Archaeology Study Guide: Amorites/Assyrians Amorites

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Study Guide: Amorites/Assyrians

Know who Sargon was and what he did

What was the name of Sargon’s city

What important qualities of a leader do you see in the Gilgamesh Epic (I know this is Sumerian)

Who was Hammurabi

What was the Amorite main city name

What ethnic background were the Amorites

2 modern ideas of Hammurabi that helped the people

2 things Hammurabi did to unite his empire

Why did he have such harsh penalties for breaking laws---what was the purpose?

Know the background of the Assyrians

What was the Assyrian “New Policy”

Language name? Writing system?

Two military tactics

What was their philosophy on empire

Be able to circle where the Assyrian and Chaldean empires were located on a map

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