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Sherman Document Analysis Form

Author & Title (if applicable):

Type of Source: Circle

Primary or Secondary

Text or Visual


What aspect of the author/source (intended audience, purpose, author’s point of view) helps you to better understand the document? How so?

Briefly describe the historical context in which the document was created.

Document Analysis:

  1. Summarize: What is the most important idea the author/creator is trying to get across to the audience? In other words, what is the document’s thesis, argument, or message?

  1. Analyze: Bullet-point three supporting details that support the main thesis of the document. For images and maps, you’ll need to find specific details that significantly contribute to the overall meaning of the piece.

  1. Synthesize: Record one “gut quote” that would be useful to associate with the document. This should ideally be less than a sentence, if not only a few words, which you could accurately recall.

  1. Interpret: What does this document reveal about this era of Western Civilization (how some people behaved, how these people thought or what they believed)?

  1. Consider: Write down your thoughts in response to the “Consider” laid out before the source.

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