Articles of Confederation dbq document Analysis Cheat Sheet

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Articles of Confederation DBQ

Document Analysis Cheat Sheet

The following is a summary of information from each document that you should have discovered through your analysis of each document. It is possible to extract more information relevant to the prompt from each document.


Summary of Doc

Key Components

Impact on Question


- Explanation of the various things Congress, and/or the federal government, can NOT do without permission from the states.

- Source

With very limited powers, AOC was ineffective in a number of areas (i.e. taxation, etc.) that were needed to move the newly formed nation forward.


- Hamilton expressing concern over Congresses inability, under the AOC, to regulate trade.

- Trade as a source of revenue for the federal government.

- Source

- Context

Inability to regulate trade limits the federal governments ability to bring in money.


- Great Britain recognizing each state as separate and sovereign.

- Source

- Opinion of GB

Great Britain does NOT recognize the United States as one united nation. Limits the federal governments international abilities.


- Land Ordinance of 1785

- Process for development of states.

- Source

- State of Ohio

Ability of the AOC to organize, admit, and develop states in the Northwest territory.


- List of reasons for Shays rebellion, including unfair taxation and lack of rights for the people.

- Source

- Context

Rebellion amongst ordinary people due to lack of structure and rights that the AOC does NOT provide.


- Concern over AOC inability to deal with foreign nations. Agreements, treaties, between the US and other nations have been violated.

- Source

- Context

Inability of the federal government, under the AOC, to respond to foreign influence and diplomatic agreements.


- Ordinance of 1787

- Development of Northwest territory as “free” territory (no slaves).

- Agreement to return escaped slaves to “owner”.

- Source

- Context

Slavery not permitted in northwest territory.


- Reasons for rebellions, including lack of commerce and money.

- Does not agree with rebellion but acknowledges that rebellions can be “a good thing”.

- Source

- Context

Rebellion as a way to demonstrate displeasure with the status of government.

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