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AP Us history

It is rare throughout the history of the United States that our president is dynamic and well suited for the whole population of our country. One of the best presidents that has fit that criteria was Dwight David Eisenhower. Many events occurred during his presidency that changed the history of our nation, including the depression, World War II, and the cold war. Really, after all of these setbacks, our country was looking for peace and stability so we could move forward. Eisenhower delivered what our country wanted, but in the process the systems of McCarthyism and desegregation affected the public schooling.

Eisenhower was a business man, there is no other way to put it. His Administration consisted of corporate executives. “Eight millionaires and a plumber” was quoted from the lesson. Apparently the plumber was a man named Martin Durkin, who led the Labor Department but eventually resigned. Eisenhower had many goals, but one in specific was reducing the size of our government and slashing the federal budget which was getting into civil rights. The development of hydroelectric and nuclear power was an uprising market in America, and congress and Eisenhower was promoting the development of. Turning to the coastal states for the oil-rich known as “tidelands.” The Eisenhower administration followed something called “dynamic conservatism” and “modern Republicanism” which was basically reducing taxes and containing inflation in the end. But at the same time he did not was to surrender to fundamentalism, specifically around 1955 when recession struck. During this time the balanced budget was abandoned and his main goal was to restore prosperity.

“We should keep what we have, catch our breath for a while, and improve administration; it does not mean moving backward” Is a quote from Eisenhower. Eisenhower supported social security immensely, trying to raise the minimum rage which implementing more workers to the field. Which would lead to financial public housing for the lowest income families. A Department of Health, and Education and Welfare was approved by Eisenhower administration. St. Lawrence Seaway which was linked to the Great lakes are constructed. Leading to the establishment to the Interstate Highway system which was one of the most evolving and advanced Technologies created in this era improving the standard of living. “Everything booming but the guns” was quoted by the Republicans.

The 1950’s with Eisenhower being president consisted of many events. But, one of the most convincing was sending satellites into space. This was a dispute with the Russian Space program in the Soviet Union, as Korelev Russian space engineer stated the the Soviet should be the first to send a satellite to space. The Soviet used what Eisenhower announced to their advantage and built a better modified version of the US’s. Korolev found that he had to greatly scale down the Sputnik spacecraft. The first satellite in space was a silver sphere.

In conclusion, Poverty, racial discrimination, and mainstream values where all factors that contributed to the 1950’s. Scientist’s ended polio, created undiscovered DNA, and invented lasers. Sent Satellites to space, and enhanced the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Women strike for peace, political passion, and the McCarthy plan. The 1500’s had so many political unbearding’s, and without Eisenhower we might not have gotten through them.

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