Answer each one in a complete sentence. Some of the questions require more than just a sentence

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Study Guide Civil Rights Movement

Answer each one in a complete sentence. Some of the questions require more than just a sentence.

  1. What were Jim Crow Laws?

  1. What was the Plessy vs Ferguson case about? What happened? What was the outcome? What was the majority opinion and who wrote it? What was the minority opinion and who wrote it?

  1. Describe the Brown vs Board of Education case. What was it about? What was the outcome and what decision did it overturn?

  1. Who were the Freedom Riders? What was their purpose and what challenges did they face?

  1. What was the relationship between Charles Houston and Thurgood Marshall?

  1. Describe the purpose and method for a “lunch counter sit-in.”

  1. Describe the Rosa Parks incident. What was boycotted and what was the result of this?

  1. What was President Johnson’s Great Society? What group of people was this aimed at and what are three programs or acts he passed?

  1. Why is President Johnson referred to as the “Greatest President for African Americans”?

  1. Describe Malcolm X’s policies towards this movement.

  1. Describe the Watts and Newark Riots. Compare and contrast them in your answer.

  1. Describe the Little Rock Nine. What happened the day they went to school? Was this successful?

  1. Who was Adam Clayton Powell Jr and what is he known for?

  1. Do you agree with MLKJr’s or Malcolm X’s philosophy? Why?

  1. What amendment was used in the Plessy vs Ferguson decision?

  1. In the Brown vs Board of Education, these words were used in the decision “with all deliberate speed.” What did that mean for states?

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