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Anzac Day resources

Education Queensland Schools can access the learning pathway Anzac Day resources (Access key L25996131).

Anzac Day websites

ABC Gallipoli: The First Day
An award-winning ABC 3-D documentary site that portrays, in great detail, the first 24 hours of the Anzac landing at Gallipoli on the 25th April 1915.

ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee Anzac Day Education
Part of a commemorative site, this section commemorates the Gallipoli landing in particular, but includes all other conflicts in which Australians have fought. There are a variety of activities to enhance understanding of Anzac Day's significance and the reasons for inter-nation conflict.

ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee of Queensland War and Identity Education
A wealth of resources and activities about Australia's military history and heritage for teachers and students, including many interactive visual learning objects.

Australian Army Anzac Day
One of the Australian Army History Unit pages on The Australian Army website, the Anzac Day page provides a concise summary of the background to and commemoration of Anzac Day and its meaning for Australians. It also includes links to explanations of other traditions surrounding Anzac Day such as the services, poppies, bugle calls, and poems commonly used in Anzac commemorations. Includes links to many other valuable military history research resources from the Australian Army Military History Unit.

Australian Government Department of Veterans Affairs Anzac Day Site established to provide information about Anzac Day and its history. Details are given of Australian commemorative services and Anzac Day memorial services at Gallipoli and in France. The Anzac legend and the origins of the Dawn Service are explained. Also, the research site, Gallipoli and the Anzacs provides diverse information and media for researching Australians at Gallipoli and at war.

Australian War Graves Photographic Archive
This website has been designed in an attempt to increase the accessibility of information and images related to Australian war graves and memorials, from the Sudan to present day conflicts, including the Boer War, First World War, Second World War, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War and conflicts in Northern Russia, Malaya, Indonesia, Somalia, East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan. British Commonwealth Occupation Forces, Peace Keepers and Peace Maker's commemorations are included.

Australian War Memorial Anzac Day
Part of the Australian War Memorial's website, this web page describes the history and traditions of Anzac Day and its importance as a day of commemoration for Australians. It includes customs and traditions such as the red poppies, the sounding of 'The Last Post' and the period of silence.

Despatches from Gallipoli: scenes from a remote war
Charles Bean, Keith Murdoch, Phillip Schuler and Charles Smith were four Australians who went to Gallipoli as journalists during World War I. This website introduces these men and their writing, and highlights their role in the development of an Australian identity. This site includes some 200 newspaper articles, images and interpretive pieces.

Gallipoli and the Anzacs
Users can make a virtual visit to the site of the Gallipoli landing and understand the meaning behind the commemoration of Anzac Day. The site commemorates individual acts of bravery and the contemporary news items provide a sense of immediacy.

Gallipoli boat
'Gallipoli boat' is an episode of the Australian series 'National treasures'. The episode features Lifeboat 6, a small lifeboat that was retrieved from Gallipoli five years after it had landed at Anzac Cove. The boat is now held at the Australian War Memorial. Warren Brown describes the difficult conditions on the boat, explaining that 28 soldiers had to fit into the very small space. He also talks about the difficult landings. Curator John White tells the story of the boat's journey back to Australia.

New Zealand History online Anzac Day
This page from the New Zealand History Online website of the New Zealand Ministry for Culture and Heritage provides concise information and links to further information on the Gallipoli campaign and other Anzac ceremonials and traditions. The page also provides links to classroom activity ideas, a media gallery and maps relating to Anzac Day.

Words of remembrance
This page, focussing on words of remembrance used at Anzac Day ceremonies, is a component of a larger site about Anzac Day. The page includes words from an ancient Greek, a World War I Turkish commander and an English poet. There are links to another section on the website - Traditions, facts and folklore - where other information on Anzac Day is available.

World War 1, 1914 1918
This section within the Anzac Day Commemoration Committee (Qld) website presents an overview and appreciation of Australia's armed forces' involvement in World War 1, including military campaigns by region on an interactive map, anecdotes and statistics, and informative articles supported by historical images about life on the home front.

Anzac soldiers research websites

Australian War Memorial Search for a person

The Australian War memorial’s “Search for a person” allows searching of service records and other relevant rolls such as the Red Cross files and POW roll. The database is searchable by name, service number, unit name, and conflict.

National Archives of Australia Mapping Our Anzacs
Mapping our Anzacs provides three ways to commemorate the original Anzacs.
Firstly a search tool allows users to search or browse 375,971 records of service personnel in the Australian Army during World War I according to the person’s place of birth or enlistment. Collaborative sharing options allow registered users to enrich the archival content by adding a note or photograph of located individuals to the digital scrapbook, and creating a tribute to a group of service personnel.

National Archives of Australia Service records
This site provides access to National Archives records about service in the Australian defence forces from the time of Federation in 1901.

Queensland War Memorials Register Identify which memorials are in your town or city.

National Library’s search site of books, images, historic newspapers, maps, music, archives and more. Enter a soldier's name in the search box.

Learning activities

ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee An introduction to ANZAC Day for early childhood
A great P-3 resource for early phase teachers wanting to introduce Anzac history to young learners. The site contains interactive games, printable worksheets, maps and other resources suitable for this age group.

Australian Government Department of Veterans Affairs Anzac Day Schools Awards

Designed to encourage initiative and creativity in the way that schools commemorate Anzac Day, with an emphasis on inventiveness balanced with tradition. Schools can enter an individual class or as a whole school.

Brainways ANZAC Discoveries
This activity-based resource for years 4-8 emphasises the importance of the commemoration of Anzac Day.

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