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Guiding Questions for Federalist Papers Number 10 and 51:

1. What were the Articles of Confederation? Generally, what was their weakness?

2. Definition of the "federalists"

3. What were the anti-federalists afraid of?

4. Who were the federalists and anti-federalists?

Questions on Madison's Federalist Number 10:

5. What are factions, according to Madison and where does he write of them?

6. What are the causes of faction, according to Madison?

7. What is the primary object of government, according to Madison?

8. Where do the rights of property originate, according to Madison?

9. What is the most common and durable source of faction, according to Madison?

10. How could we cure the "mischiefs of faction," according to Madison? Why are these remedies worse than the disease, according to Madison?

11. What is Madison's solution for controlling the effects of factions?

12. What is a republic, what is a pure democracy, and how do they differ?

13. How does a republic inhibit the effects of factions, according to Madison?

Questions on Madison's Federalist Number 51

14. What are the three branches of government?

15. Which branch did Madison think would be the weakest?

16. Which methods does Madison suggest to check the powers of government?

17. How is the separation of powers between the three branches assured?

18. Give two examples of the "checks and balances" in the U.S. constitutional system.

19. Which branch appears as an exception to the separation of powers norm? Why is this exception not dangerous?

20. What is federalism?

21. What are the two great advantages of federalism, according to Madison?

22. What is the "end" (supreme goal) of government, according to Madison?

23. What is Madison's view of human nature and how does it affect his prescriptions for the republic?

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