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APUSH Essay Questions 1975-2007

2007 – Settlers in the 18th century American backcountry sometimes resorted to violent protest to express their
grievances. Analyze the causes and significance of TWO of the following: March of the Paxton Boys,
Regulator Movement, Shay’s Rebellion, Whiskey Rebellion
2006 – “The United States Constitution of 1787 represented an economic and ideological victory for the
traditional American elite.” Assess the validity of that statement for the period 1781 to 1789
2005 – To what extent was the United States Constitution a radical departure from the Articles of
2004 – To what extent was the election of 1800 aptly named the “Revolution of 1800?” Respond with reference
to TWO of the following areas: Economics, Foreign policy, Judiciary, Politics
2004 – Analyze the impact of the American Revolution on both slavery and the status of women in the period
from 1775-1800
2003 – Evaluate the extent to which the Articles of Confederation were effective in solving the problems that
confronted the new nation
2002 – Analyze contributions of TWO of the following in helping establish a stable government after the
adoption of the Constitution: , John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington
2003 – Although the power of the national government increased during the early republic, this development
often faced serious opposition. Compare the motives and effectiveness of those opposed to the growing
power of the national government in TWO of the following:, Whiskey Rebellion 1794, Virginia and
Kentucky Resolutions 1798-1799, Hartford Convention 1814-1815, Nullification Crisis 1832-1833
2001 How did economic, geographic, and social factors encourage the growth of slavery as an important part of
the economy of the southern colonies between 1607 and 1775?
1997 Analyze the extent to which the American Revolution represented a radical alteration in American
political ideasand intuitions. Confine your answer to the period 1775 to 1800.
On every exam there is ONE DBQ question and 2 essays students have to answer (write).
Students HAVE to answer the DBQ’s, which we will discuss later this year.
There are 2 essays pre-1777 – students are allowed to select which essay they
choose to answer.
There are 2 essays post-1776 - students are allowed to select which essay they
choose to answer.
Therefore, students will be writing one DBQ, and 2 essays on the exam.
1996 Analyze the degree to which the articles of confederation provided an effective form of government with
respect to any two of the following: [foreign relations, economic conditions, western lands].
1995 For the period before 1750, analyze the ways in which Britain’s policy of salutary neglect influenced the
development of American society as illustrated in the following: [legislative assemblies, commerce,
1994 Analyze the ways in which two of the following influenced the development of American society:
[Puritanism during the 17th century, the Great Awakening during the 18th century, the second Great
Awakening during the 19th century].
1994 Evaluate the relative importance of domestic and foreign affairs in shaping American politics in the
1993 In what ways did the early 19th century Reform Movements for abolition and women’s rights illustrate
both the strengths and weaknesses of democracy in the Early American republic?
1992 Evaluate the relative importance of the following as factors prompting Americans to rebel in 1776:
[Parliamentary taxation, restriction of civil liberties, British military measures, the legacy of colonial,
religious and political ideas].
1994 Bill of Rights did not come from a desire to protect the liberties won in the American Revolution, but
rather from a fear of the powers of the new federal government. Assess the validity of this statement.
1991 Although historically represented as distinct parties, the Federalists and the Whigs in fact shared a
common political ideology, represented many of the same interest groups, and proposed similar programs
and policies. Assess the validity of the statement.
1987 In the two decades before the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War, a profound shift occurred in
the way many Americans thought and felt about the British Government and their colonial governments.”
Assess the validity of this statement in view of the political and constitutional debates of these decades.
1988 “This history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpation, all
having, in direct object, the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these states.” Evaluate this accusation
made against George III in the declaration of independence.
1984 What evidence is there for the assertion that the basic principles of the constitution were firmly grounded
in the political and religious experience of America’s colonial and revolutionary period?
1983 “Early United States foreign policy was primarily a defensive reaction to perceived of actual threats from
Europe.” Assess the validity of this generalization with reference to United States foreign policy on two
major issues during the period from 1789 to 1825.
1980 “Between 1783 and 1800 the new government of the United States faced the same political, economic,
and constitutional issues that troubled the British government’s relations with the colonies prior to the
revolution.” Assess the validity of this generalization.
1979 “During the 17th century and increasingly in the 18th century, British colonists in America charged Great
Britain with violating the ideals of rule of law, self-government, and ultimately, equality of rights. Yet the
colonist themselves violated these ideals in their treatment of blacks, American Indians [Native Americans],
and even poorer classes of white settlers.” Assess the validity of this view.
1979 “Between 1775 and 1823 a young and weak United States achieved considerable success in foreign policy
when confronted with the two principal European powers, Great Britain and France. Between 1914 and
1950, however, a far more powerful United States was far less successful in achieving its foreign policyobjectives in Europe.” Discuss by comparing United States foreign policy in Europe during the period of
1776-1823, with United States policy in Europe during one of the following periods [1914-1932 or 1933-1950].
1978 “Although the thirteen American colonies were founded at different times by people with different motives and
with different forms of colonial charters and political organization, by the revolution the thirteen colonies had
become remarkably similar.” Assess the validity of this statement.
1975 “The Declaration of Independence has been variously interpreted as a bid for French support, an attempt to
swing uncommitted Americans to the revolutionary cause, a statement of universal principles, and an affirmation
of the traditional rights of Englishman.” To what extent, if any, are these interpretations in conflict?
1974 To what extent did economic issues provoke the American Revolution?

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