Anne Frank Extension Project

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Anne Frank Extension Project:

Over the next few weeks, you will be responsible for completing an outside project which will be an extension of The Diary of Anne Frank. Be sure to keep up with your timelines and due dates. Don’t leave your work until the last minute as this is not a last minute project!

  1. Choose a project:

    1. Talk about the Nuremberg Laws that Hitler created to control the Jewish people. These laws were passed in Germany in 1935. Describe the laws, their extent and impact on the Jewish people in occupied countries of Europe.

    2. Find out about the medical experiments done in Nazi Concentration camps during World War II. Describe the kind of experimentation, the reason for it, the major people involved in it, and the outcomes of the experiments if valuable to society. Conclude with an explanation of what happened to the people creating the experiments.

    3. On a map of Europe, locate the Nazi death camps and labor camps. Indicate the number of Jewish people living at the beginning and at the end of World War II in each country occupied by the Germans. Include a complete description of each death camp. Tell when each camp was liberated and by which Allied force. Conclude with a final unique fact for each particular camp.

    4. Describe several Jewish traditions, religious beliefs, customs, holidays, and so forth. Describe each in detail, explaining the background and present day practice.  Try to choose a particular area such as religious history and beliefs, traditions and customs, or holidays.

    5. Read ONE: The Upstairs Room, by Johanna Reiss; Night, by Elie Wiesel; Hide and Seek, by Ida Vos; Children of the Slaughter, by Ted Gottfried; Along the Tracks, by Tamar Bergman; Hiding to Survive, by Maxine Roenberg; To Life, by Ruth Minsky Sender; Alicia: My Story, by Alicia Appleman-Jurman; No Pretty Pictures,  by Anita Lobel; The Lost Childhoodby Yehuda Nir; or Surviving Hitler: A Boy in the Nazi Death Camps, by Andrea Warren. Compare and contrast the living conditions, security risks, emotional stress, and other situations comparable to Anne's.  In conclusion provide a description of the person's existence after the end of World War II, provided he/she survived.

  2. Choose a product:

    1. Create a children’s book or very short graphic novel to represent the information you gathered. Requirements: 6 pages minimum, visuals, cover page

    2. Complete a slide show or power point to display your information. In addition, utilize music with meaning- like the Nickelback song we listened to. Requirements: 8 slides minimum, visuals, music

    3. Write an informational essay to showcase the information you found. Requirements: 3 pages maximum, typed, double-spaced, 12 point font

  3. Presentation: You will present your product to the class. Your presentation will be a test grade. We will discuss what is expected in your presentation.

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