Apollo and Artemis

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Apollo and Artemis

Apollo and Artemis were twins. They were the magical children of Zeus and Leto. The twins - Apollo and his sister, Artemis - adored their mother.  Apollo, especially, was very protective of his mother. 

Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and Leto. She was Apollo's twin sister. 

Artemis was very different from her brother.  It took a lot to get Apollo angry. He was usually pretty gentle and full of warmth. 

But Artemis was nearly always cold and pitiless. The only thing Artemis loved besides her family were her floppy-eared dogs. 

Artemis was the goddess of the hunt and the goddess of the moon.  Artemis was one of three goddesses who swore never to marry.

Nearly everyone was fond of Apollo. He was the god of music, reason, and light. Apollo's chariot brought up the sun each day. 

Apollo had other powers. One was a very special skill - Apollo could see the future. He had the gift of prophecy. Many people in ancient Greece brought gifts to Apollo, and asked for advice in exchange. Apollo liked the attention. And the gifts. It was all very nice, but it was also exhausting. 

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