Applications are now being accepted through March 17, 2014 for the first round of fellowships

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Applications are now being accepted through March 17, 2014 for the first round of fellowships.

  • Public and private higher education institutions in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Uganda, accredited by the national agency in their country, can submit a project request online to host a scholar.

  • Scholars born in Africa, who live in the United States or Canada and work in an accredited college or university in either of those two countries, can apply online to be placed on a roster of available Diaspora candidates for a fellowship. Scholars must hold a terminal degree in their field and may hold any academic rank.

Links to the African host institution project request application, scholar roster application, guidelines and program description flyers are all posted on the program website,

Selection decisions for the first round will be in May 2014; project visit can begin as early as June 2014.
Activities: African host institutions can request a scholar to participate in mutually beneficial projects in curriculum co-development, research collaboration and/or graduate student mentoring and training.

Process: Prospective African host institutions and scholars can cooperate in designing a project that the institution submits. An institution may, but is not required to, name a proposed Diaspora scholar in a project request. Both the proposed scholar and the project request are subject to evaluation by a review committee and approval by the program Advisory Council.

Scholars submit their information online for the roster. The Institute of International Education (IIE) maintains and searches the roster for one or more possible matches, according to the discipline specializations, expertise, activities and objectives described in a project request.

Scholar Fellowship: Projects can be conducted in the African host country for between two weeks and one semester (14-90 days). For the fellowship, the African Diaspora Fellow will receive:

  • $250/day stipend

  • visa costs

  • limited health insurance coverage

  • round-trip international air travel and ground transportation costs to and from home and the U.S. or Canadian airport.

IIE manages the fellowships and payments to fellows. Host institutions are encouraged to provide cost-share for the fellow’s meals, lodging and in-country transportation during the project.

Please contact:

Debra Egan, Director, Scholar Academic Partnerships

Dylan Gipson, Senior Program Officer

Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program

Scholar Exchanges Division
Institute of International Education (IIE)
1400 K Street, NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005-2403 USA
Tel: 202.686.6245; Fax: 202.686.4029

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