Arabia and Islam: Chapter Walk

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Each question on this worksheet is based on a graphic (picture, map or chart) from the book. Use those pictures to answer the questions in complete sentences. Make sure to read any captions (small pieces of information on or near a picture) to help you answer.
Timeline P. 50-51

  1. How old was Muhammad when he began teaching about Islam?

Muhammad was 43 years old when he began teaching about islam

  1. What happened first- Muhammad leaves Mecca or Calakmul defeats Tikal?

The Calakmul defeating Tikal happens before Muhammad starts teaching about Islam.
Sequence Chain P. 52

  1. Where did Islam spread before moving into Spain?

Islam spreads into Africa before moving into Spain.
Map P. 55

  1. What bodies of water surround Arabia?

The Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Arabian Sea surround Arabia

  1. Based on this map why do you think Mecca was such an important city?

Mecca was an important city also because it had successful trading routes.

History Close-up P. 57 was an important city also because it had successful trading

  1. Do you think the man in the bottom-right corner is a townsperson or a nomad? Why?

I think the man in the bottom-right corner is a nomad because he sells goods and doesn’t look like he is settled.
Timeline P. 60-61

  1. About how long after the beginning of Christianity were the beginnings of Islam?

Islam started about 2000 years after Christianity.

  1. How many years passed between Muhammad seeing the angel and beginning to spread his message?

A few years had passed after Muhammad had seen the angel and starting his teachings.

  1. The holy book of Islam is the ______________.

The holy book of Islam is the Quran

  1. The holy book of Christianity is the ______________.

The holy book of Christianity is the Bible.
Map P. 62

  1. Where did Muhammad and his followers go after being kicked out of Mecca?

Muhammad went to Madina after he got kicked out of Mecca

Five Pillars P. 68

  1. Which of the five pillars shows how Muslims are supposed to treat other people?

A Yearly donation to charity showed how people were supposed treats other people.

  1. How many times a day must a Muslim pray?

A Muslim must pray 5 times a day.
Early Muslim Conquests P. 81

  1. How many miles across (east-west) was the empire in 750 AD?

The empire was 2,400 miles in 750 AD

  1. How did the Empire grow?

The empire grew because it conquered many land.
Trade in the Muslim World P. 82

  1. Which continents did the trade routes reach?

The trade routes reached Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Islamic Achievements P. 96

  1. Why do we call our numbers Arabic numerals?

We call our numbers Arabic numerals because it developed from them.

  1. What did Muslim doctors develop?

The Muslim doctors developed a medical encyclopedia.

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