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June 14, 1942 – June 30, 1942

Short Answer

1. How does Anne get her Diary?

2. Why can’t Anne participate in gym class?

3. Name three of Anne’s friends.

4. Who does Anne feel she can confide in?

5. Where and when was Anne Frank born?

6. Why did the Franks move to Holland?

7. Where is the rest of Anne’s family?

8. What restrictions have the Nazis imposed on Jews in Holland?

9. What does Anne call her diary?


July 3, 1942 – July 10, 1942

Short Answer

1. Who has Anne been spending more and more time with?

2. Why does Anne’s father become furious?

3. Why have the Franks been asking friends to store their belongings?

4. What triggers the Franks’ sudden departure?

5. Describe their departure.

6. Where are the Franks hiding?

7. Who knows about the Franks’ hiding place?

8. Describe the annex in as much detail as you can. (worth three marks)


July 11, 1942 – October 9, 1942

Short Answer

1. How does the chiming clock make Anne feel?

2. How does Anne describe life in the annex? What does she compare it to?

3. Why does Anne often clash with her mother and sister?

4. Who arrives on July 13, 1942?

5. How is the entrance to the annex concealed?

6. What doesn’t Anne like about Mrs. van Daan?

7. What precautions must the Franks and van Daans take to remain undiscovered in the annex?

8. Describe the van Daans in detail. (worth three marks)


October 16, 1942 – November 20, 1942

Short Answer

1. How does Anne stay busy?

2. What event scares the people in the annex?

3. How does Anne feel about a new addition to the annex?

4. What atrocities does Mr. Dussel recount to Anne?

5. Describe Albert Dussel with as much detail as you can.



November 28, 1942 – June 13, 1943

Short Answer

1. How does Anne now feel about Mr. Dussel?

2. How do they celebrate Hanukkah?

3. What about Mrs. van Daan bothers Anne?

4. Why is Anne annoyed with Mr. Dussel?

5. What is happening to Jews outside the annex?

6. What disturbing radio announcement do they hear?

7. What does Mr. Frank give Anne for her birthday?


June 15, 1943 – November 11, 1943

Short Answer

1. What is Anne’s favourite day of the week? Why?

2. What does Anne plan to do when she leaves the annex?

3. What good news for they hear on the radio?

4. What unflattering things does Anne share about her fellow residents in the annex?

5. Describe three examples of people losing their temper.

6. According to Anne, how are the residents like a “patch of blue sky”?

7. What happens to Anne’s pen? Why should this be significant to the reader?


November 17, 1943 – January 28, 1944

Short Answer

1. Why is Bep forced to stay away from the annex?

2. What does Anne dream of?

3. What does Anne do to celebrate St. Nicholas Day?

4. Why is Anne so jealous of Mrs. Kleiman’s children?

5. What surprises Anne when she reads through her diary?

6. How does Anne feel about her menstruation?

7. Who does Anne begin to confide in?


February 3, 1944 – March 12, 1944

Short Answer

1. What does Anne think about the Dutch people helping Jews hide?

2. What changes in Anne and Peter’s relationship?

3. How has Peter’s experience made him feel about being Jewish?

4. How does Anne feel about Peter?

5. How does Anne describe her life before the annex?


March 14, 1944 – April 11, 1944

Short Answer

1. What happens to the food supply?

2. Why is Margot jealous of Anne?

3. Describe the frightening break-in.


April 14, 1944 – August 1, 1944

Short Answer

1. Describe the mood in the annex after the break-in.

2. What important event happens for Anne on April 15th

3. What is Mr. Frank’s reaction to Anne and Peter’s relationship?

4. What does Anne think money should be used for instead of waging war?

5. How does Anne’s father respond to her letter?

6. What important event occurs on June 6, 1944?

7. What insights about herself does Anne describe on August 1st?



Short Answer

1. What happened to the residents of the annex on August 4th

2. How did Anne’s diary survive? Why was it published?

3. What happened to each of the people who hid in the annex?

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