Apollo” & “Artemis” Reading Quiz

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Apollo” & “Artemis” Reading Quiz

1. Why do you think I would have assigned Apollo and Artemis as a paired reading?

2. Apollo’s sacred city is where the can be found.

3. Artemis’ sacred animal is the .

4. Apollo’s sacred tree is the and Artemis’ sacred tree is the


5. True or False – Artemis is the most Greek of all the Olympian gods.

6. True or False – Apollo is said to be the god of truth and of light.

7. True or False – Artemis is the Huntsman and god of the hunt even though she is a female deity.

8. Apollo’s sacred animals are the & the .

9. What does “Phoebus” mean?

10. True or False – Apollo is the Sun God in ancient Greece.

11. What two ideas are fighting within Apollo which represent a struggle all gods must endure?

12. What three “forms” does Artemis appear in? Where does she “appear” in each form?

A. and she appears in

B. and she appears in

C. and she appears in

13. True or False – Delphi became the center of the civilized world in ancient Greece.

14. What role did the Oracle serve in Greek society?

15. True or False – Artemis is the protector of youth and virgin maidens.

16. True or False – Within Artemis is shown the ongoing battle between good and evil that exists within the nature of every god (and, by extension, every human).

17. True or False – Apollo is the archer god—he of the silver bow—even though Artemis is the master of the hunt with her silver arrows.

18. Why is Apollo sometimes referred to as Python?

19. True or False – Artemis is sometimes associated with evil magics, dark deeds and the evil Crossways.

20. True or False – Artemis is one of three goddesses who is unmatched in love and who is a virgin goddess.

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