Artemis and Apollo

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Artemis and Apollo

  • The god and godess of hunting.

  • Twins.

  • Born on the island of Delos when their mother was looking for a place to have labor.

  • Teamed up together to kill Tityus who was trying to rape their mother, Leto. Tityus was then punished in Hades.

  • Zeus’es wife Hera, tried to prevent Leto’s birth of Apollo and Artemis.

  • Their aunt, Themis, tried to act like their caretaker and fed them god foods like ambrosa and hectar.


  • Artemis is the mistress of animals .

  • Artemis is also the protector of all living things.

  • She is also know as Potnia Theron.

  • Daughter of Zeus and Leto.

  • Helped her mother give birth to Apollo.

  • Shot Gration during the was of gods/goddeses.

  • Shot the daughters of Nobe because she had more kids than her mother did.

  • Killed Cornis after she was unfaithful to her brother.

  • The virgin godess and a protector figure for the women in child birth.

  • Godess of the hunt and moon.

  • Uses the arrows to punish people who wrong her and to relieve women in labor.

  • Wears a crescent moon on her head sometimes.


  • Killed the sons of Nobe.

  • His lover Cornis cheated on him.

  • Never married but had more than a dozen children.

  • God of the sun and hunt.

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