Aspira Haugan Middle School

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Ana Cabrera
Aspira Haugan Middle School
Grade: 8

Reality is cruel and absorbs light and hope out of people’s dreams. Reality includes discrimination, genocide, and prejudice. Millions of people suffer from discrimination daily. It is the horrible truth. Everyone faces reality, and is constantly being discriminated for who they are, and who they are claimed to be. Some people commit suicide when they are out-casted and made believed they are worthless. Yes, society commits mistakes, causing lives to break apart. Yet, for every mistake society makes, there is a solution. It is time to stand up for our rights, and make a change. As impossible as it sounds, together we can unite as one, and stand against discrimination. One day our voice will be heard nation-wide and our demand for justice will be granted. We need to prevent genocide by fighting for our rights, preventing self-harm, and breaking the ethnic barrier.

            The first way to prevent genocide is by fighting for our rights. A voice by itself is difficult to hear, but if we unite, we can let the world know that we too have our rights to live at peace. The first thing we should do is get permission to go to public places, and educate everyone so they can understand the results of what discrimination does to people. We can also protest. For that to happen, we must educate the public by posting and handing out fliers. We can also form an organization, and campaign for our rights. As president, one must enforce a team, and gain confidence from the public. Once everyone trusts you, everyone will hear you. Its a treacherous task, but it’s not impossible. Let’s fight for our rights. Now we know there are many solutions to overcome this problem.
            Preventing self-harm is the second thing we must do. Over two million victims fall into despair, and decides to commit suicide. These victims have no source of support whatsoever. A way to boost up the self-esteem of these victims is to volunteer and built up support groups. We must provide these victims with a line of support to lift up their dignity. Tell them how valuable they are. Life is to precious to destroy. There is no need to commit self-harm when you are suffering already. Let them know that you care. If we hurt ourselves more, we will be able to see the worst, and not be able to stand up for our rights.

If we stop self-harm caused by genocide, we will boost up their self-esteem, and teach them how to value themselves for who they are. Bosnian citizens, for instance, are breaking apart by the aftermath of genocide. Over half of the population of Bosnia where forced to abandon their homes, and leave everything behind. People forced to lose everything where soon dislocated. As dislocated individuals, they struggle to start a new life, away from their loved ones. Moreover, two hundred thousand people get killed during the genocidal war. Also, about twenty thousand women were victims of sexual abuse, which was already planned with a clear purpose to destroy Bosniaks. We are all special, regardless of what other ignorant people say. No soul nor nation needs to be broken apart for what they are.

Lastly, a way to prevent genocide and discrimination is by breaking the barrier that separates us from one another. Why are we to blame for who we are? We are all born in a special way, with equal intelligence and value. We all have equal rights. Whether we are black or white; male or female; old or young; rich or poor: We are all the same because we are all different. There shouldn't be a barrier to classify a race in a brutal, unfair manner. Together, we must break this ethnic barrier that separates us from one another. We are the people, we are all human beings. As human beings, we all have a conscience, a soul, a heart. With that said, we are still held apart from people who are viewed higher than us, when really, we are all the same. Lets break the bound of misery once in for all. Lets put an end to genocide.

No one deserves to live a life of pain, misfortune, and rejection. For those who suffer discrimination, and feel hopeless, they should take a deep breath. Not only adults suffer from prejudice, discrimination, and genocide, children do to. Many people commit suicide from the depression they’ve fallen into. Victims should realize that they are precious in every single way. Life is wonderful and it’s the most sacred gift anyone can receive. For every mistake society makes, there is a solution. Together, we must fight for our rights, prevent self-harm, and break the ethnic barrier that separates us. It is time to step up for our rights. It is time to make a change.

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