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The Impeachment Trial of Andrew Jackson

Assignment Description:
One of the most profoundly controversial figures in our nation’s history was Andrew Jackson. Some historians would attest that his image should be added to Mt. Rushmore. His accomplishments had pivotal impacts on our nation’s military exploits, as well as our political maturation. However, there are some detractors who believe his actions could be categorized as immoral and/or unethical. Segments of the American population would claim he abused his power, thereby violating the boundaries of his Constitutional authority. Therefore, we will reenact the prescribed remedy to address this dilemma… a fundamental element of the system of checks and balances: the impeachment process.

This mock trial activity will simulate a theoretical impeachment of Andrew Jackson. This activity will require an in-depth examination and evaluation of resources, as well as the ability to compose convincing arguments according to the selected role.

Point Values:
20 points for practical application

Active participants= one full page of prep notes

Judges=Trail of Tears poem (see below)
20 points for formative assessment

Active participants= performance during the trial

Judges= deliberation attendance and one page verdicts
Extra Credit

Active participants= win the debate

Judges= submission of poster with content associated with Andrew Jackson

Monday & Tuesday, *Assignment Sheet

Feb. 25 & 26 *Selection of roles

*Trial Preparation

* Judges: Text pg.384, #4- DUE by 2/27(20 points)

Tuesday, Feb. 26 (TEAM TIME) *Trial preparation (after CIA)

Wednesday, Feb. 27 *Continue trial preparation (10 minutes)

*One page prep notes for active participants (20 points)

Thursday & Friday, *Examination of Witnesses (20 point performance grade)

Feb. 28 & March 1 *Closing statements (20 point performance grade)

Monday, March 4 *Jury Deliberation at 8:15 a.m. (20 point verdicts collected)

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