Art history guidelines for the assessment of ncea level 3 external standards for 2016

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The purpose of these guidelines is to assist teachers using the NCEA Art History level 3 external standards. These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the assessment specifications for these standards, which can be found at

The titles of the three NCEA Art History level 3 external standards are these:

  • AS91482 Demonstrate understanding of style in art works.

  • AS91483 Examine how meanings are communicated through art works.

  • AS91484 Examine the relationship(s) between art and context.

These guidelines provide information about the level 3 areas of study relating to the level 3 external standards. They should be read in conjunction with the Art History Teaching and Learning Guidelines, the level 3 achievement standards, the 2016 Assessment Specifications, and the 2016 Assessment Report.

Rationale for the areas of study for the level 3 external standards

The areas of study for the external standards at level 3 are based on the overarching intent of The New Zealand Curriculum and connections between the Art History standards at Levels 1 and 2. The intent of the curriculum is reflected in the explanatory notes in each external standard.

Level 3 areas of study

The areas of study reflect the breadth of the Level 3 external standards, and the examination requires candidates to respond to ONE area of study for each standard. Therefore, a year’s teaching programme may focus on one area of study. The areas of study are these:

  • Early Renaissance (c1300 to 1470s)

  • Late Renaissance (c1470 to c1540s)

  • Early Modernism (1900 to 1940)

  • Modernist design and Architecture (1900 to 1960)

  • Modernism to Postmodernism (1940s to c2000s)

  • Contemporary Diversity after 2000.

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