $20, and told him “It’s been a total of $95 I gave you” and he immediately snaps at me, giving me the 5 o defense, “Tallying me up how much I owe you, that’s going to make me think you’re a police officer” followed by what action he’ll have to take if it turns out I’m a cop, and at the top of the stairs, I shout back to him “At least I’ll die with dignity” and he immediately shouts “Keep your shit to yourself, Neal.” (He’s the only 1 who calls me by my real name, everyone else calls me a nickname they gave me last year.).

Latin Kings: Worst Hispanic

Gang of Chicago

I moved to Little Village in May 2012, and lived there for ___ months, and it has by far, been the worst neighborhood I ever lived in.

1. In my 1st month there, near the end of May, I was walking down the street half a block from where I live at night, and a group of 5 to 6 kings, led by Sniper, come around me, asking me where I’m from, who I am, where I live, etc. After asking me 3 times if I “gang bang” and telling them 3 times I’m not in any gangs, they shortly attacked me. I duck down, and get punched in the back from multiple angles for about half a minute. After the beating ends, Sniper says to me “Get the fuck off my block, or we’ll do it again.” This was the 2nd worst incident in my time at Little Village.

2. The following is an excerpt from a article, 2/20/2013.

“Daniel Villeda was standing in front of his Southwest Side home with his 3-year-old child and dog when he saw a group of bat wielding youth beating and kicking “something” on the ground across the street.

“I went inside and called police,” Villeda said Wednesday at the start of the bench trial of two purported gang members charged with brutally murdering 15-year-old Alex Arellano because he refused to “throw up a crown” in support of the Latin Kings.””

In my incident, Sniper asked me to “drop the fork” (that’s make a pitchfork symbol with your hand) which I didn’t know how to do, and that was warrant for a beating.

3. After the day I was attacked by Sniper and his friends, I later made a custom shirt design, where on the back, it says:

“I was jumped by Latin Kings for not knowing how to drop the fork. No one ever taught me how.” “Date. Intersection.”

I actively wore that shirt 1 day last summer, in a street carnival in my old McKinley Park neighborhood. An older White woman with gray hair, and with what appears to be a White granddaughter, came up behind me at the carnival and said to me she liked my shirt. She told me her husband was shot in the temple by a Latin King in 1973 in Humboldt Park. That all he said was “king love, king love” before being shot and they never knew the motive nor ever caught the guy, and she said her family immediately moved out.

4. In Latin Kings culture, Hood Day is a very special day. Hood Day is where Latin Kings go around and shoot at who they think are rival gangs, like it happened in the Southeast side, where a Jesus Zuniga was the 1 who ordered Hood Day of a shooting of someone in a car that appeared to be a rival gang but wasn’t, on August 17, 2009.

5. If you go to the Latin Kings article on Wikipedia, or research the Internet, you can find miscellaneous stories such as where they killed people that didn’t want to join them that they tried to recruit.

Little Village – Worst Neighborhood I Ever Lived In

Little Village has been the only neighborhood where, people ask me “Where you from” and or if I have any tattoos, and often when I walk down the street, they try to stare me down, all that. Even while sitting at the McDonald’s by 26th and Kedzie with my laptop, I get approached by these kings, still asking me “Where I’m from,” something never from my other neighborhoods.

Obviously, this is nothing but perspectivism here. For example, if I were “female,” there would be no such pamphlet. Like all Hispanic gangs, Latin Kings strive to be liked by females. They protect women while intimidate or bully males. And we know why guys in gangs exist. For example, CeaseFire is an organization that tries to oppose gangs, but they don’t seem to know the root cause of it. There will always be guys in gangs because, law of economics: supply and demand: there will always be guys in gangs for as long as there are women attracted to guys in gangs.

In the rooming house I lived at in Little Village, there’s a much older Latin King who lived there, age 60. He’s not from the neighborhood, he’s from Humboldt Park, and moved into their some 2 years before I moved there. Every time I had some incident with the kings, I came home to tell him the stories. For example, the night I was jumped by Sniper and his friends, I came home that night to immediately tell him about it. He was with his 31 year-old Latin Queen girlfriend, both of them were watching T.V. I walked right into their room shirtless, and said “Ay, I got jumped by a group of kings just now” and then turned around to show them my bruised back.

During my 2nd month in Little Village, near the end of June, came my worst incident. It was on allegations where the Latin Kings at my intersection thought I was a boy child molester and gay pedophile (in which I was knocked out even quicker). When nicer people find out I’ve never had a girlfriend and am a virgin, they tend to think I’m gay. But not with cases like Latin Kings, where they will suspect the former. This attack was something that was approved by the block leader (who has a big teardrop tattoo), and he had to be there to watch it happen (he and another king came into our building and knocked on my door that night and asked me if I could step outside). He said I didn’t have to lock my door, they won’t steal my stuff, just step outside real quick. I woke up the next day in my room, and still do not have memories to this day on what happened right after the beating.

Also in June 2012, the 60 year-old Latin King in my rooming house said something that I did not predict he would say. He said to me

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