Arab Israeli Peace Summit Agenda

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Arab Israeli Peace Summit Agenda

The following activities were selected to give you opportunities to extend help you prepare for our Peace Summit. You will be assigned a country to represent in the United Nations. Based on your country’s perspective, you will discuss the roadblocks to peace in the Middle East and propose a solution to the conflict. These are the countries that will be present at the negotiations: Israel, Palestine, USA, Britain, Iran, and Egypt. Agenda time will be given in class; however, sometime outside the classroom may be necessary.

Historical Context for Simulation: A special session of the Security Council has been called to discuss the latest outbreak of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. We will be discussing each side’s perspective, as well as, possible solutions to the conflict.

Tasks to prepare you for the Debate:

  1. Create a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting Israel and Palestine’s view on the conflict.

  2. Examine the three maps of the region (1947, 1949, and 1967). Draw your own map that you believe could lead to peace in the region. Please include a 1 paragraph explanation of why you made the choices you did in drawing the map.

  3. Create a concept map/graphic organizer that explains the three major conflicts since the creation of Israel: 1948 Israeli War of Independence, 1967 Six-Day War, and the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Please make sure the concept map/graphic organizer explains the following topics:

    1. Issues that sparked the conflict.

    2. Countries involved.

    3. Winners of conflicts and changes in land.

  4. Create an outline comparing the following Peace Treaties: Oslo Accords (1993), “Road Map” for Peace (2002), and Arab peace initiative (2002 and 2007)

  5. Create a brochure that explains the issues that currently separate Israel and Palestine: Final Status of Jerusalem, permanent borders, right of return, access to water, security issues (including terrorism), and Israeli settlements.

  6. Read two current events on the Arab-Israeli conflict. Write a one paragraph summary for each article.

Use the resources on the following site (it has all you need- thank you Mr. McCabe!):

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