Announcing The uw system's Ninth Annual Liberal Arts Essay Scholarship Competition

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Announcing The UW System's Ninth Annual
Liberal Arts Essay Scholarship Competition

Sponsored by the University of Wisconsin
System Advisory Group on the Liberal Arts (SAGLA)

The UW System Advisory Group on the Liberal Arts (SAGLA) is pleased to announce the ninth annual Liberal Arts Essay Scholarship Competition.


Three awards for $2,000 each are available (one to a student from the UW Colleges and two to students from the UW comprehensive and doctoral institutions).


This year's competition is open to any UW System undergraduate student in academic good standing.

In his essay "Only Connect," William Cronon outlines ten qualities that distinguish a liberally educated person. Describe a moment from your recent education when you have been most vividly aware of the importance of one of these qualities.
You may find the Cronon essay here:

Strong student essays will invite reader engagement through description and reflection on personal experience, as well as demonstrate careful consideration of the Cronon essay. To learn more about the goals of a liberal education, you may wish to check the liberal education learning outcomes at

Winning essays from recent years can also be viewed on the contest website:

NOTE: All submissions are to be original essays, 1,000-1,250 words in length, typed, double-spaced. Each essay must include a title page with the following information: title of essay, student's name, major, institution, college and home address, e-mail address, telephone number, and the following statement: “I hereby affirm that this is an original essay and my own work.”


Please submit your essays to Dr. Elizabeth Hachten, General Education Coordinator and Chair of the University Writing Awards Committee ( no later than February 1, 2014. Up to three students may be selected as finalists in our campus competition and will receive a campus award in the amount of $500. In addition, they will be recognized at the University Writing Awards Ceremony in April.

Final selection of winning essays will be determined by a group of judges from the UW System Advisory Group on the Liberal Arts (SAGLA). Recipients will be notified in spring 2014.

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