AP/ib us history mr. Ludlam assignment sheet #4: The Federalist Era, 1789-1800

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ASSIGNMENT SHEET #4: The Federalist Era, 1789-1800

AMERICAN PAGEANT: Chap. 10, Read pp. 190-210
QUESTIONS: think about and answer
1. What were some problems the new nation faced in 1789?

2. How did the role of the Cabinet develop during Washington's administrations?

3. What were the three parts of Hamilton’s economic plan and how would it help the economy?

4. Describe the difference between loose and strict constructionists?

5. What was the basis for the development of political parties in the US?

6. What was Washington's Neutrality Proclamation?

7. What did Washington warn against in his Farewell Address? Why?

8. What happened to the relationship between France and the US during this time?

9. What was the Convention of 1800 and why is it important?

10. Explain the term nullification.

11. Describe the key differences between Hamiltonians and Jeffersonians.


IDENTIFICATIONS: What or who is it and why is it important - THINK SIGNIFICANCE - connect to others
Role of Cabinet Bill of Rights Judiciary Act of 1789

funding at par assumption tariff, customs duties, excise tax

Bank of US Whiskey Rebellion French Revolution

Franco-American Alliance Neutrality Proclamation Citizen Genet

Battle of Fallen Timbers Treaty of Greenville impressment, seizing ships

Jays Treaty Pinckney's Treaty Washington’s Farewell Address

Election of 1796 XYZ Affair Convention of 1800

Alien Acts Sedition Act Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions

Hamiltonians/Federalists Jeffersonian/Dem-Rep nullification
IDEAS: Funding the national and state debts

Implied powers and the elastic clause to the Constitution (necessary and proper)

States Rights and Nullification

Bank of the United States and the Tariff

Connection of domestic economic policies and foreign affairs
Primary Sources: Read and be ready to discuss

Letters From an American Farmer by J. Hector St. John De Crevecoeur - Day 1

Washington’s Proclamation of Neutrality - Day 2

Washington’s Farewell Address - Day 3

Take Home Essay:

DIRECTIONS: You are to answer ONE of the following questions. Carefully choose the question that you are best prepared to answer. Cite relevant historical evidence in support of your generalizations and present your arguments clearly and logically. When you finish writing, check your work if time permits. Make certain to number your answer as the questions are numbered below. Score your essay. Write in Pen. 45 minutes. It is suggested that 5 minutes be used for planning.

  1. Evaluate the relative importance of domestic and foreign affairs in shaping American politics in the 1790's.

(relative importance means to rank in importance)

  1. Which was more important during the presidencies of Washington and Adams;

establishing economic stability or maintaining peace and neutrality with foreign countries?
Essay is due by the end of the day Tuesday Oct. 11, 2011 or before 2nd Period Wednesday Oct. 12, 2011. All essays must be written in blue or black ink.

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