Assyrian Empire (pg. 88-91)

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Assyrian Empire (pg. 88-91)

1. What happened to the early Assyrians that made them a warlike people?

2. Describe the armor and weapons of the Assyrian soldiers.

3. What was the job of the Assyrian military engineers ?

4. Draw a scene showing the Assyrian Army laying siege to a walled city. (use a separate piece of paper if you like)

5. Describe the psychological warfare that the Assyrians used to keep their empire “in check”.

6. What was the purpose of exiling people they conquered?

7. What great contribution did King Ashurbanipal give to the world of literature?

8. Who defeated the Assyrians and brought an end to their empire?

9. Why was the destruction of Nineveh so severe?

10. Which Chaldean king rebuilt the Babylonian empire after the fall of the Assyrians?

11. What was impressive about his palace?

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