Appalachian Mountains agreed to give their land to the us. The Northwest

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  1. It took 5 years to ratify the Articles of Confederation.

  2. In order to get the Articles approved, states that controlled land west of the Appalachian Mountains agreed to give their land to the US.

  3. The Northwest Ordinance established how a territory could become a state.

  4. Vermont was the first state to outlaw slavery.

  5. Richard Allen and Absalom Jones started the first black churches in the US.

  6. One consequence of winning the Revolutionary War was losing England as a trading partner.

  7. The protests in Massachusetts by angry farmers led to Shays’ Rebellion.

  8. The Constitutional Convention met in Philadelphia in May 1787.

  9. The delegates wanted their meeting to be secret so they could speak their minds.

  10. Madison wrote a constitution before arriving at the convention.

  11. When the debates over representation in Congress deadlocked, Benjamin Franklin led a small group to save the Constitution.

  12. The Connecticut or Great Compromise decided on representation in the Congress.

  13. The Constitution allowed the slave trade to continue for 20 years.

  14. The delegates decided to cont slaves in Congress for taxes and representation in Congress as 3/5 of a man.

  15. Many people were concerned about the absence of a Bill of Rights from the Constitution.

  16. Supporters of the Constitution were called Federalists.

  17. Opponents of the Constitution were called Anti-Federalists.

  18. Two of the largest states Virginia and New York were slow to approve the Constitution.

  19. Virginia approved the Constitution after Madison promised to add a Bill of Rights.

  20. New York approved the Constitution by 3 votes.

  21. The Bill of Rights or the first 10 Amendments was added in 1791.

  22. The capitol of the US was moved from Philadelphia to Washington, DC.

  23. The first test of the Constitution was the Whiskey Rebellion.

  24. John Adams was elected the 2nd president of the US.

  25. The Democratic - Republican Party leader was Thomas Jefferson.

  26. The Alien & Sedition Acts were passed in 1798, making it a crime to go against the US government. It was reversed in 1800.

  27. In the election of 1800 Jefferson was elected over Adams

  28. The French Revolution ended when Napoleon came to power.

  29. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court under Jefferson was Marshall.

  30. Marshall helped to elevate the judicial branch to be equal with the other two branches of government.

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