Apush name: Mr. Brogan New Nation Washington and Adams Administrations

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Mr. Brogan New Nation
Washington and Adams Administrations

Directions-Complete this handout. Due Friday Dec. 4

Part I – 30 points

Directions: Evaluate the relative importance of key domestic, foreign and political affairs in shaping American politics in the 1790s, list them below:

Domestic Affairs

Foreign Affairs

Political Affairs

Part II – 10 points


In the designated area below pick the two most significant domestic, foreign and political challenges facing the new nation and explain why and/or how it impacted the new nation:

Domestic Affairs:



Foreign Affairs:



Political Affairs:


Part III – 30 points

Directions: In the space below, write an introductory paragraph for the following essay question, no more than 2-5 sentences.

Evaluate or Assess: to give the positive and/or negative worth; to make an appraisal or a value judgment; discuss the advantages and disadvantages of…
Evaluate the policy decisions of Presidents Washington and Adams in relation to their effectiveness at stabilizing the new nation during the 1790s.

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