Ap world History Schedule 2015-2016(Burns) Date: Class Topic Chapter/Assignments

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AP World History Schedule


Date: Class Topic Chapter/Assignments

8/31-9/4 Geography of the World and the advance of humans, Ch. 1

Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras, Early River Civilizations

9//8 – 9/11 Ancient India and Ancient China, rise of the dynasty Ch. 2 and 3

9/14- 9/18 Classical Empires: Rome, Greece, and introduction to Ch.4 and 5

Document-Based Questions

9/21-9/25 Mesoamerican Civilization, Pre-Columbian Ch. 6

Units 1 and 2 Test

9/28-10/2 Introduction to Judaism and Christianity and Ch. 7

Islamic Civilization

10/5-10/9 African Culture Ch. 8

10/12 Student Holiday

10/13-10/16 Gupta India and Traditional China Ch. 9 and 10

10/19-10/23 Southeast Asia and East Asia Ch. 9 and 11

10/26-10/30 Medieval Europe and the Byzantine Empire Ch. 12 and 13

Unit 3 Test

11/2-11/3 No School- Teacher Workdays

11/4-11/6 The Renaissance Ch. 13

11/9-11/13 The emergence of global markets, emphasis on expansion Ch. 14

of Islam, exploration, and the Columbian Exchange Topic for research paper due

11/16-11/20 The Protestant Reformation and rise of Absolutism in Ch. 15


11/23-11/24 The Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Empires, and the Ch. 16

continued expansion of the Muslim Empires Unit 4 Test part 1

Sources due

11/25-11/27 No School- Thanksgiving Holiday

11/30-12/4 Ming and Qing China, Korea, and Tokugawa Japan Ch. 17

12/7-12/11 The Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment period Ch. 18

12/14-12/18 Age of Revolutions. Emphasis on French, Haitian, Ch. 18

and American Unit 4 Test part 2

12/21-1/2 Student Holiday

1/4-1/8 Industrialization and the rise of Nationalism. Ch. 19

Unification movements in Italy and Germany Thesis due

1/11-1/15 The emergence of the West as a global power Ch. 20

1/18-1/22 Review Week of Material

1/25-1/29 Age of Imperialism in Europe and North America Ch. 21

2/1-2/5 China and Japan in transition, the effects of Imperialism Ch. 22

Unit 5 Test

2/8-2/12 The Alliance system and World War I. The effects of the Ch. 23

Russian Revolution Outline due

2/15 Student Holiday

2/16-2/19 The Interwar Period in Europe and Asia Ch. 24 and 25

2/22-2/26 World War II Ch. 25

Rough Draft Due

2/29-3/4 The Holocaust and Genocide Ch. 25

Unit 6 Test part 1

3/7-3/11 Rise of the Superpowers and the Cold War. The Stalin era Ch. 26

3/14-3/18 Cold War continued; emphasis on the fall of the Soviet Ch. 27

Union and the formation of Communism in China Research Paper Due

3/21-3/25 Spring Break

3/28-4/1 The United States, Europe, and Latin America after 1945 Ch. 28

4/4-4/8 Challenges of Nation Building in Africa and the Middle East Ch. 29

4/11-4/14 Genocide and Terrorism

4/15 No School

4/18-4/22 The Pacific Century-South and Southeast Asia Ch. 30

Unit 6 Test part 2

4/25-4/29 Case Study: Rise of postwar Japan and rebuilding efforts Ch. 30

post-earthquake and tsunami

5/2-5/6 Case Study: North and South Korea Ch. 30

5/9-5/11 AP Exam Review and additional Practice.

5/12 AP World History Exam @ 8:00

***Schedule and assignment dates are subject to change

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